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Fire Emblem: Three Houses pre-release information

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses was announced in the Fire Emblem Nintendo Direct in early 2017, though no more information on it was provided for about a year and a half until Nintendo's E3 presentation on June 12th 2018. After another long drought of information the game received a concrete release date and more detailed trailer during Nintendo's February 13 2019 Nintendo direct.

Pre-release history

Generic logo from the initial announcement in 2017.

Initial announcement (January 18, 2017)

The game was initially announced early in 2017 on January 18th in the Fire Emblem Nintendo Direct. At the time it was announced without subtitle and was only presented with the broad release date of "2018". Nothing of the game was shown during its initial announcing except for a generic Fire Emblem logo. This drought of information would continue for the entirety of 2017, with Intelligent Systems focusing on the soon-to-be-released products Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, Fire Emblem Heroes and Fire Emblem Warriors instead.

English gameplay from the June 12th reveal trailer.

Full reveal (June 12, 2018)

After about a year and a half of no information the game finally received a proper reveal trailer and gameplay at Nintendo's 2018 E3 showing on June 12th. They announced that the game would release in Spring 2019, marking a delay from its initial 2018 release window.

Notably, unlike previous Fire Emblem series reveals, the first footage revealed in any region showed English gameplay instead of Japanese. Unlike Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE, Fire Emblem Fates, and Fire Emblem Warriors, Three Houses was not played by the Treehouse Staff during the post-presentation live stream.

Outside of Nintendo's official pre-release materials, 8-4, the company responsible for translating Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, Fire Emblem Awakening, and Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, announced on Twitter that they were not involved with the localization of Three Houses.

Reveal trailer observations

Curiously, there are minor statistical differences between the English and Japanese trailers. It is unclear what this may imply, such as semi-random base stats or ongoing balancing, at this point. A compilation of the differences are featured below

Japanese vs English trailer comparisons
Japanese footage English footage
Ss fe16 edelgard class jp.png Ss fe16 edelgard class.png
Edelgard appears to possess more defense (end) and resistance (rsl) in the Japanese trailer, according to her battle stats in the bottom right.
Ss fe16 edelgard vs mercedes combat forecast jp.png Ss fe16 edelgard vs mercedes combat forecast.png
Matching Edelgard's increased defensive stats, Mercedes is forecast to do less damage to Edelgard in the Japanese trailer. In the English trailer it seems Mercedes may have fought someone before this footage was recorded, as her Iron Sword has been reduced by two durability points compared to the Japanese trailer.
Ss fe16 cursor on edelgard jp.png Ss fe16 cursor on edelgard.png
Edelgard's HP is inconsistent in this scene between the two trailers, possessing 30 in the Japanese one and 29 in the English one. Additionally, Edelgard's HP is at 29 in an earlier point of the Japanese trailer, despite being the same level, 3, as this segment.
Ss fe16 byleth vs hilda combat forecast jp.png Ss fe16 byleth vs hilda combat forecast.png
Byleth's damage output and critical chance is higher in the English trailer. Hilda is also forecast to do more damage to Byleth in the Japanese trailer than the English trailer. In the English trailer Hilda's Iron Bow and Byleth's Iron Sword both have less durability (45) than in the Japanese trailer (50); it is unclear if the durability has been lowered or if the characters used their weapons some before the footage was taken in the English trailer.

Nintendo Direct trailer (February 13, 2019)

Promotional image of the North American version of the Seasons of Warfare edition.

After another long period of silence the game resurfaced in Nintendo's Feburary 2019 Nintendo Direct. Prior to the airing of the Direct, Three Houses was confirmed to appear in the broadcast on Nintendo's social media accounts.[1] During the Nintendo direct the game was confirmed for a worldwide release date of July 26th 2019.

The direct introduced the game's titular three houses, the Black Eagles, Blue Lions, and Golden Deer. Also featured was some elaboration to the game's world and setting, discussing the houses, the Garreg Mach Monastery, the powers of Fódlan, and the Church of Seiros.

With the game's appearance in the Nintendo Direct, official pages went up for the game across several different languages. In particular, a Japanese Nintendo article for the game confirmed that the character artist for the game is Chinatsu Kurahana (Japanese: 倉花千夏).[2]

The Seasons of Warfare special edition of the game for North America, containing an artbook, sound selection CD, steelbook case, and calendar, was also announced on Nintendo of America's social media account.[3]

Nintendo Direct trailer observations

Like the E3 2018 trailer there are several minor differences between the Japanese and English trailers.

Japanese vs English trailer comparisons
Japanese footage English footage
Ss fe16 attacking with bernadetta jp.jpg Ss fe16 attacking with bernadetta.png
Some scenes of the Japanese version may be from a different build of the game, as some instances of map geometry and texturing are different. There are also instances of changed lighting and different shadows.
Ss fe16 bernadetta in battle jp.jpg Ss fe16 bernadetta in battle.png
The difference in ground/rock textures carries over to the battle scene as well.
Ss fe16 gambit boost jp.jpg Ss fe16 gambit boost.png
Some of the characters shown activating the Gambit Boost appear to be in different outfits. The lighting here has a different tinting. Additionally, the hairline on Edelgard's model appears to have been tweaked slightly.

May Famitsu (April 22-25, 2019)

Famitsu's preview of its May 2019 issue.

Famitsu's online preview for its May issue was posted online on April 22nd. It announced that the upcoming issue would discuss gameplay mechanics and the game story, and featured several new screenshots and character artwork.

When the issue released proper it discussed several mechanics.[4] Terrain mechanics, such as warp tiles and healing tiles were shown. The class system was discussed, mentioning that the Noble and Commoner classes can wield any weapon and progress to more specialized classes. The magazine provides a blurb on the game story as well.

"Armies flooding the plains, a violent clash, a battle's end. Then a mysterious girl appears. Night after night, the protagonist–a member of their father's mercenary band–always experiences this strange dream. One day, after having the same dream multiple times, they found youths being attacked by bandits. The protagonist shielded the youths from a bandit's blade and, at that moment, time stopped and the girl from their dreams appeared. The girl Sothis saved the protagonist's life by using her powers to rewind time. She allowed the protagonist to borrow her power and vanished. The protagonist discovers that the youths attacked by the bandits were students from the officer's academy at the Garreg Mach Monastery–and the future leaders of the three largest nations of Fódlan. After saving the youths, the protagonist's power was recognized and they were invited to the academy to become a professor. This invitation will forever change the protagonist's fate..."[4]

The article also revealed several character details: Byleth's father Jeralt was once a legendary knight of Seiros, Sothis has amnesia, and general personality descriptions for Claude, Dimitri, and Edelgard.

The article also covered Divine Pulse (Japanese: 天刻の拍動), a turn-rewinding mechanic similar to Mila's Turnwheel from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.

June Famitsu (May 14-15, 2019)

Famitsu's preview of its June 2019 issue.

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A list of promotional trailers and videos are provided below in chronological order.

Trailer List
Thumbnail Links Initial airdate Summary
FETH E3 reveal thumbnail.pngFETH E3 reveal thumbnail Japanese.jpg E3 reveal trailer:
June 12, 2018 Initial reveal, shows first gameplay; notably in English. Several characters make their first appearances in this trailer: Byleth, Edelgard, Dimitri, Claude, Hilda, and Mercedes make their debut appearances in the gameplay segment.
FETH nintendo direct thumbnail.png Nintendo Direct:
February 13, 2019 Nintendo Direct trailer. First major storyline details are revealed, more gameplay footage is shown, 7/26/2019 release date is confirmed, and Seasons of Warfare edition is announced.


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