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Fódlan's New Dawn

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Fódlan's New Dawn

Cg fe16 verdant rain moon mural part 2.png
Mural used to introduce Fódlan's New Dawn.


Garreg Mach Monastery



Let's defeat this dusty old King of Liberation and put an end to this history of lies. Once we've done that, there'll be nothing holding us back. A new and brighter age will begin. Let's go, my friend! Fódlan's new dawn awaits!
— Claude

Fódlan's New Dawn (Japanese: 大地の夜明け Dawn of the Earth) is the twenty-second and final chapter of the Verdant Wind route in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.


Main article: Fódlan's New Dawn/Script

Claude and Byleth approach Rhea, who confirms she is The Immaculate One and the last child of the progenitor god Sothis. She explains that Sothis came to Fódlan long ago, assumed a human form, gave her blood to birth many children, and created a prosperous civilization. However, humanity engaged in senseless wars and eventually turned on Sothis, leading to humanity's near-annihilation; those who slither in the dark are likely distant descendants of the survivors of that catastrophe who retreated underground. Sothis took many more years to restore peace to Fódlan before falling into a slumber in the Holy Tomb, and her remaining children settled down at Zanado to protect the tomb. However, Nemesis appeared and slaughtered them all. Rhea, the sole survivor, took the name Seiros, founded the Adrestian Empire, slew Nemesis at the Tailtean Plains, and reclaimed the Sword of the Creator.

A soldier approaches and reveals that an unidentified military force is rampaging to the east and slaughtering innocents wherever they go; they have crossed Myrddin and broken through Alliance forces led by Holst and Count Gloucester, they march under the banner of the Crest of Flames, they are gunning straight for Garreg Mach Monastery, and the leader wields a weapon that resembles the Sword of the Creator. Rhea realizes that the enemy is a resurrected Nemesis himself; she explains that he acquired the Crest of Flames from Sothis' blood and that he and those who slither in the dark crafted the Sword of the Creator and the Heroes' Relics from the bodies of the children of the goddess. Rhea reveals that after defeating Nemesis, she retook Sothis' heart and spent the next millennium attempting to resurrect her with it, ultimately planting it in Byleth's body. Sothis' power now rests in Byleth, and they are the only one capable of defeating Nemesis.

The day before the final battle, Byleth pays a final visit to Jeralt's grave. Recalling his last words and his desire for Byleth to give their mother's ring to the one they love, Byleth can decide to propose to anyone they have an A-support with, gender permitting. Afterwards, the Alliance forces intercept Nemesis at the Caledonian Plateau. The heroes engage him in a tumultuous final battle; they emerge victorious, and finally slay him. As narrated by Jeralt, Claude tears down the old order of Fódlan and begins the process of uniting the whole world in friendship.

Calendar - Verdant Rain Moon

Verdant Rain Moon
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Character data

New Units


Returning Characters


Item data

Name Obtainment Method
  Master Seal Tournament prize
  Arrow of Indra Northern chest in For the Freedom of Fódlan
  Secret Book Eastern chest in For the Freedom of Fódlan
  Giant Shell Southeastern chest in For the Freedom of Fódlan


Main article: Fódlan's New Dawn/For the Freedom of Fódlan

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

Fódlan's New Dawn




Dawn of the Earth


Albores de una nueva era

Dawn of a new era


Une aube nouvelle sur Fódlan

A new dawn on Fódlan


Fódlans neue Dämmerung

Fódlan's new Dawn


Una nuova alba sul Fódlan

A new dawn on Fódlan


대지의 여명

Dawn of the earth

Simplified Chinese


Dawn of the earth

Traditional Chinese


Dawn of the earth



The City Without Light Fódlan's New Dawn
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