Insurrection of the Seven

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The Insurrection of the Seven was a soft coup that happened within the Adrestian Empire that led to House Hresvelg losing it's political power and make House Aegir's the de facto ruler of the Empire.



Around Imperial year 1167, Emperor Ionius IX, Adrestia's emperor of the time, decided to push policies that would reform the Empire's power structure so it would be consolided into the imperial throne, a move which the rest of Adrestia's nobility didn't appreciate.[1] Due to the Emperor's actions, House Hrym revolted against Ionius's policies by attempting to defect to the Leicester Alliance through the assistance of House Ordelia, causing an insurrection the empire quickly supressed. House Hrym's main genetic line was wiped out in the aftermath[2] and adoptee/puppet leader was placed to fill their position, while House Aegir was given the actual task of governing said region.

Witnessing this chain of events, the empire's six great noble families (House Aegir, House Vestra, House Bergliez, House Hevring, House Varley and House Gerth)[3] grew wary of Ionius actions and feared he would attempt to seize complete control of the empire. As a result and, under the leadership of Duke Aegir and Marquis Vestra, the six noble houses clashed and wrested power from Ionius in imperial year 1171.[4] Thus, the incident was coined as the Insurrection of the Seven, taking into account all the noble houses who opposed the emperor reforms.[5]


Ionius IX lost the power struggle against and was rendered politically impotent, leaving Duke Aegir as the actual ruler of the Adrestian Empire up until Imperial year 1181.

As a result of the insurrection, Volkard von Arundel fled with his niece and Ionius IX's fourth daughter Edelgard to the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus as he hid the imperial princess's whereabouts to prevent having her turned into a political pawn,[6] where she met Faerghus' Crown Prince Dimitri in the city of Fhirdiad, the Kingdom capital. Meanwhile, Volkard's sister, one of Ionius's consorts and Edelgard's mother Anselma von Arundel fled in her own accord and seeked asylum in the kingdom as well through the support of Cornelia Arnim, Faerghus's Court mage.[7] Cornelia then later introduced Anselma to King Lambert, who quickly fell in love with her and made the emperor's former consort his wife in secret due to the fickle political climate of the Empire.

Lastly, Adrestia's House Nuvelle was abandoned by the other noble houses during the Dagda and Brigid War in 1175 due to having supported Emperor Ionius IX during the insurrection. This led to most members of House Nuvelle to end up slaughtered by the combined forces of Dagda and Brigid bar their eldest daughter Constance and having their lands destroyed. The six noble families then declared the end of House Nuvelle and stripped their only remaining survivor of all of her benefits.[8]


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Insurrection of the Seven



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