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What Lies Beneath

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What Lies Beneath

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New units

Yuri, Balthus, Constance, Hapi


Death Knight

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The Fourth House

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The Rite of Rising

I was just heading off to ambush our attackers. You'll help with that, won't you?
— Yuri

What Lies Beneath (Japanese: 地の底に広がる街 A City that Spreads to the Bottom of the Earth) is the second chapter of the Fire Emblem: Three Houses expansion Cindered Shadows.

Completing this chapter will allow the player to recruit Constance in the main story.


Main article: What Lies Beneath/Script

Byleth and their companions make their way to the main residential district of Abyss and speak with the residents there. Afterwards, Yuri approaches them, explains that he has lured the invading mercenaries into an ambush, and asks them to aid in defeating them. The group travels to the ambush point, an underground arena, and engage the mercenaries in battle. During the fight, the Death Knight appears and begins attacking both sides indiscriminately, but the heroes nevertheless prevail.

After the battle, a lone straggler makes a final attempt to kill Yuri, but he is rescued by Aelfric, overseer of Abyss. Aelfric introduces himself to the surface-dwellers and explains that Abyss is a refuge for those who have nowhere else to go, such as persecuted minorities and the sick and elderly. He asks Byleth to take the Ashen Wolves under their wing, reveals that he was once acquainted with Byleth's parents, and offers to share stories of them later on.

Character data

New units
Small portrait yuri fe16.png
Fetters of Dromi
Steel Sword
Iron Sword
Automatically from battle preparations
Small portrait balthus fe16.png
War Monk
Steel Gauntlets
Iron Gauntlets
Automatically from battle preparations
Small portrait constance fe16.png
Dark Flier
Automatically from battle preparations
Small portrait hapi fe16.png
Banshee Θ
Miasma Δ
Swarm Ζ
Death Γ
Automatically from battle preparations
Available characters
Byleth m ​Edelgard ​Dimitri ​Claude ​Linhardt ​Ashe ​Hilda ​

Item data

At the beginning of the chapter, the Sword of the Creator automatically has 5 uses restored.

Name Obtainment Method
Is ns01 sword.png Rusted Sword (Iron Sword) Scrap Heap
Is ns01 lance.png Rusted Lance (Iron Lance) Scrap Heap
Is ns01 bullion.png Bullion Dropped by enemy Holy Knight in Ambush in the Arena
Is ns01 bullion.png Bullion Dropped by enemy Assassin in Ambush in the Arena
Is ns01 bullion.png Bullion Dropped by reinforcement enemy Assassin in Ambush in the Arena
Is ns01 bullion.png Bullion Dropped by reinforcement enemy Valkyrie in Ambush in the Arena
Is ns01 lance.png Crescent Sickle Dropped by the Death Knight
Is ns01 ore.png Smithing Stone (×10) Automatically at the end of the chapter

Marketplace data

Armory & Item Shop

Armory Armory Item Shop Item Shop

Name Stock Price
Is ns01 sword.png Iron Sword 520
Is ns01 sword.png Steel Sword 910
Is ns01 sword.png Silver Sword 3 1,410
Is ns01 sword.png Killing Edge 3 1,470
Is ns01 sword.png Training Sword 260
Is ns01 sword.png Levin Sword Limited: 1 1,600
Is ns01 sword.png Armorslayer 3 1,450
Is ns01 lance.png Iron Lance 560
Is ns01 lance.png Steel Lance 910
Is ns01 lance.png Silver Lance 3 1,560
Is ns01 lance.png Killer Lance 3 1,680
Is ns01 lance.png Training Lance 280
Is ns01 lance.png Javelin 10 700
Is ns01 lance.png Short Spear Limited: 1 1,600
Is ns01 lance.png Horseslayer 3 1,650
Is ns01 axe.png Iron Axe 600
Is ns01 axe.png Steel Axe 980
Is ns01 axe.png Silver Axe 3 1,740
Is ns01 axe.png Training Axe 300
Is ns01 axe.png Hand Axe 10 750
Is ns01 axe.png Short Axe Limited: 1 1,750
Is ns01 axe.png Hammer 3 1,850
Is ns01 axe.png Mace 720
Is ns01 bow.png Iron Bow 560
Is ns01 bow.png Steel Bow 910
Is ns01 bow.png Silver Bow 3 1,560
Is ns01 bow.png Training Bow 350
Is ns01 bow.png Mini Bow 680
Is ns01 brawling.png Iron Gauntlets 480
Is ns01 brawling.png Steel Gauntlets 640
Is ns01 brawling.png Silver Gauntlets 3 1,290
Is ns01 brawling.png Training Gauntlets 240
  • Note: Both the Blacksmith and Battalion Guild are also available, but the former can only forge and/or repair items allowed by a E-Rank in Professor Level, and the latter can only replenish battalions.


Main article: What Lies Beneath/Ambush in the Arena

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

What Lies Beneath




A City that Spreads to the Bottom of the Earth


Bajo la superficie

Under the surface


Sous la surface

Under the surface


Unter der Oberfläche

Under the Surface


La città sotterranea

The underground city


땅속에 펼쳐진 마을

A village spread out undergound

Simplified Chinese


A vast town under the ground

Traditional Chinese


A vast town under the ground


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