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Familiar Scenery

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This article is about the chapter of Three Houses. "Familiar Scenery" is also the name of Part 1 of Chapter 7 of Book III of Heroes.

Familiar Scenery

Ss fe16 chapter 2 mural.png
Mural used to introduce the Harpstring Moon.


Garreg Mach Monastery

New units

Ferdinand, Linhardt, Caspar, Bernadetta, Dorothea, and Petra Blue LionsGolden Deer; Felix, Ashe, Sylvain, Mercedes, Annette, and Ingrid Black EaglesGolden Deer; Lorenz, Raphael, Ignatz, Lysithea, Marianne, and Leonie Black EaglesBlue Lions; Hilda Blue Lions; Yuri, Balthus, Constance, and Hapi*



So, we are taking children into battle, are we? I am not certain I will be able to sleep soundly after beholding something like that...
— Sothis

Familiar Scenery (Japanese: 追懐の風景 Remembered Scenery) is the second chapter of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Its mission is Red Canyon Dominance.


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Main article: Familiar Scenery/Script (Golden Deer)

Seteth explains that the monthly mission is to rout a group of bandits in order to give the students practical experience in combat. After a month of studying and training, on 5/31 the Church locates the bandits in the Red Canyon Zanado and dispatches the students to wipe them out. Despite the students being disturbed by their first kills, Byleth succeeds in their mission and defeats Kostas once again, this time for good. Afterwards, Sothis expresses recognition of the Red Canyon and the feeling that something about it has changed, although she cannot recall what. If Byleth is a member of the Golden Deer, Claude wonders why Zanado is called the "Red" Canyon since none of the scenery is colored red. After Byleth's return, Rhea recounts how the goddess of Fódlan granted a divine revelation to Saint Seiros.

Calendar - Harpstring Moon

Harpstring Moon
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Story Event Is ns01 story event.png
Chapter starts here
2 3 4
5 6 7 8 9
Annette's Birthday Is ns01 birthday yellow.png
10 11
Free Day (Forced Explore) Is ns01 free day.png
Lots of Large Fish Is ns01 fishing.png
Bonding Bites Is ns01 meals.png
Instruct Is ns01 instruct.png
13 14 15 16 17 18
Free Day (Forced Battle) Is ns01 free day.png
Raphael's Birthday Is ns01 birthday yellow.png
Instruct Is ns01 instruct.png
20 21
Saint Macuil Day Is ns01 special day.png
22 23 24 25
Free Day (Forced Seminar or Rest) Is ns01 free day.png
26 27
Mercedes's Birthday Is ns01 birthday yellow.png
28 29 30
Story Event Is ns01 story event.png
Eliminate the Bandits Is ns01 story battle.png

Character data

Black Eagles (part 1) Black Eagles Black Eagles (part 2) Black Eagles Blue Lions (part 1) Blue Lions Blue Lions (part 2) Blue Lions Golden Deer (part 1) Golden Deer Golden Deer (part 2) Golden Deer

New Units
Small portrait felix fe16.png
Talk to him with high enough Speed and Sword stats
Small portrait ashe fe16.png
Talk to him with high enough Charm and Lance stats
Small portrait sylvain fe16.png
Talk to him with high enough Charm and Reason stats, or if Byleth is female
Small portrait mercedes fe16.png
Talk to her with high enough Magic and Bow stats
Small portrait annette fe16.png
Talk to her with high enough Magic and Faith stats
Small portrait ingrid fe16.png
Talk to her with high enough Dexterity and Flying stats







Returning Characters

Small portrait byleth m fe16.pngSmall portrait edelgard fe16.pngSmall portrait hubert fe16.pngSmall portrait ferdinand fe16.pngSmall portrait linhardt fe16.pngSmall portrait caspar fe16.pngSmall portrait bernadetta fe16.pngSmall portrait dorothea fe16.pngSmall portrait petra fe16.png

The player can recruit students from other houses from this chapter until the end of Chapter 12 on the Silver Snow, Azure Moon, and Verdant Wind routes, or Chapter 11 on the Crimson Flower route. Their levels will be scaled up appropriately to their join time, and they will have certifications for individually pre-determined classes.

Item data

Name Obtainment Method
Is ns01 bullion.png Gold Monthly stipend
Is ns01 battalion infantry.png Jeralt's Mercenaries Quest reward: Leading the Charge
Is ns01 battalion infantry.png Church of Seiros Soldiers Quest reward: Leading the Charge
Is ns01 battalion infantry.png Seiros Mercenaries Quest reward: Leading the Charge
Is ns01 fish.png Teutates Pike Quest reward: Creative Cuisines
Is ns01 produce.png Morfis Plum (×2) Quest reward: Creative Cuisines
Is ns01 meat.png Duscur Bear Quest reward: Creative Cuisines
Is ns01 produce.png Chickpeas (×4) Quest reward: A Passion for Music
Is ns01 fish.png White Trout (×3) Quest reward: A Passion for Music
Is ns01 produce.png Peach Currant (×4) Quest reward: A Passion for Music
Is ns01 shield.png Leather Shield Quest reward: Troubling Rumors
Is ns01 sword.png Steel Sword Quest reward: Troubling Rumors
Is ns01 seed.png Root Vegetable Seeds (×5) Quest reward: Troubling Rumors
Is ns01 produce.png Chickpeas (×4) Quest reward: Feline and Canine Friends*
Is ns01 meat.png Poultry (×3) Quest reward: Feline and Canine Friends*
Is ns01 fish.png White Trout (×3) Quest reward: Feline and Canine Friends*
Is ns01 bullion.png Bullion Dropped by enemy Soldier in mandatory Practice Battle
Is ns01 key.png Chest Key Dropped by enemy Fighter in Red Canyon Dominance
Is ns01 bullion.png Large Bullion Chest in Red Canyon Dominance


Main article: Familiar Scenery/Practice Battle
Main article: Familiar Scenery/Red Canyon Dominance

From now on, you will earn a stipend determined by your professor level at the beginning of each month. This month, you unlock the ability to lecture your students on Mondays. There is an option to auto-instruct, but directly managing your students' progress results in a far stronger squad. You may also recruit students from other houses if your stats are high enough. As a rule of thumb, Dorothea and Ignatz (authority) and Felix (swords) can generally be recruited rather naturally, as if you simply focus on Byleth's strengths like any other unit, you will cater to the stats that they value. If you want anyone else, you're going to need to make a long-term commitment to raise the appropriate skills and raise their support level with gifts and meals and such to sway them to your side. Don't expect to recruit everyone on your first try. Also note that Hubert and Dedue will never abandon their houses due to personal loyalty to their respective lieges and Hilda will never join the Black Eagles. True to his skirt-chasing character, Sylvain can be instantly swayed to your party if Byleth is female. He's a little on the slow side, but he gets a Relic weapon and he fits nicely into the Dark Knight class.

The 11th is a forced monastery exploration day, the 18th is a forced auxiliary battle, the 25th is a choice between a seminar or a rest, and the 31st is the monthly battle. You can also complete quests to unlock battalions, choir practice, and cooking. Battalions can be attached to any unit, can be used to trigger the Gambit command for a free uncounterable attack, and run off the authority and charm stats. Choir practice lets you build supports with two other units, gives you faith and authority points, gives students in your class faith points, and gives you professor points. Cooking is the successor to tonics from Awakening and Fates, giving you and your allies a small temporary stat boost until the end of the month. On Sundays, you may now hold seminars, do auxiliary battles, and rest. Auxiliary battles are basically skirmishes that allow you to grind, although this costs you your entire day off on Hard and Maddening difficulty. Seminars allow a teacher to lecture your students and improve their skills. If Byleth is not the one holding the seminar, they will always be in attendance. Resting gives your students +50 motivation (enough for two sessions of instruction) and restores 5 durability to the Sword of the Creator once you get it. Make good use of them all.


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

Familiar Scenery




Remembered Scenery; alternatively "Scenery of Remembrance".


Un paraje conocido

A well-known place


Une impression de déjà-vu

A sense of déja-vu


Ein Gefühl der Vertrautheit

A Feeling of Familiarity


Uno scenario familiare

A familiar scenery


추회의 풍경

Recalled scenery

Simplified Chinese


Scenery in memories

Traditional Chinese


Scenery in memories


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