Tempest of Swords and Shields

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Tempest of Swords and Shields

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Mural used to introduce Tempest of Swords and Shields.


Garreg Mach Monastery


Seteth, Flayn,
Shamir*/Knight of Seiros*,
Alois*/Knight of Seiros*

Another loss on my watch... As more blood wets my feet, they grow heavier with each step. Remorse, resentment, despair... I have dispensed with all such things to come this far.
— Edelgard

Tempest of Swords and Shields (Japanese: 剣と盾の螺旋 Spiral of Swords and Shields) is the fifteenth chapter of Fire Emblem: Three Houses in Crimson Flower.


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With the former Leicester territories under Adrestian control, the Empire is now ready to face Faerghus. Hubert reports that Lord Arundel has headed to Derdriu and is collecting the Alliance's old Heroes' Relics, but Edelgard remains unconcerned. He further explains that the Kingdom will most likely surrender if Houses Blaiddyd, Fraldarius, Galatea, Gautier, and Charon are toppled. While House Rowe in the Fortress City of Arianrhod might be swayed to the Empire, Lord Rodrigue of House Fraldarius has already taken command of Arianrhod. Later that night, Byleth hears Edelgard scream. They find her in her room, and she sheepishly admits that she saw a rat and that she has feared rats ever since she was trapped in a rat-filled prison underneath the Imperial palace as a child. Byleth notices some papers on Edelgard's desk, and Edelgard panics and kicks them out of her room.

At the end of the month, Church soldiers personally commanded by Rhea march on Garreg Mach Monastery to recapture it. Edelgard orders Randolph and Ladislava to engage the enemy's main army while she personally defends the monastery from a detachment led by Seteth and Flayn. The Imperial forces emerge victorious on that front, and Seteth and Flayn are either driven off or killed. Afterwards, Catherine reports on the battle to Rhea. If Seteth and Flayn survived, she receives a letter from Seteth explaining that he is deserting to protect Flayn, and resolves to crush the thief who stole her mother with her bare hands; if Seteth and Flayn died, she blames Byleth for taking everything from her, declares that no amount of repentance will save their, and swears revenge on them in the name of the Nabateans. Meanwhile, a mortally wounded Randolph informs Edelgard that the forces that engaged Rhea were defeated and Ladislava is dead before perishing himself. Edelgard laments the amount of blood spilled in the name of her ambitions. Ferdinand reports that several lords of Faerghus have defected to the Empire as a result of the battle, much to his disgust. Edelgard, newly resolved, declares her intention to march through the Tailtean Plains to take Fhirdiad.

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Item data

Name Obtainment Method
Is ns01 bow.png Silver Bow+ Tournament prize
Is ns01 gift.png Armored Bear Stuffy Quest reward: Undercover Commerce
Is ns01 tea.png Almyran Pine Needles (×2) Quest reward: Undercover Commerce
Is ns01 battalion infantry.png Almyra Mercenaries Quest reward: Undercover Commerce
Is ns01 tea.png Rose Petal Blend Quest reward: The Secret Shop
Is ns01 produce.png Morfis Plum (×2) Quest reward: The Secret Shop
Is ns01 gift.png Stylish Hair Clip Quest reward: The Secret Shop
Is ns01 axe.png Axe of Zoltan Dropped by Alois*/enemy Warrior* in Protecting Garreg Mach


Main article: Tempest of Swords and Shields/Protecting Garreg Mach

You unlock Part II paralogues this month, so get working on those. Also, Anna's Secret Shop will become available after doing her quest.


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

Tempest of Swords and Shields




Spiral of Swords and Shields


Tempestad de escudos y espadas

Tempest of shields and swords


Une tempête d'épées et de boucliers

A tempest of swords and shields


Sturm der Schwerter und Schilde

Storm of Swords and Shields


Tempesta di spade e scudi

Tempest of sword and shield


검과 방패의 나선

Sword and shield spiral

Simplified Chinese


Sword and shield spiral

Traditional Chinese


Sword and shield spiral


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