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The Golden Deer's Plea/Script

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Note: Some story events may be slighly modified depending on what characters have previously fallen in battle (Classic Mode only).

Azure Moon
Garland Moon

The Golden Deer's Plea

Opening Narration FETH Faerghus banner.png

Cg fe16 garland moon mural part 2.png
The Kingdom army has reclaimed the Kingdom capital and plans to immediately begin restoring the country and its forces. But an unexpected request arrives from Claude, leader of the Leicester Alliance. Dimitri promptly responds to the request for aid, and he rushes to prepare the Kingdom's forces.
— Chapter 19 opening narration

Event - The Alliance in Peril

Date: 6/1
Meeting Room

(In the Meeting Room, Dimitri, his peers, Byleth, Gilbert and Flayn discuss Claude's letter.)
Dimitri: We have received a request for aid from the Alliance. They are being invaded by the Empire. We have only just taken back Fhirdiad, and yet I am already asking all of you to move out once more. Please accept my apologies for that.
Ingrid: That's no problem at all. More importantly, how is the Alliance faring?
Dimitri: House Riegan has rallied the Alliance lords. They are facing the enemy with all the strength they can muster. But we do not know how far that will get them.
Ingrid: It seems the enemy's relentless attacks have forced them into a tough situation. Their defeat at Gronder severely weakened the Alliance. I imagine the Empire now intends to destroy them before they can recover.
Gilbert: To think they'd watch us chase their soldiers out of the Kingdom capital, then immediately go invade the Alliance...
Gilbert: Their general is Lord Volkhard von Arundel. He serves as regent to the emperor. He has presumably taken command after the emperor was wounded in Gronder.
Dimitri: He is known for his shrewdness and excels not only in domestic affairs, but tactics as well. He is not an opponent we should take lightly.
(Just then, Dimitri appears to be lost in thought...)
Dimitri: Lord Arundel...

Are you concerned?

Dimitri: I always suspected that Lord Arundel was behind the tragedy nine years ago. The timing of his departure from the Kingdom, the fact that he abruptly stopped making donations... Too many factors made him suspect.
Dimitri: If Lord Arundel conspired with Cornelia...then what Kronya and the others said five years ago...
Gilbert: Hmm...
(Gilbert also appears to be concerned with something...)
Dimitri: Well, never mind that for now. The Alliance needs our help. What are your thoughts?
Gilbert: If we turn our back on the Alliance and then Derdriu falls, it will undoubtedly make our situation difficult further down the road. We would have enemies in two directions... in the Alliance to the northeast and in the Empire to the south.
Dimitri: That is true. In that scenario, we would not be able to safely march our soldiers to Enbarr.
Flayn: I am terribly worried about Lady Rhea...but I believe we must save the Alliance first.
Annette: Oh! Maybe if we do this, the Alliance will help us out in return! We could ask them to help us attack the Empire. You know, a sneak attack or something!
(Mercedes is plesantly surprised by Annette's idea.)
Mercedes: Annie! When did you become so devious?

If Annette & Gilbert's C-Support has been reached...

(Gilbert is amused as well.)
Gilbert: Heh. What would your mother think.
Annette: What? It wasn't that devious!


(Gilbert then looks at Byleth.)
Gilbert: What do you think, Professor?

Choice 1 Choice 2
Let's march for Derdriu. I support whatever Dimitri decides.
Dimitri: Yes, I agree. Dimitri: We must go to Derdriu.

Dimitri: I will admit that there is something to be gained for us as well, for when we eventually march south... But far more importantly...they need us. We cannot turn our backs on them.
(Byleth nods.)
Dimitri: We will arrange to head out at once. Prepare yourselves, everyone.

Exploration: The Golden Deer's Plea

Potential Dates: 6/7, 6/14, 6/21 and 6/28

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Narration - Saving Derdriu

Having allowed the Imperial army to invade, the Alliance army makes their last stand at the center of House Riegan territory in Derdriu. The Kingdom army rushes to their aid after amassing more troops.
— Introduction to Saving Derdriu

Event - To the Rescue

Date: 6/30
City Streets (Derdriu, the Aquatic Capital)

(In Derdriu's harbor, an Alliance Soldier is seen reporting to Claude and Judith.)
Alliance Soldier(1): The citizens of Derdriu have all been evacuated and are now at sea! Are you sure about this? If Derdriu were to fall, those ships don't have enough resources for—
Claude: Derdriu won't fall. Have some faith in me, will you?
Alliance Soldier(1): Oh! Yes, sir!
(Just as that soldier quickly leaves, another one arrives to take her place.)
Alliance Soldier(2): Our line of defense has been broken! The Imperial army will be here any moment!
Claude: Understood. You two join up with the troops in the city.
Alliance Soldier(2): Yes, sir!
(After the soldier leaves, Claude then looks at Judith.)
Claude: Judith, are you ready?
Judith: As ready as I'll ever be. It's been years since I last battled in the city streets.
Claude: Don't go messing up because your vision has weakened with age. Take the defensive for now.
Judith: Yeah, yeah, I get it. You hang in there, too, boy. Your wounds from Gronder Field haven't fully healed yet, have they?
Claude: No, but it's not like I can sit this one out. I have to make my daring escape, after all. And for the last time, stop calling me "boy"! That's an official order from the leader of the Alliance.
Judith: Understood, Leader Man. I wonder if our little ray of hope will show up... We fought on opposite sides at Gronder, didn't we?
Claude: They'll come. You can count on it. If anyone can bring him back, it's Teach. Teach will talk, and he'll listen. But more than anything, I've seen their skill and their abilities... I believe in them.
(A new Alliance Soldier appears to reports news.)
Alliance Soldier(3): Claude! Reinforcements are coming from the west! Their banner is that of the Kingdom...
(Claude smiles smugly as he looks at the distance.)
Claude: What did I tell you? They're here. And just in time.

(Meanwhile, near the aquatic capital's entrance, Gilbert, Dimitri, Ingrid and Byleth analize Claude's predicament.)
Gilbert: It appears the Imperial army has already marched into Derdriu and engaged the Alliance. It seems the Imperial advance has been stalled by guerrilla skirmishes. The Alliance forces are holding out, but they won't last much longer...
Ingrid: That must be Judith of House Daphnel who joined up with Claude's troops. To think Judith, a true hero, would find herself backed into a corner like this...
(Dimitri's realizes something about the entire situation. )
Dimitri: It is not so. The Alliance has only drawn the enemy so deeply into the city to allow us to attack them from behind. Brilliant.

They're planning a pincer attack?

Dimitri: I believe so.
Dimitri: He put his soldiers into position purely on the belief that we'd come... I can't believe Claude would risk everything on that belief. He has placed all of his hopes on us. Let's make sure we live up to his expectations, Professor.
(Byleth nods in agreement.)
Dimitri: Here we go. Let's move!

Battle: Saving Derdriu

Before Battle

Lord Arundel: The leader of the Alliance has managed to escape to the harbor, has he? Those rats resist in vain...
Imperial Soldier: Your Excellency! There's an army closing in on us from outside. The banners...are those of House Blaiddyd.
Lord Arundel: Blaiddyd? I see... That idiot failed, it seems.
Lord Arundel: Hurry up and kill the leader of the Alliance. With him gone, Derdriu will fall.

Player Phase 1

Dimitri: I will not let Claude die... Let's hurry to his rescue.

Claude: Hey, you're late! Hurry up and help!

Enemy Reinforcements Arrive

(Imperial Soldiers appear through Derdriu's gates and near the city's main entrance.)
Imperial Soldier: The subjugation of Derdriu is complete. We will be joining the main army now!

Claude: Ugh... They're showing up one after another... Nothing for it but to blockade the gate leading to the town. I don't want the enemy's numbers to increase any more.

If both of Claude's Generals have Fallen

Imperial Soldiers: Now! Hidden soldiers, attack!
(Multiple Imperial Soldiers are teleported by the bridge near Claude's location.)

Combat is Initiated against Enemies Carrying Items

Gilbert: Look. The Imperial army's supply corps. Attacking now would be a fine plan.

Kingdom Units get near Lord Arundel

Lord Arundel: Clever. I can't believe they pushed through to here. Nothing is more foolish than dying in vain. Let's get to the harbor and finish off the leader of the Alliance!
(Lord Arundel will begin moving towards Claude during enemy phase.)

Ally - Judith

When Initiating Combat the First Time:

It's no good...we're surrounded. But I need to hurry up and rescue the boy... To get to the harbor, first we have to get rid of the enemy mercenaries. There's no other way.
— Judith when initiating combat the first time

If the Imperial Heroes around Judith have Fallen:

Thank you. That was a big help. I'll go and cover our leader!
— If the Heroes surrounding Judith have fallen

Death Quote:

Judith: I guess my vision really is going! I slipped up... Don't you get yourself killed out there, boy.

Claude: Judith! Stop calling me "boy"! I'm your leader... And I told you not to die...

— Judith's Death Quote

Ally - Hilda

Hilda does not appear if she was recruited and is replaced by an Alliance General War Master instead.

When Initiating Combat the First Time:

Claude's nuts. Asking me to protect the bridge! That's so much responsibility. But the guy's so helpless, I feel sorry for him. So, I'll do what I can to protect him.
— Hilda when initiating combat the first time

If Talked with Byleth:

Support points between Claude and Byleth will go up after talking
Professor! It's been too long. I was hoping you'd show up. Seeing you puts a spring in my step! Come on, time to give 'em the Hilda treatment!
— Hilda if talked with Byleth

Death Quote:

Hilda: It's been fun, Claude... Sorry to go so soon...

Claude: Hilda! Why didn't you retreat?! I counted on you retreating...

— Hilda's Death Quote

Ally - Claude

If Talked with Anyone:

Support points between Claude and the unit chosen will go up if possible
I missed that face! And you're just in time. Thanks for that.
— Claude if talked with Anyone

If Talked with Byleth:

Support points between Claude and Byleth will go up after talking
Professor, if you had chosen me instead of Dimitri... No. I shouldn't dwell on it. I'm grateful you came. I'm glad to have your strength, if only for today.
— Claude if talked with Byleth

If Talked with Dimitri:

Dimitri: You're OK... Can you still fight, Claude?
Claude: You barely snatch me from the jaws of death, and now you're recruiting me! You sure know how to inspire loyalty, Your Majesty.
Claude: Sadly, I'm not free to move here, for many reasons. You'll have to repel the Empire without me...

— Claude if talked with Dimitri

Death Quote:

My plan failed... Teach. Dimitri. That's enough. Time to retreat. I've crossed one too many dangerous bridges... It's a shame,'s over now...
— Claude's Death Quote

Boss - Lord Arundel

Vs Anyone:

Nothing bites so hard as a cornered rat, eh?
— Lord Arundel Vs Anyone

Vs Byleth:

Your very presence has foiled our plans, yet again...
— Lord Arundel Vs Byleth

Vs Dimitri:

Lord Arundel: You would raise a weapon against your uncle? You've grown into a savage of a man, just like your father.
Dimitri: You are rather calm for one in your position. Or did you forget that this is a battlefield? Perhaps this is no time for words, Uncle. There will be time for that after we have settled things here.

— Lord Arundel Vs Dimitri

Defeat Quote:

Do our hopes end here...
— Lord Arundel's Defeat Quote

Lord Arundel has Been Bested

Dimitri: Uncle, I need to know. The incident nine years ago... You were involved, weren't you?
Dimitri: You know something. What did Cornelia... No. What did my stepmother do?!

Lord Arundel: You are not qualified to look into the darkness...

Lord Arundel: You and Edelgard... Do your best to kill each other... You are family, after all.

Lord Arundel: There it is...the light...

(Lord Arundel's lifeless body collapses.)

Event - The End of the Alliance

(Now that the Imperial invasion of Derdriu has ceased...)
Dimitri: He's dead. There goes our chance to gain more information. Then again, even if we had managed to capture him alive, judging by the way he was acting...

Choice 1 Choice 2
For now, let's rejoice in our victory. We can think about that later.

Claude: Teach is absolutely right. We should take this rare opportunity to let off some tension.

(Claude's voice is suddenly heard as he reveals his presence, entering Dimitri and Byleth's conversation.)
Dimitri: It's been a long time, Claude. I am glad to see that you're safe.
Claude: Same. I haven't seen you since the nightmare that was Gronder. You really did come to help us... You must be a bunch of soft-hearted suckers, eh?
Dimitri: If you really felt that way, you would not have set up a defensive battle in the hopes that we would come. It worked out, only because we made it in time... Were you really so confident that we would answer the call?
Claude: Of course. I knew you wouldn't hesitate to put yourself second and come running to our aid.

Choice 1 Choice 2
You know him well. How insightful.

Claude: You and I are cut from different cloth. I wouldn't make a move unless I could gain something from it. You've always been just the opposite. And of course, I've always been fond of taking dangerous risks. After all, I sent that express messenger before you had even recaptured the Kingdom capital. If all went to plan, I knew you'd recapture it soon, and then respond to our request for aid.
Claude: It was riskier than usual, I'll give you that. But it was the only card I had to play, so I took the gamble.
Dimitri: You cross too many dangerous bridges for my liking.
Claude: I know, I know. But...that ends today.
Dimitri: What do you mean?
Claude: Here, take this. Use it however you see fit.
(Claude gifts Dimitri the Hero's Relic he used back in Gronder Field.)

FETH Failnaught.png

(Dimitri's eyes open wide upon seeing the bow.)
Dimitri: The legendary bow, Failnaught... Isn't this the Hero's Relic of House Riegan?
Dimitri: Hold, Claude. This must be one of your jokes. You cannot truly intend to part with this...

Claude: It's not a joke. As of today, the Leicester Alliance is no more.
(All sorts of questions go through Dimitri's mind.)
Dimitri: Just what are you planning, Claude?
Claude: If you're going to lead Fódlan, then the Alliance lords will follow you. Back in the day, the Alliance split off from the Kingdom. I'm just putting us back together again.
Claude: Oh, and I've already gained the support of the other lords at the roundtable conference, so you can stop looking at me like I'm crazy. All that's left is for me is to officially step down as the leader of the Alliance.

Choice 1 Choice 2
What will you do now? Will you join our army?
Claude: Hold your horses there, Teach.

Claude: I'm leaving Fódlan. There are things I have to do. Dreams I need to see to fruition That's why I became the Alliance leader to begin with, actually. But it left me no time for what I was really after.
(Claude looks contemplative at the distance upon saying this.)
Claude: You'd better not take on too many responsibilities yourselves, or else you'll end up in the same boat. And remember...both the living and the dead cling to us without any regard for our own lives. It's up to us to break free of that weight and follow the path that we believe in.
Dimitri: Claude...

Claude: Oops! I almost forgot the most important thing. If you're looking for Rhea, apparently she's being held captive in the Imperial capital. It doesn't sound like they intend to kill her, but there's no telling what they're planning.
Dimitri: You have my gratitude, Claude.
Claude: Gratitude? Thanks but no thanks. As far as I'm concerned, we're even now.
Claude: I don't know how many years will pass until then, but let's promise to meet again. And when we do... don't be too hard on me, Your Kingliness.
(Claude walks away, in the direction one of the ships in the harbor lie...)

(Claude's Failnaught is added into Byleth's inventory.)

Event - Resolve

Blue Lion Classroom

(Dimitri reunites with the rest of the ex-Blue Lions in a familiar room.)
Felix: Well, Dimitri? Are you finally going to tell us the damned truth?
Ashe: Didn't Lord Arundel say something about you and Edelgard being family?
Ingrid: To claim that the king and the emperor are related... Could it be?
Dimitri: Ah, I suppose I never told you, though I do recall mentioning it briefly to the professor...
(Dimitri then explains to his peers the meaning of Arundel's words.)

Dimitri: Lord Arundel spoke the truth. My stepmother was Edelgard's birth mother. Political turmoil drove my stepmother out of the Empire. Father fell in love with her at first sight and they married. I lost my birth mother before I was old enough to remember her. My stepmother filled that role for me. But she lost her life in Duscur nine years ago, along with Father.
(Felix is visibly surprised.)
Felix: Hang on. I didn't even know she was your stepmother. Did my father know about this?
Dimitri: Yes. All those who were close to my father knew, including Rodrigue. But to speak openly about it would have caused a scandal, and so she was our secret. No one in the general public knew about her.
Dimitri: Naturally, the fact that Edelgard and I are stepsiblings was kept a secret as well.
Mercedes: I'm finally beginning to understand what you went through five years ago. I mean, Edelgard is the only family you have left, isn't she? To find out someone so precious to you is actually your most hated enemy... How heartbreaking.
Annette: But wait! You two were born and raised in two different territories, right? So you probably never met until you were both at the academy.
Annette: I mean, don't get me wrong, I think the idea of fighting family is just about the worst thing ever. But hopefully the fact that she's a stepsister who you never really knew helps with the pain... I don't know, it was just a thought.
Dimitri: I am afraid that's not the case. Though it was only for a short time, Edelgard once called Fhirdiad home. I was a long time ago, but she was a cherished friend of mine.
(Sylvain suddenly recalls something.)
Sylvain: Wait! I remember now! She was that girl, wasn't she? The one you gave a dagger to!
Sylvain: Heh, so your little girlfriend was Edelgard.
Dimitri: Sylvain. If you have any more foolish things to say, please hold them for later.
Sylvain: I do have a few more up my sleeve, but they can wait. Go on, Your Highness. This is important for us to hear.
Felix: She may be a hated enemy now, but the emperor is your old friend and your stepsister.
Felix: Can you bring yourself to kill her?
Dimitri: I will kill her...if I must.
Dimitri: But if there is any chance that the world she seeks to create could be a just one... Then I... I would love to see a future in which I may reach out my hand for her and have her reach back. Dimitri: That said, I have no intention of letting my personal feelings cloud my judgment. Too much is at stake.
Ashe: Your Highness... I think you should meet with the emperor and at least try to talk to her. If there's any hope of ending this war without more bloodshed, we have to try. Besides, killing your own family... I'm sorry, but it's not right.
Dimitri: I...I think so too. And you are right that we should at least try.

(Meanwhile, deep withing the Adrestian Empire...)

Imperial Palace (Enbarr, the Imperial Capital)

Edelgard: I see. So my uncle's defeat is beyond doubt?
(Adrestia's Emperor is receiving in her throne room news of the attack at Derdriu.)
Hubert: Yes, Your Majesty. I have confirmed it via countless channels. I advise that we accept this as a drop of joy amid a pool of sorrow.
Edelgard: Pretty words, but I'm afraid we can't rest until the joy outweighs the sorrow. And for that to happen, it now seems we must confront them all at once.
Edelgard: Dimitri, who took back Fhirdiad... Claude, who managed to protect the Alliance... And that professor, who is successfully mobilizing the Knights of Seiros...
Hubert: What will you do, Your Majesty?
Edelgard: Pull back our forces. In the west, to Arianrhod. In the east, to—
Hubert: Fort Merceus, I presume? There is no better place for such a confrontation, after all.
Edelgard: Indeed. And dispatch the Death Knight to guard it. He can buy us some time.
Edelgard: In the meantime, I will—
Hubert: Forgive me, but I must speak bluntly. I do not agree with what you intend to do. Though slight, there is a chance that once done, it cannot be undone.
Edelgard: Even I cannot always choose the direction my path leads me. There is no other way. And so, I must walk on.