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Familiar Scenery/Script (Blue Lions)

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White Clouds
Harpstring Moon

Familiar Scenery

Opening Narration FETH Blue Lions symbol.png

Ss fe16 chapter 2 mural.png
In honor of the saints whose births or deaths took place under this moon, the people perform music once beloved by those divine beings. Whether by harp, by flute, or voice alone, joyous melodies are shared between farmers as they sew their seeds across the vast plains of Tailtean and Gronder.
— Chapter 2 opening narration

Event - The Fugitive Bandits

Date: 5/1
Advisory Room

(Byleth & Dimitri are reunited with Seteth.)
Seteth: As you have already been notified, your mission is to subdue some bandits. Our students have been learning about combat through study, but this is a precious opportunity to provide them with practical experience. The knights will support your mission and are prepared to offer their assistance if necessary.
Seteth: In short, this is no mock battle. You must be prepared for anything. You will receive a message from the knights when it is time to depart. Until then, use your time wisely.
(Seteth leaves.)
Dimitri: This will be our first true battle. I'm looking forward to fighting alongside you, Professor.

Choice 1 Choice 2
As am I. I'm a bit concerned.

Dimitri: During the mock battle, your commands were thoughtful and thorough, as was your strategy. With you on our side, I'm confident we will prevail. It seems we have some time to spare before our departure. Let's use this opportunity to prepare as best we can.

Captain's Quarters

Jeralt: You seem well. Are you adjusting to life at the monastery?

Choice 1 Choice 2
I think so. Not quite.
Jeralt: Oh? I didn't expect that answer. (Support points with Jeralt go up.)
Jeralt: Well, I didn't expect it would be easy on you.

Jeralt: When we were mercenaries, I handled everything. Outside of battle, you didn't have much contact with people, did you? I thought being thrown into a swarm of noble brats to teach would be a bit much for you. But I guess I was wrong/right to worry.
Jeralt: By the way, I heard about those bandits. Your first assignment is to take them out, right? That's fairly routine for you by now, but don't forget it's the first real taste of battle for those brats. It'll be tougher to sleep at night if you let one of your little pupils die, so stay vigilant and lead them well.
Jeralt: I wish I could offer you my support, but Lady Rhea won't allow it. For now, I'll try to figure out what she wants from you. I don't mind you settling into your life here, but don't let your guard down. Ever.

Exploration: Familiar Scenery

Potential Dates: 5/11, 5/18 and 5/25

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Event: A True Battle

Date: 5/30
Entrance Hall

(Byleth and the rest of the Blue Lions receive Dimitri's news.)
Dimitri: Professor. I just got word from the knights that the last of the thieves have been cornered.
Ingrid: Just as planned. They're in Zanado, the Red Canyon.
Ashe: We certainly can't allow those underhanded thieves to get away. Let's work together and do our best to take them down!
Dedue: It matters not who we're up against. They will not harm His Highness.
Felix: Hmph. We're just fighting common thieves, right? I don't expect much of a challenge.
Sylvain: Aren't you a spoilsport. I'm actually quite excited myself. Who knows... There may even be some cute lady thieves.
Annette: Hmm. Well, at any rate, a real battle is a great opportunity for us to see how far we've come.
Mercedes: True. The mock battle was a success. We'll be fine so long as we stay the course.
(The Blue Lions sans Dimitri leave to prepare.)

Choice 1 Choice 2
So much excitement...
(Byleth shows confidence.)
I hope everything turns out all right.
(Byleth shows worry.)

Dimitri: Perhaps we are a bit overly excited, but remember that we have the knights on our side. All should be well.
Dimitri: Ah! And speaking of the knights, I heard that Jeralt is once again one of the Knights of Seiros. Perhaps we'll have the good fortune of seeing you two fight side by side.

Choice 1 Choice 2
This isn't a game.
(Byleth gets serious.)
We've fought together many times.

Dimitri: Oh, of course. I apologize for letting my childish whims get the better of me. In all honesty, I'm a bit jealous. My parents are no longer around.

Choice 1 Choice 2
What do you mean? No longer around?

Dimitri: They...they died. Both of them. I'm all that remains of them now...
Dimitri: Anyhow. I'm sorry to bore you with such things. I'd say it's nearly time for us to depart. Eh, Professor?
(Byleth nods in agreement.)

Battle: Red Canyon Dominance

Date: 5/31
Zanado, The Red Canyon

Before Battle

Dimitri: The Red Canyon... This is the first time I have ever been here. It's like walking through a ruin. Let's get this battle out of the way, Professor. The thieves must have already been driven back.

Kostas: The knights chased us all the way here?!
Thief(1): Chief, let's get out of here! There's no way we can win against them!
Kostas: Shut your dumb mouth! Where would we go at this point? You can't be a thief if you fear death!

Player Phase 1

Dimitri: According to our information, there is a back road to the west. Let's split up and approach from the west and the front. If we advance cleverly, we attack from both sides and gain the advantage. I'll leave the rest to you, Professor. But before all else, we'll need to cross the bridge.

Blue Lions Kill a Thief


I know they are just thieves, but this never gets easier for me...
— Dimitri kills a thief


Still whole and sound, I hope...
— Dedue kills a thief


Finished already? I was hoping for more of a challenge.
— Felix kills a thief


I had to do it. Don't hate me, please.
— Sylvain kills a thief


If I'd hesitated, that...that would've been me.
— Ashe kills a thief


I hope the goddess blesses them to rest in peace...
— Mercedes kills a thief


I did it! See? I'm a great fighter!
— Mercedes kills a thief


I can't relax here. We need to prepare for our next battle!
— Mercedes kills a thief

Thief Holding a Key Attacks

Thief(2): We stole this treasure! It's all ours! There's no way we're gonna give it up to some knights!

If Kostas is Approached from the West

Kostas: Damn, they're coming from the west too! I can't stand these brats!

Boss - Kostas

Vs Anyone:

Sending these brats instead of the knights means they've underestimated me! Big mistake!
— Kostas Vs Anyone

Vs Byleth:

Y-you're... It can't be! The mercenary from before? So what, now you're pals with the knights? I'll kill you and your pesky brats!
— Kostas Vs Byleth

Vs Dimitri:

Kostas: Spoiled little noble! Just die like a good little rich kid!
Dimitri: Unfortunately for you, I will not oblige. You will regret all that you have done.

— Kostas Vs Dimitri

Death Quote:

I should have never listened to that idiot... What a mistake...
— Kostas's Death Quote

After Battle

Dimitri: We have defeated the thieves. We'll follow the knights' instructions for what to do next. You led us well, Professor.

Event - Memories of the Red Canyon

Byleth: ...

Choice 1 Choice 2
I remember this being a peaceful place...
(Support points with Sothis go up.)
Since when has it been called the Red Canyon...
(Support points with Sothis go up.)

Byleth: ...
Byleth: ?
(Byleth seems to remember being here before, somehow...)
Sothis: Hmm... I wonder why it is that you recall this place.
(Byleth is startled by Sothis's voice.)
Sothis: You must be weak of heart. Each time I speak, it scares you so.

Choice 1 Choice 2 Choice 3
I'm sorry. You surprised me. I'm not scared.
Sothis: Although the battle is at an end, do not feel too at ease. (Support points with Sothis go up.)
Sothis: Although the battle is at an end, do not feel too at ease.
Sothis: Do you think you can lie to me? It saddens me to know you wish to hide such things from me.

Sothis: Well, anyhow... I am quite fascinated by this place. As far as I can tell, this is your first time here...

Choice 1 Choice 2
Still, it feels familiar. Have you been here before, Sothis?
Sothis: How very odd. I wonder if somehow, my memories have... Hmm. Sothis: Here? I daresay it would be impossible to have forgotten such as place as this.

Sothis: I must admit I am unsure. Beyond the name and this strange feeling of familiarity, I can't seem to remember anything about this place. And yet...a great depth of emotion is tied to that sense of familiarity. Like joy and sorrow. Pain and love. And all things in between...
(Byleth looks around, curious...)
Sothis: If I was somehow here before, I wonder what took place...
(Dimitri suddenly arrives.)
Dimitri: Professor? We should return to the monastery soon. We're all ready for the journey.
(Byleth nods in agreement.)
(It seems only Byleth can hear Sothis's voice...)
Sothis: It is time to depart. But know that time reveals all things. One day, I will remember that which I have lost... Oh, by the way. It seems you've earned my gratitude. The thieves who came here are no more.

Choice 1 Choice 2
Why are you grateful? Why are you...

Sothis: I am not sure myself, yet I am grateful all the same. In any case... You must become accustomed to my voice! If you fall down with shock each time I speak, that just won't do.
(Byleth shakes head, disagreeing with Sothis's claim.)
Sothis: Oh... You think you're standing strong? Of course you are! It was a jest.

Event - First Mission

Entrance Hall

(Byleth and Dimitri return from their trip.)
Dimitri: We're finally back. I'll leave the report to Lady Rhea in your hands, Professor.
(Just then, Dimitri notices Edelgard alongside Manuela passing by.).
Dimitri: Huh... Edelgard.
(As Edelgard passes right behind Dimitri, he reaches out to her.)
Dimitri: Does the Black Eagle House have a mission to see to? Remember—on a real battlefield, one can never tell what's to come. You can never dismiss the possibility of the worst case scenario. Take care, Edelgard.
Edelgard: There's no need to state the obvious, Dimitri. But tell me... Why the concern? Perhaps you doubt my abilities? If so, your lack of insight is disappointing.
Dimitri: That's...not what I meant. If I've offended you, I hope you'll accept my apology.
Edelgard: Don't worry about it. Professor, we must hurry. Everyone's waiting on you.
(Edelgard leaves.)
Manuela: I suppose I should be off too. Try not to let her get to you, Dimitri. I promise you, there's no need for concern.
(Manuela leaves as well.)
Dimitri: Hmm...

Choice 1 Choice 2
Why are you so worried? Puppy love?
(Support points with Dimitri go up)
Dimitri: Hahaha! Now, that's a lark. I had no idea you had a sense of humor, Professor.

Dimitri: I'll tell you all about it...some other time.

Event - Report: Harpstring Moon

Audience Chamber

(Byleth is reporting their results to the Archbishop.)
Rhea: So, you have safely disposed of those bandits. I pray that their souls find salvation.
Rhea: But why did they target the students to begin with? We must further investigate the true cause of all that took place. Until we know more, I ask that you support the students and relieve them of any unnecessary worry.

Choice 1 Choice 2
Of course. I will do all that I can.
(Support points with Rhea go up)

Rhea: Good. I have high expectations for you.
Rhea: By the way, how was your time in Zanado? Legend has it, in ancient times, a goddess alighted upon this world in that very canyon. For a goddess from heavens, Zanado could only have been a temporary haven.

Choice 1 Choice 2
A goddess? A temporary haven?

(An image of multiple temples build over a canyon is shown as Rhea speaks. At the top of one of them, three unidentified figures watch over the location...)

Cg fe16 ancient civilization.png

Rhea: Long ago, the divine Seiros received a revelation from the goddess. A gift, to help the lost. The goddess is always watching over Fódlan from her kingdom above. However, in ancient times, the goddess graced this world with her presence and offered salvation to the people here. She is the mother of all life, the arbiter of every soul.
(The image dissapears.)

Choice 1 Choice 2
I didn't know. My father never told me.

Rhea: I see. During your time here, I pray that you come to devote yourself to the teachings of Seiros.
(Seteth suddenly interrupts the conversation.)
Seteth: Uh...Lady Rhea, I am sorry to interrupt. There is something I must ask about in regard to those bandits...
Rhea: As you wish.
(Rhea looks at Byleth.)
We shall continue our discussion when next we meet.
(Byleth leaves)


Sothis: A goddess... I have no memory of her. But then... I have no memory at all! Oh, how bothersome! It is as though I know...and yet I don't. Perhaps Zanado was my home back when the goddess walked the land.
Sothis: If so... What does that make me now? A ghost?

Choice 1 Choice 2
That must be it. I don't know.
Sothis: Are you simple?! That's impossible! I am most certainly alive. Sothis: Hmm... No. That cannot be. I am most certainly alive.

Sothis: Of course, we also have the mystery of why I'm here with you. Is it somehow connected? Perhaps some past regret is stopping me from moving on, and now I'm forced to stay with you instead... No, that's not it! I can't believe in such a meaningless existence! I... I...
(Sothis yawns loudly, then seems to fall asleep...)