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Lady of Deceit

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Lady of Deceit

Cg fe16 lone moon mural part 2.png
Mural used to introduce Lady of Deceit.


Garreg Mach Monastery


Cornelia, Rodrigue, Felix*/Kingdom General*, Ingrid*/Kingdom General*, and Gwendal

How could they deceive me and close in on Arianrhod?! But it's not like I'm going to just stand by and watch... I will slaughter them all. Titanus, my lovely dolls... Seek out the enemy and destroy them! And if the chance presents itself, I wouldn't mind being rid of those unsightly Kingdom forces too!
— Cornelia

Lady of Deceit (Japanese: 偽りの乙女 Maiden of Lies) is the sixteenth chapter of Fire Emblem: Three Houses in Crimson Flower.


Main article: Lady of Deceit/Script

Edelgard and Hubert reveal to Byleth that while the general army is under the impression that they will immediately invade Fhirdiad, the Black Eagle Strike Force will launch a secret attack on Arianrhod as a preliminary step. At the end of the month, the Adrestians make for Arianrhod, much to its commander Cornelia's shock; she concludes that they are coming after her personally rather than the fort. She deploys mechanical weapons called Titanus to stop the Adrestians and even kill some of her own Faerghus troops. The Adrestians defeat Cornelia, who ominously proclaims that what has just transpired is all part of her script before expiring. With the total unification of Fódlan in reach, Edelgard announces that the Black Eagle Strike Force will lead all of Adrestia's military might to Fhirdiad.

When the group returns to Garreg Mach Monastery, they find Lord Arundel waiting for them. Arundel explains that he has concluded his business in the former Alliance territories and wanted to drop in on his niece. He further reveals that Cornelia was planning to betray the Kingdom, but that Edelgard's forces killed her before she could get the chance. Arundel chides Edelgard for her imprudence, but she remains confident. Arundel ominously warns her that the Empire may become another Arianrhod before taking his leave. Hubert arrives and reveals that pillars of light have disintegrated Arianrhod, House Rowe has been wiped out to the last, and approximately a third of the Imperial occupation force is unaccounted for, and Edelgard presumes this to be Arundel's work. Hubert explains legend has it that Ailell, the Valley of Torment, was destroyed under similar circumstances, and connects it to the current incident and figures that those who slither in the dark were responsible. The group scapegoats the Church of Seiros for the incident and makes plans to invade Fhirdiad by the end of next month.

Calendar - Lone Moon

Lone Moon
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Story Event  
Saint Indech Day  
3 4
Jeritza's Birthday  
5 6 7 8
Free Day  
Morale Meals  
10 11 12 13 14
Ignatz's Birthday  
Free Day  
Rare Monster Sighting  
Fistfuls of Fish  
17 18 19 20
Constance's Birthday  
21 22
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Fish Bounty Festival  
24 25 26 27
Shamir's Birthday  
28 29
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Raid Arianrhod  

Character data

New Units


Returning Characters


Item data

Name Obtainment Method
  Silver Axe+ Tournament prize
  Albinean Moose Quest reward: Taking Care of Business
  Brigid Mercenaries Quest reward: Taking Care of Business
  Thieves Quest reward: Taking Care of Business
  Brave Axe Dropped by Gwendal in The Siege of Arianrhod
  Speedwing Chest in The Siege of Arianrhod

Marketplace data

Dark Merchant  
Name Stock Price
  Arcane Crystal 500
  Cinnamon Blend 1,500
  Seiros Tea 1,500
  Dagda Fruit Blend 1,500
  Hresvelg Blend 2,000
  Leicester Cortania 2,000
  Book of Sheet Music 1 500
  Arithmetic Textbook 1 500
  The History of Fódlan 1 500
  Monarch Studies Book 1 500
  Ancient Coin 1 500
  Book of Crest Designs 1 1,000
  Blue Cheese 1 1,000
  Landscape Painting 1 1,000
  Queen Loach 1 150
  Teutates Pike 1 250
  Bullhead 1 500
  Morfis Plum 1 500
  Nordsalat 1 500
  Boa Fruit 1 1,000
  Magdred Kirsch 1 500
  Angelica 1 1,000
  Duscur Bear 1 1,000
  Oghma Wolverine 1 2,500
  • Note: The Dark Merchant is unlocked when clearing the quest "Taking Care of Business".


Main article: Lady of Deceit/The Siege of Arianrhod

At the beginning of the chapter, Edelgard is automatically certified for her personal Emperor class and immediately reclasses there. Also, the Dark Merchant will become available after doing their quest.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

Lady of Deceit




Maiden of Lies


La dama del engaño

The lady of deceit


Dame tromperie

Lady deception


Meisterin der Täuschung

Master of Deception


거짓된 소녀

Deceitful girl

Simplified Chinese


Lady of disguise

Traditional Chinese


Lady of disguise


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