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The Delusional Prince

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The Delusional Prince

Cg fe16 guardian moon mural part 2.png
Mural used to introduce The Delusional Prince.

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Reunion at Dawn

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Valley of Torment

I won't kill you right away, my fellow monster. Unless you object to watching your friends die. If so, I will do you the service of removing your eyes first so that—
— Dimitri

The Delusional Prince (Japanese: 妄執の王子 Prince of Delusion) is the fourteenth chapter of Fire Emblem: Three Houses in Azure Moon.


Main article: The Delusional Prince/Script

The Blue Lions return to Garreg Mach Monastery, where they meet up with the former Knights of Seiros and Officers Academy faculty. The group decides that they have two main objectives—defeat the Adrestian Empire and rescue Rhea—and that they will use Garreg Mach as their base of operations. Annette suggests that they take the time to clean up the monastery, but Dimitri is disgusted by what he perceives as their carefree attitude and leaves. A month passes, and Byleth eventually finds Dimitri in the chapel hallucinating a conversation with his deceased loved ones. Gilbert arrives and reveals that the Imperial Army has sent troops to recapture the monastery, much to Dimitri's glee.

The Adrestian general, Randolph, is approached by his younger sister Fleche, who asks to join the front lines, but he refuses to allow it. The next day, Randolph's forces besiege Garreg Mach, but the Kingdom is victorious and Randolph is captured. Dimitri claims that the amount of people Randolph has killed in his military career makes him a monster and sadistically threatens to torture him, but Byleth puts him out of his misery before Dimitri can go through with it. Dimitri declares that he intends to use both Byleth and their friends until their flesh falls from their bones in the service of his revenge. Afterwards, the group agrees to contact Rodrigue and request reinforcements. A brief argument ensues over whether to liberate Fhirdiad or conquer Enbarr, with Dimitri intent on the latter.

Calendar - Guardian Moon

Guardian Moon
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
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Character data

New units


Available characters
Byleth m 02 ​Dimitri 04 ​Felix 02 ​Ashe 02 ​Sylvain 02 ​Mercedes 02 ​Annette 02 ​Ingrid 02 ​Ferdinand 02 ​Linhardt 02 ​Caspar 02 ​Bernadetta 02 ​Dorothea 02 ​Petra 02 ​Raphael 02 ​Ignatz 02 ​Lysithea 02 ​Marianne 02 ​Hilda 02 ​Leonie 02 ​Yuri 02 ​Balthus 02 ​Constance 03 ​Hapi 02 ​Anna ​Catherine ​Shamir ​Cyril 02 ​Flayn ​Hanneman ​Manuela ​Alois ​Seteth ​Gilbert ​

Item data

Name Obtainment Method
Is ns01 sword.png Silver Sword+ Tournament prize
Is ns01 bullion.png 2,000G Quest reward: Supply Run
Is ns01 gift.png Gemstone Beads Quest reward: A Piece of History
Is ns01 gift.png Ancient Coin Quest reward: A Piece of History
Is ns01 gift.png Blue Cheese Quest reward: Pirates in the North
Is ns01 battalion infantry.png Pirates Quest reward: Pirates in the North
Is ns01 battalion infantry.png Rogues Quest reward: Pirates in the North
Is ns01 gift.png Exotic Spices Quest reward: Dangerous Deserters
Is ns01 bait.png Blowfly (×2) Quest reward: Dangerous Deserters
Is ns01 battalion infantry.png Alliance Youths Quest reward: Dangerous Deserters
Is ns01 gift.png Fishing Float Quest reward: Fishing for the Big One
Is ns01 bait.png Herring Bait (×2) Quest reward: Fishing for the Big One
Is ns01 fish.png Bullhead Quest reward: Fishing for the Big One
Is ns01 brawling+.png Killer Knuckles+ Quest reward: Thieves at the Throat*
Is ns01 lance.png Brave Lance Dropped by enemy Paladin in Protecting Garreg Mach
Is ns01 bow.png Magic Bow Dropped by enemy Sniper in Protecting Garreg Mach

Marketplace data


Armory Armory Item Shop Item Shop Battalion Guild Battalion Guild

Name Stock Price
Is ns01 sword.png Iron Sword 520
Is ns01 sword.png Steel Sword 910
Is ns01 sword.png Silver Sword 1,410
Is ns01 sword.png Brave Sword Limited: 1 2,100
Is ns01 sword.png Killing Edge 1,470
Is ns01 sword.png Training Sword 260
Is ns01 sword.png Levin Sword Limited: 1 1,600
Is ns01 sword.png Armorslayer 1,450
Is ns01 lance.png Iron Lance 560
Is ns01 lance.png Steel Lance 910
Is ns01 lance.png Silver Lance 1,560
Is ns01 lance.png Brave Lance Limited: 1 2,220
Is ns01 lance.png Killer Lance 1,680
Is ns01 lance.png Training Lance 280
Is ns01 lance.png Javelin 700
Is ns01 lance.png Short Spear Limited: 1 1,600
Is ns01 lance.png Horseslayer 1,650
Is ns01 axe.png Iron Axe 600
Is ns01 axe.png Steel Axe 980
Is ns01 axe.png Silver Axe 1,740
Is ns01 axe.png Brave Axe Limited: 1 2,400
Is ns01 axe.png Training Axe 300
Is ns01 axe.png Hand Axe 750
Is ns01 axe.png Short Axe Limited: 1 1,750
Is ns01 axe.png Hammer 1,850
Is ns01 axe.png Mace 720
Is ns01 bow.png Iron Bow 560
Is ns01 bow.png Steel Bow 910
Is ns01 bow.png Silver Bow 1,560
Is ns01 bow.png Brave Bow Limited: 1 2,220
Is ns01 bow.png Training Bow 350
Is ns01 bow.png Mini Bow 680
Is ns01 brawling.png Iron Gauntlets 480
Is ns01 brawling.png Steel Gauntlets 640
Is ns01 brawling.png Silver Gauntlets 1,290
Is ns01 brawling.png Training Gauntlets 240
  • Note: The Battalion Guild will keep sellling anything not bought previously.


Main article: Chapter 14 (Three Houses)/Protecting Garreg Mach

From now on, your former students can give out seminars and participate in Faculty Training with you (now renamed Advanced Drills). In addition, if you recruited Lorenz in Part I, he has deserted you to side with the Empire. You can get him back later, though. Finally, due to lingering trauma from the five-year timeskip, Dimitri cannot grow his supports or participate in monastery activities until the end of Chapter 17. You also unlock unlimited Silver-grade weaponry and many B and A rank battalions at the armory and battalion guild respectively from now on. Since money is rather easy to farm and Smithing Stones are cheap as dirt, everyone should be armed with forged Silver weapons from now on.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

The Delusional Prince




Prince of Delusion


El príncipe trastornado

The deranged prince


Le prince irresponsable

The irresponsible prince


Der besessene Prinz

The possessed Prince


Il principe delirante

The delirious prince


망집의 왕자

Prince of delusion

Simplified Chinese


Paranoid prince

Traditional Chinese


Paranoid prince


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