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Unused content in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

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Numerous pieces of unused content have been found within the game data of Fire Emblem: Three Houses.


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Early tutorial text

There is unused tutorial text in the game, describing an earlier version of the monastery and its mechanics. Some of the terms used are different than those in the final game. It is probably for a demo version of the game.

Along with the Japanese text, there is fully translated text for English, German, Portuguese, and Italian. However, the French and Spanish translations of this text are unfinished and partially in English. The Spanish translation is almost complete, while the French translation is only about half done.

The following is the English text:

Welcome to the Garg Mach Monestary. Being Jeralt's
child is sufficient in terms of qualification. Be confident
as you instruct your students. I have high expectations for

Archbishop Rhea has tasked you with being a teacher at
the Garg Mach Monastery. Walk around the Monastery
and talk to all sorts of people.

Teachers choose one of 11 subjects to focus on each
month. When choosing a subject, consider both the
Talents of your students, as well as the extent of their
studies so far.

When you choose which subject to focus your instruction
on this month, base it on your students' aptitudes and
proficiency levels. The subject you choose will affect
the growth rate of any students you tutor.

Students will ask you questions after a lecture. These
queries often seem unrelated to the class... Still,
do your best to answer them. This will raise your
students' motivation, even if it's just a little.

Answer questions from your students. Their motivation
will change based on your answers, so consider carefully
what answer you give as it will affect their growth for
that month.

How well a student responds to tutoring largely depends
on the student's motivation, which means it's very
important for us as teachers to always be working towards
bringing out that motivation.

Tutoring is more likely to succeed the higher the student's
motivation is. Motivation changes by doing various
activities within the monastery, so check the student's
motivation before tutoring them.

Education is not limited to within the walls of the
monastery! You may assign extracurricular activities to
several students. We want them to gain experiences
they cannot get from a lecture.

Students who participate in extracurricular activities
will increase their motivation and their support level
with their fellow students.

Boy, this monastery sure is big... I hear you can trade with
other countries in the Market. It's almost like this
monastery is its own country.

It seems all sorts of things are sold in the Market. Visit the
Market and see for yourself.

Hmm, they're gonna let a newbie like you lead an army?
I'm gonna be watching how you command veeery closely.

You can now organize your Knights. If you deploy Knights
and head out to battle, you will be able to use Gambits.
Use the strengths of your Knights well when you take
them into battle.

People in the Officer's Academy are always dropping all
sorts of stuff. Like books, or stuff to write with... I'll never
be finished with cleaning up. And I like cleaning! I just
wish everyone would be careful with their stuff.

When you take an item back to the person who dropped
it, then your support level with 'em will increase. You can
raise your support level with somebody by giving 'em a gift
that they'd like too.

It's just a statue of a worldly saint that'll give you benefits
if you improve it. That being said, I suppose there's no
harm in getting its blessing.

You can raise various in-game parameters by strengthening
Saint statues. You can do this with Reputation points,
which you can earn by taking on missions from the
Bulletin Board.

It seems you've grown quite comfortable in your role as a
teacher. I've become very curious about the students in
your class.

You can interact with students in various ways within the
Monastery. Try walking around in the Monastery.

Hehe, your students are all quite interesting, aren't they?
I want to hear more about them.

Your support level with students will change due to
various activities within Monastery. Raising your support
level will trigger support events with that student.

Hmm... Just as this girl says, to teach others, you must also
learn for yourself. It should also lead you to discovering
new abilities

When you talk to people who aren't students, you can get
instruction from them. Receive lots of instruction, and
gain all sorts of skills.

Hmph, they pushed quite the dangerous task on you,
huh? Looks like every month, you'll have to collect as
much information as possible before you act.

Make sure you gather information from all sorts of people
in the Monastery in preparation for the next battle. Seems
there may be cases in which you're at a disadvantage in
battle if you haven't gotten all the information.

Professor, here's the roster of your students' names.
It also lists what subject they're especially
skilled in, as well as a little personal information,
so do be sure to use it for reference.

On the Roster screen, you can view information about
your students. Press the X Button to open the menu and
check it out.

If you don't know which to choose, why don't
you talk to the students again? You could aslo learn useful
information by talking to people other than the students.

Each student has their own Talents. Once you decide
on a House, just let me know.

Everyone expects a high level of leadership from us
teachers. Of course, interacting with your
students is what makes you a successful teacher.

You may increase your Instructor Grade by engaging in
activities around the Monastery. In addition to affecting
students' growth rate, your Instructor Grade also increases
the time available for activities within the Monastery.

Before you begin tutoring a student, compare their
aptitude to the topic you're focusing on for that month.
If they have an aptitude for it AND it's the topic for that
month, you should definitely see results.

If a subject is a student's specialty, or if it's the focus
subject for that month, the rate at which a student learns
will increase. Also, repeatedly tutoring them in the
same subject is more likely to be successful.

Oh, yeah... be sure to check the Bulletin Board too, okay?
There'll be requests from students, or other teachers, and
information about the Market. Handling some of those
requests allows you to use certain facilities, too.

Information on the Bulletin Board is updated frequently.
Taking on requests from the Bulletin Board will make it
possible to do more things around the Monastery. Be sure
to check the Bulletin Board each and every week!

Don't forget, time flies! Make sure you have a plan so you
don't spend all of your time talking with your students
then suddenly realize it's the day of the mock battle,
okay, Professor?

Doing things around the Monastery requires
Activity Points. Those are displayed on the gauge at the
top of the screen. Keep an eye on the Bulletin Board and
your remaining Activity Points as you plan out your week.

The ability for a student to trust their teacher can
lead to a greater desire to learn. You should proactively
work to strengthen your bonds with your students
outside of class, as well.

Motivation is primarily raised by interacting with your
students. You are more likely to succeed when you teach a
student who possesses high motivation. Interact with your
students before teaching them!

Naturally, you, I, and Manuela each have
different strengths in education. And, so, when
a student makes a strong request, we do allow
them to transfer to a different House.

If you raise your support level with a student, you can
poach them from a different class to your own class. Look
to raising those support levels through activities in the
Monastery, or even in battle.

From this mock battle onwards, I'll have everyone
command knights in battle. Seeing as nearly all of you will
be commanding armies in the near future and all.

If a unit deploys Knights, it will be strengthened. Also, the
unit will be able to use Gambits, a technique executed
together with Knights.

You've got to let soldiers wounded in battle rest, of course.
Keep a constant eye on how many knights you've got left.

When you have Knights deployed and are attacked, the
might of your Knights is reduced. When the remaining
might reaches 0, the Knights will be wiped out. Watch
your Knights remaining endurance carefully.

If you command a troop of knights, you can launch a
gambit against the enemy. Use Gambits well to Rattle
the enemy. Just be careful not to exhaust your battalion
endurance, yeah?

Gambits have all sorts of effects, like area of effect attacks
or changing the terrain. If the Gambit is successful, the
enemy will become Rattled and be unable to move for
1 turn.

When launching an attack at the enemy, check to see if
there's an ally in a position to link up with. Especially
when launching a gambit, you should be doubly sure to
link up with an ally.

When multiple units are targeting the same enemy, a
linked effect will be triggered. If a linked effect is triggered
when executing a Gambit, you can inflict a great deal of
damage to the enemy.

When you pass a Certification Exam, you may become a
more advanced class. However, it will be difficult to pass
unless you've attained the required skills for that class.

When a person reaches level 5 or higher, they can take a
Certification Exam and change classes. Their chance of
passing the exam is proportional their Skill Level.

These are followed by several instances of "Sothis Message #", # being 26 through 150. Each number is used twice in a row.

Cut group tasks

Leftover text indicates there were plans for 3 more Group Tasks in the game which were never implemented. None of them specify which skills they would've enhanced.

Japanese English
Fishing Pond Management
Work together to manage the water quality of the fishing
pond and feed the fish.
Greenhouse Upkeep
Work together to clean the greenhouse and care for
the plants.
Food Procurement
Work together to forage and hunt in the nearby forests.

Trade destinations

There exists in the games files unused flavor text and UI elements relating to "trade destinations", potentially indicating that the traders around the monastery could be sent to specific locations and return with particular items. This text uses early forms of some names, and also references the location of Kupala, which was not mentioned in the game prior to the final wave of DLC. This text was removed from the files of every language in v1.0.2.

Note: any and all typos and incongruent names are as-written in the game's files.
Japanese English
A group of islands with abundant nature, floating in
Western Fódlan. They lack in production of arms and
goods, but they are excellent hunters and fishers, and are
well-known for their unique cuisine.
Land of Albinea
A vast land located Nothwest of Fódlan. They require
a variety of resources for development. There are lots of
famous foods that take advantage rich nature in the area.
Derdriu, The Aquatic Capital
The capital of the Regan Dukedom, and the central part of
the Alliance Territory. There are a lot of factories there,
and they leverage the port to produce and export goods to
build their wealth.
Fort Merceus
A fortified city, and the capital of the County of Bergliez.
Extremely rich in agriculture and fishing thanks to the
blessing of the fertile Gronder Field and Airmid River.
Arianrhod, The Fortress City
A fortress Kingdom city on the border with the Empire.
They put a lot of effort into military preparation, but it's
said that they have a surplus of equipment and due to their
non-agressive defense policy.
The great country to the East that has long been at war
with Fódlan. The throttle on trade was loosened when the
former king began his reign, and they now export many goods.
Sreng Region
A desolate region where the Sreng people live. It's said
that Zoltan, the master swordsmith, once lived there, so
there may be valuable weapons waiting to be discovered.
Fhirdiad, The Kingdom Capital
The capital of the Kingdom located in Northwestern
Fódlan. The study of magic is popular, and the people are
said to be skilled at crafts, but the surrounding lands are
Morfess, City of Sorcery
A desert city located far to the Southeast of Fódlan. The
climate is rough, but the study of magic is popular, and it's
said that their skill at weapons forging is also high.
County of Gloucester
A territory of the widest plains in the Alliance territory.
Agriculture and cattle-breeding are prosperous, and it's
said that County Gloucester himself uses them to develop
new foods.
Enbarr, The Imperial Capital
Capital of the Adrestian Empire that has a long history.
More people there than any other city in Fódlan, and it
also has a huge market that sells mostly food.
County of Varley
This area is lacking in water sources, which is rare within
the Empire. It's said that they forge precious weapons and
armor using the minerals taken from the Ogma mountains.
This area is just a part of the Alliance's Territory of
Margrave Edmund , but it's an autonomous region where
the mountain people life. They produce weapons and
armor, made with precious minerals.
Territory of Margrave Edmund
The region is almost entirely made up of coastal area or
islands, and trade with far-off areas is thriving. You may be
able to get something rare.
Land of Dagda
A vast land far west of Fódlan. Their weapons crafted with
unique skill are well known. They are hungry for meat
that you can only get in Fódlan.
UI element:
The trader has returned.
Visit them for new information.

Hunting expeditions

There remain names and descriptions for activities referred to as "Hunting Expeditions" or "Mounted Training". The descriptions imply that these activities would have provided meat resources, riding experience, and potentially fish resources. They were removed from the game's files in v1.0.2.

Japanese English
Mounted Training
Stay at locations outside the monastery and train.
Sometimes you'll hunt rabbits for food.
Garreg Mach Hunting Expedition
Hunt on horseback in the mountains surrounding
Garreg Mach. You can hunt pheasants as well as beasts.
Mid-to-long term Mounted Training
Ride over a number of days on horseback. Take a minimal
amount of food and hunt for the rest.
Canyon Hunting Expedition
March to the outskirts of the Red Canyon Zanado and
hunt. Sometimes rare beasts appear.
Long-distance Mounted Training
Ride on a long-distance expedition to train. Many unusual
beasts appear along the way.
Ogma[sic] Mountains Mounted Training
Train by marching on horseback over the treacherous
Ogma[sic] Mountains. Many unusual species of birds appear.
Gronder Field Hunting Expedition
Hunt on horseback in Gronder Field. You'll find many
beasts here for hunting that you wouldn't normally see.
Itha Plains Hunting Expedition
Hunt on horseback in Itha Plains. You'll find many
beasts here for hunting that you wouldn't normally see.
Great Plains Hunting Expedition
Hunt on horseback in the plains. You'll find many
beasts here for hunting that you wouldn't normally see.
Airmid River Crossing Expedition
Cross the rapids of the Airmid River to train. You'll find
many beasts and fish here for hunting that you wouldn't
normally see.
Sreng Area Hunting Expedition
Ride all the way to Sreng and hunt to train. You'll find
many birds here for hunting that you wouldn't normally see.
Margrave Edmund Territory Hunting Expedition
Ride to the Margrave Edmund territory to hunt. You'll
find many birds here for hunting that you wouldn't normally see.
Ochs Territory Hunting Expedition
Ride to the territories of Baron Ochs and hunt. You'll find
many birds here for hunting that you wouldn't normally see.
Evening Plains Expedition
A midnight ride through the plains that is long-distance
to train. You'll be able to hunt beasts that appear at night.
Evening Mountains Expedition
A midnight ride through mountainous terrain that is
long-distance to train. You'll be able to hunt birds that
appear at night.

Horse raising

There's some few text leftovers hinting a horse raising feature was meant to be in the game at one point. As there's few surviving text, it's unknown what it could have entailed.

Japanese English
騎乗訓練が終わりました 報告を聞きに行きましょう
Horse Raising
Training of the stable horses is complete. Visit the stables for new information.
Horse Raising isn't unlocked yet

Combined/Composite classes

A surviving batch of text plus an item asset reveals there was one more class type in the game called "Combined Class" at some point during development.

Japanese English
Composite Jobs have been unlocked!
Composite Job

More White Beasts in Silver Snow Chapter 21

Unused text strings indicate White Beasts would've spawned from the west and east strongholds in Silver Snow Chapter 21 rather than just from the south stronghold: this cannot be seen in the final game.[1]

Japanese English
東西の砦から翼ある獣が出現し続けている。 早めに押さえたほうがよさそうだな。
よし、砦を制圧できたな。 引き続き、他の砦の制圧も急ごう。
Winged beasts from the east and west—we should try to capture those strongholds quickly.
Excellent. We've secured a stronghold. Let us hurry and proceed to the others.
Only one stronghold remains.

Annette and Felix in Azure Moon Chapter 18

Unused dialogue indicates that Annette and Felix would have been able to betray Dimitri and be fought as enemies in Azure Moon Chapter 18, but this scenario was cut from the released version of the game.[2]


I won't let you pass! No matter who you are!
— Unused dialogue for an enemy Annette in Azure Moon Chapter 18.
There's someone I must protect! I won't step aside... Even if it means fighting you, Professor. Prepare yourself! I won't lose!
— Unused dialogue between an enemy Annette and Byleth in Azure Moon Chapter 18.
Mercedes: Can't you put an end to this nonsense and come home? I'll even bake some of your favorite treats!
Annette: I love your treats, Mercie. They taste great, and they're really good with piping hot tea... I would have liked to enjoy them one more time... But I'm sorry. I can't return home just yet.
Mercedes: Annie...

— Unused dialogue between an enemy Annette and Mercedes in Azure Moon Chapter 18.
Gilbert: Annette, throw down your arms! Would you really fight your father?
Annette: I can't do it, Father. I can't betray Mother and my uncle! If I have to defeat you, then so be it!

— Unused dialogue between an enemy Annette and Gilbert in Azure Moon Chapter 18.


Stand aside. There's something I must do.
— Unused dialogue for an enemy Felix in Azure Moon Chapter 18.
I'll relish cutting you down. No need for chitchat. Come at me!
— Unused dialogue between an enemy Felix and Byleth in Azure Moon Chapter 18.
Felix: So, the old man's dead...
Dimitri: Yes.
Felix: I'll cut you down. Prepare yourself, you damn boar!
Dimitri: Very well. Come at me, Felix!

— Unused dialogue between an enemy Felix and Dimitri in Azure Moon Chapter 18.
Felix: Sylvain, stand aside. My blade thirsts for his blood, not yours.
Sylvain: If that's so, then you oughta stand down. I don't want to fight you either!
Felix: Fine. Then we're at an impasse.

— Unused dialogue between an enemy Felix and Sylvain in Azure Moon Chapter 18.
Ingrid: Felix! Get a grip! We don't need to fight!
Felix: Out of my way, Ingrid. I must defeat him.
Ingrid: And then? What will become of you? You never have listened to reason!

— Unused dialogue between an enemy Felix and Ingrid in Azure Moon Chapter 18.

Lorenz in Verdant Wind Chapter 16

Unused dialogue indicates that Lorenz would have been able to betray Claude and be fought as an enemy in Verdant Wind Chapter 16, but this scenario was cut from the Verdant Wind version of the chapter.[3]

Claude: Aren't you gonna stand aside, Lorenz? Unless we win, the Alliance can't survive.
Lorenz: Even if that's so, to allow you past without a fight would be pure cowardice, I'm afraid.
Claude: You are one stubborn guy.

— Unused dialogue between an enemy Lorenz and Claude in Verdant Wind Chapter 16.

Ferdinand and Lorenz's Share a Meal Dialogue

There exist unused dialogue between Ferdinand and Lorenz which would've been used when both characters are invited to Share a Meal and have reached A-Support with each other, an impossible feat in the final product as their support chain ends up at B.

Lorenz: To share a table with you is a comfort in these difficult times.
Ferdinand: I feel precisely the same, Lorenz. Such cheerful moments give me the will to keep going.

— Unused dialogue between Ferdinand and Lorenz when invited to Share a Meal after reaching their A-Support.

Jeritza in Outset of a Power Struggle

Unused dialogue suggests that after version 1.1.0., Jeritza was at some point considered to appear in the Imperial Fort used for the Chapter 12 leading into the Crimson Flower route, but his appearance in it was cut for unknown reasons.[4]

  • Exploration: Outset of a Power Struggle

Jeritza: It's you.

Choice 1 Choice 2
What are you doing here? It's been a while.
Jeritza: I am an Imperial general. Jeritza: Shorter than you think.

Jeritza: I've seen you a number of times. In the Holy Mausoleum, the underground chamber, and the village...
Jeritza: Some know me as the Death Knight. It's a shame that I cannot fight you at present.

Unused Event variations

Silver Snow: Enemy Caspar and Linhardt in Fort Merceus

The Silver Snow Event "The Death Knight" has a trigger which adds Caspar and Linhardt right next to the Death Knight in a small scene if they're unrecruited, similar to how the Azure Moon/Verdant Wind counterpart of this event works. Interestingly, the dialogue used for both characters isn't strictly unused: the final game reuses these lines in the Verdant Wind route.[5]

Japanese English
ん、誰のこと……まさか、先生か!? 流石にこの要塞は落とせねえだろ。
Who are you talking about? You don't mean that professor, do you?! Doesn't matter. No one could take this fortress.
はあ……また面倒くさそうな話だね……。 僕は寝てますよ。
Ugh, sounds like a bother... I'll be taking a nap about now.

Azure Moon: Enemy Felix in Fhirdiad

The Azure Moon Event "Home" has a trigger in the very end which displays a small scene with Felix preparing to fight Dimitri if he's unrecruited.[6]

Japanese English
こうして貴様と、 斬り合う日が来るとはな……!
Are you coming, boar prince?
To think the day has finally come when we will cross swords...

Unused Part I Personal History

Both Gilbert and Jeritza (version 1.1.0 onwards) have Personal History written for their profiles in Part I. Through normal means, it is impossible to see it without hacking as both characters become playable only during Part II on the Azure Moon and Crimson Flower routes respectively.


Japanese English
Joins the Knights of Seiros.


Japanese English

Adopted as a foster child by House Hrym of the Empire.

Becomes a teacher at the Officers Academy on recommendation of House Hrym.

Unused Endings

There are a few unused endings in the game's script. First, a solo ending exists for Gilbert on the Blue Lions route should he be defeated during Part I in Classic Mode, which can't be seen normally as he joins only in Part II. Second, a paired ending for Byleth and Hilda exists in the game's data; this ending was intended for use on the Crimson Flower route, but, as Hilda can't be recruited in the Black Eagles route unless the player sides with the Church of Seiros, it cannot be seen in the final game. Finally, a placeholder ending string exist for paired endings.


Japanese English
1181年 竪琴の節
Wounded in the coup of Fhirdiad
Harpstring Moon, 1181.
Died of his wounds soon after the war.

Byleth, Wings of the Hegemon & Hilda, Free Spirit

Japanese English
[Byleth]とヒルダの婚儀が華やかに催さ れたのも束の間、アドラステア帝国軍と共に 再び“闇に蠢く者”との戦いが始まる。フォ ドラに真の平和をもたらすべく、二人は戦い 抜き、やがて戦乱は収束していった。 帝国軍を離れた二人は、ゴネリル公の領地で 暮らし始めたが、ヒルダは趣味である装飾品 作りが高じて職人養成学校を創設。フォドラ を救った英雄である夫を宣伝に使って生徒を 集め、盛況を博した。なお、彼女の発案によ り校内の広場には「妻に装飾品を贈られて歓 喜する英雄の像」が建てられていたという。 Almost immediately after Byleth and Hilda finished their gorgeous wedding ceremony, the struggle against those who slither in the dark began in earnest. They fought tirelessly to bring lasting peace to Fodlan, and afterward retired from the Imperial army to Goneril territory. Hilda's hobby of creating fashionable accessories bore fruit, and she leveraged her husband's reputation as a hero to create the first artisan academy in Fodlan. The school produced many talented craftsmen, one of whom created a statue that expertly captured the hero's delight at receiving the gift of a bracelet from his wife.

Placeholder Ending

Japanese English
This is a relationship that reaches support level A but has
no further developments.
Same as above
Same as above
Same as above
Same as above

Gameplay changes

Prior to the 1.0.2 update, there was unused data pertaining to the Maddening mode hidden in the game files, suggesting it was in development earlier, but needed to be polished before release.[7] Similarly, there is also a hidden Infernal mode in the game's data which is largely unfinished, and features stronger enemies to the ones seen in Maddening.[8]


Game Icon Level Might Weight Hit Crit Range Uses Worth Exp Other effects and notes
Dark Blutgang Is ns01 sword relic.png Swords E 13 7 80 0 1 20 ? ? Works as magical damage.
If the user does not have a Crest, deals 10 damage to user after combat.
Ridill Is ns01 sword black.png Swords C 11 11 80 0 1-2 50 ? ? Works as magical damage
Torch Is ns01 white magic.png Faith E -- -- -- -- 1-2 10 -- ? Increases Fog of War vision based on user’s Magic stat.

Game Icon Uses Worth Effects and notes
Combined Seal Is ns01 seal.png 1 ?? Allows a unit to attempt a combined-tier exam
Tomas's Staff Is ns01 staff.png -- ?? Weight: 0

Game Text
Dark Blutgang A sword created using ancient technology,
modeled after the Relic Blutgang.
Ridill This magical sword is the preferred weapon of
Priest Thales.
Torch On battlefields with limited vision, expand the
range of sight based on Mag.
Combined Seal Allows unit to take the certification exam for a
combined class.
Tomas's Staff TBA TBA


Map sprites

Ma ns01 bow knight ashe unused playable.gifMa ns01 great knight ferdinand unused playable.gifMa ns01 dark knight hubert unused playable.gifMa ns01 war master raphael unused playable.gifMa ns01 bow knight leonie unused playable.gifMa ns01 gremory lysithea unused playable.gif Several characters have sets of personalized map sprites for their playable appearance in Part II left unused in the finished game as they use generic map sprites instead.
Ma ns01 warlock hanneman unused playable.gif Hanneman has unused map sprites depicting him as a Warlock. While he has access to those classes in the finished game, he only uses generic map sprites.
Ma ns01 commoner jeralt playable.gifMa ns01 paladin jeralt playable.gif Jeralt also has map sprites depicting him as a Commoner and a playable Paladin despite only appearing as a NPC Paladin.
Ma ns01 flame emperor playable.gifMa ns01 death knight playable unused.gifMa ns01 king of liberation playable.gif

The Flame Emperor, enemy Death Knight and King of Liberation classes have maps sprites for playable versions despite being enemy/NPC-exclusive.

Ma ns01 great lord dimitri unused enemy.gifMa ns01 saint unused enemy.gif Dimitri and Rhea have unique map sprites depicting them as enemies in the Great Lord and Saint classes respectively for the Crimson Flower route; in-game, Dimitri uses the same set of sprites he uses on all other routes while Rhea uses the Archbishop sprite for said class.
Ma ns01 trickster female enemy.gifMa ns01 war monk enemy.gifMa ns01 war cleric enemy.gifMa ns01 dark flier enemy.gif The Wave 4 DLC added sprites for generic NPC characters using the Trickster, War Monk & Cleric, Valkyrie and Dark Flier Classes. As only NPC male Trickster and Valkyries are used, the sprites for the female Trickster, War Monk, War Cleric and Dark Flier go unused.


Is ns01 battalion infantry black.pngIs ns01 battalion cavalry black.pngIs ns01 battalion armored black.pngIs ns01 battalion flying black.png Several Battalions item sprite are left unused due to no Battalion using them.
Is ns01 minor mystery crest.pngIs ns01 minor crest of ernest.pngIs ns01 minor crest of macuil.pngIs ns01 minor crest of noa.pngIs ns01 minor crest of aubin.pngIs ns01 minor crest of timotheos.pngIs ns01 minor crest of chevalier.pngIs ns01 minor crest of flames.png Several Crests icons are left unused due to not being assigned to any characters.
Is ns01 axe black.pngIs ns01 bow black.pngIs ns01 brawling silver.pngIs ns01 brawling black.pngIs ns01 gem silver.pngIs ns01 gem black.pngIs ns01 ring silver.pngIs ns01 ring black.pngIs ns01 shield black.png Several Items sprites variants are left unused due to no item being assigned to the belonging category, primarily Agarthan variants.
Is ns01 white magic silver.pngIs ns01 white magic relic.pngIs ns01 white magic black.pngIs ns01 black magic silver.pngIs ns01 black magic relic.pngIs ns01 black magic black.pngIs ns01 dark magic silver.pngIs ns01 dark magic relic.pngIs ns01 dark magic black.png Item sprites variant also exist for white magic, black magic and dark magic spells despite none of them being used.
Is ns01 weakness brawling.pngIs ns01 weakness white magic.pngIs ns01 weakness black magic.pngIs ns01 weakness dark magic.png Sprites used to denote a monster's weakness also exist for brawling, white magic, black magic and dark magic spells despite none of them being used.

S-support illustrations

Seteth, Flayn, Catherine and Cyril have a variation of their S-support illustrations depicting Byleth with darker hair. For plot related reasons, this is only possible on the Crimson Flower route, the only path where Flayn leaves the party and the others can't be recruited.


Portrait placeholder fe16.pngSmall portrait placeholder fe16.png Like previous games, Three Houses has a blank placeholder portrait. The small version of the portrait is used in-game by active Viskams in Zoom View.
FETH Miklan's thieves banner.png Among the many banners used to indicate unit affiliations lies the flag used by Miklan and his thieves, which goes unused as his army uses the generic enemy icon instead.
Generic small portrait trickster female fe16.pngGeneric small portrait war monk fe16.pngGeneric small portrait war cleric fe16.png Similar to the sprite situation, the Wave 4 DLC added portraits for generic NPC Trickster, War Monk/Cleric, Valkyrie and Dark Flier Classes, some of which can't be seen in normal gameplay as no NPC character ever uses them.
FETH Greenhouse Upkeep unused.png FETH Food Procurement unused.png FETH Fishing Pond Management unused.png

Icons for the three scrapped Group Tasks can still be found among the game's files.


Several unused skills are present in the game's code.

Icon Skill name Effect Activation Description Notes
Is ns01 fistbreaker.png Fistbreaker +20 hit and avoid when activated. If the target is brawling equipped and the user has a bow equipped Grants Hit/Avo +20 when using a bow against brawlers. While linked to a Bow skill level of B in the files, it is inaccessible in gameplay.
Is ns01 white magic crit +10.png White Magic Critical +10 +10 critical rate when active. If user has white magic equipped When using white magic, Grants Crit +10 .[sic] --
Is ns01 dark magic crit +10.png Dark Magic Critical +10 +10 critical rate when active. If user has dark magic equipped When using dark magic, Grants Crit +10 .[sic] --
Is ns01 lance avo +20.png Lance Avoid +20 +20 Avoid when active. If user has a lance equipped When using a lance, Grants Avo +20 .[sic] --
Is ns01 infantry effect null.png Infantry Effect Null Negates bonus damage targeting Is ns01 eff infantry.png infantry units. -- Cancels effectiveness against infantry units. --
Is ns01 dragon effect null.png Dragon Effect Null Negates bonus damage targeting Is ns01 eff dragon.png dragon units. -- Cancels effectiveness against dragons. --
Is ns01 effect null.png Effect Null Negates all bonus damage against the unit. -- Cancels all types of effectiveness. --
Is ns01 black magic uses x4.png Black Magic Uses x4 Multiplies the maximum uses of all of the unit's black magic spells by ×4. -- -- --
Is ns01 white magic uses x4.png White Magic Uses x4 Multiplies the maximum uses of all of the unit's white magic spells by ×4. -- -- --
-- Air of Intimidation -- -- -- --
-- Path of the Conqueror -- -- -- --
Is ns01 mastermind.png Discipline Doubles skill experience gain. -- Doubles skill experience earned in battle. Same effect, description, and icon as Mastermind.


There are two unused Crests in the game's code.

Icon Crest name Effect Activation Description Notes
N/A Crest of the Forge ?? ?? A blacksmith's Crest. Can be attached to forged weapons. Possibly meant to let enemies use forged weapons. Currently unknown if it has any actual functionality.
N/A Agarthan Crest ?? ?? The Crest of Agartha. This Crest is engraved into weapons created with ancient technology. Currently unknown if it has any actual surviving effects.


Several unused battalions are present in the game's code.

Icon Battalion name Gambit Description Notes
?? Ancient Cavalry Assault Troop Long-dead cavalry, revived with the power of ancient technology. --
?? Ancient Sorcerers Resonant Flames Long-dead magic users, revived with the power of ancient technology. --
?? Ancient Wyvern Co. Lure Long-dead wyvern riders, revived with the power of ancient technology. --
?? Bandit Pegasus Corps Disturbance A battalion of pegasus-riding bandits. --
?? Cliff Bandit Marksmen Disturbance Cliff bandits skilled with bows. --
?? Dark Wyvern Co. Disturbance Wyvern riders who accompany those who slither in the dark. --
?? Dominic Cavalry Assault Troop An order of knights belonging to House Dominic. --
?? Enhanced Heavy Co. Group Lance Attack Armored infantry, revived and enhanced with the power of ancient technology. --
?? Enhanced Sorcerers Resonant Lightning Once-dead magic users, revived and enhanced with the power of ancient technology. --
?? Enhanced Wyvern Co. Poison Tactic Once-dead wyvern riders, revived and enhanced with the power of ancient technology. --
?? Mysterious Magic Corps Group Flames Magic users of unknown identity. --
?? Pirate Marksmen Disturbance Pirates skilled with bows. --
?? Pirate Pegasus Corps Disturbance A battalion of pegasus-riding pirates. --
?? Rampaging Villagers Disturbance Villagers who have somehow lost their minds to an unexplained frenzy. --
?? Thief Marksmen Disturbance Thieves skilled with bows. --
?? Thief Pegasus Corps Disturbance A battalion of pegasus-riding thieves. --
?? West Church Archers Fusillade Archers devoted to the Western Church. --
?? West Church Knights Disturbance Secretive order of knights dedicated to the Western Church. --
?? West Church Pegasus Co. Disturbance A battalion of pegasus knights loaned to the Western Church by a noble. --

Other leftovers

Death Knight Mastery Skill (Enemy/NPC)

Game Skill Learning conditions
Ma ns01 death knight enemy.gif Heartseeker Class mastery. (??? class Exp required)

More defecting Black Eagles on Silver Snow?

On the Silver Snow version of Reunion at Dawn, if any Black Eagle student was defeated during Part I on Classic Mode, Edelgard in the Goddess Tower will mention some of them joined her side after the timeskip.[9] In spite of this, none of them make any new appearances for the rest of the route as the game considers the units death rather than unrecruited. This, plus the fact the event "The Death Knight" has triggers to make both Caspar & Linhardt appear as enemies if they're not considered recruited suggest that, at some point in development, any Black Eagles that had fallen in Part I on Classic Mode would have returned as enemies during Part II on the Silver Snow route before the feature in question was ultimately scrapped.

Unused Monastery Quest Voice Clips

Monica, Fleche, Judith and Rodrigue have unused voiced lines for monastery quests, suggesting all four characters were meant to have more interactivity during monastery exploration at one point in development.


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Playable Jeralt, Rhea & Sothis data

All three characters have full growths, stat caps and spell lists, as well combat, critical hit and level up quotes for when they're being deployed during battle,[10] with Jeralt in particular also having a second set of victory and critical hit quotes.[11] Jeralt and Rhea also have data for Tea Party, which in Rhea's case was unused up until version 1.2.0 of the game, which added a Quest in Chapter 5 that allows the player to invite her to Tea Party.

Small portrait sothis fe16.png
Ma ns01 sothis playable.gif Commoner
Level 1
Movement 4
Crest Crest of Flames
Recruitment: None. Unavailable without hacking.

Base Stats Growth Rates Max Stats

Inventory Abilities
-- --
Combat arts Spells Battalion
-- -- --
Skill Levels
Swords Lances Axes Bows Brawling Reason Faith Authority Heavy Armor Riding Flying
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Small portrait jeralt fe16.png
Ma ns01 commoner jeralt playable.gif Commoner
Level 1
Movement 4
Crest Crest of Seiros
Recruitment: None. Unavailable without hacking.

Base Stats Growth Rates Max Stats

Inventory Abilities
-- --
Combat arts Spells Battalion
-- -- --
Skill Levels
Swords Lances Axes Bows Brawling Reason Faith Authority Heavy Armor Riding Flying
-- Strength -- -- -- -- -- Strength -- Strength Weakness

Small portrait rhea fe16.png
Ma ns01 archbishop playable.gif Commoner
Level 1
Movement 4
Crest Crest of Seiros
Recruitment: None. Unavailable without hacking.

Base Stats Growth Rates Max Stats

Inventory Abilities
-- --
Combat arts Spells Battalion
-- -- --
Skill Levels
Swords Lances Axes Bows Brawling Reason Faith Authority Heavy Armor Riding Flying
Strength -- -- -- -- -- Strength -- -- -- --

Spell lists

Spell Learned at
Heal Faith D
Nosferatu Faith D+
Recover Faith C

Spell Learned at
Fire Reason E+
Bolganone Reason D
Ragnarok Reason A
Agnea's Arrow Reason A
Heal Faith D
Nosferatu Faith D+
Recover Faith C

DLC Mystery Girl

The 1.1.0 update for Three Houses, besides making Anna and Jeritza playable and adding preliminary data for the Ashen Wolves and Aelfric, added a new unknown character which was never properly finished. Hacking the game reveals said chatacter is a 17 year old girl with the Commoner class, her birthday is in January 1, her base stats and growths are exactly the same as Ferdinand and she's coded to call out voice clips that are absent in the final update. Interestingly, some of her data changed during updates; in version 1.1.0, she was affiliated with the Adrestian Empire and had a Minor Crest of Cichol; in version 1.2.0 however, her affiliation changed to the Church of Seiros and her Crest changed into a Major Crest of Flames. [12]

Unused Agarthan

There exist an unused member of "Those who slither in the dark" called Cleobulus in the character's data. They use a placeholder portrait, have the Warlock class and bear Agarthan Technology as their personal ability like most important members.[13] Judging by their location in the data, it's suggested they would have been fought in Silver Snow/Verdant Wind Chapter 20/21 before their appearance was scrapped.[14]

Small portrait placeholder fe16.png
Ma ns01 warlock playable.gif Warlock
Level 1
Movement 4
Crest --
Recruitment: None. Unavailable without hacking.

Base Stats Growth Rates Max Stats

Inventory Abilities
-- Agarthan Technology
Black Tomefaire
Black Magic Uses x2
Combat arts Spells Battalion
-- -- --
Skill Levels
Swords Lances Axes Bows Brawling Reason Faith Authority Heavy Armor Riding Flying
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Linked Attacks

In the game's code, Bernadetta and Dorothea have Linked Attack bonuses with Marianne and Hilda respectively. In the final game, the characters can't support with each other, meaning they cannot gain any stat bonuses when paired together.


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Unused Gronder Field and Fort Merceus (War Phase)

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There are unused variations for both To War at Gronder and Taking Fort Merceus, seemingly meant for a potential Chapter 17 and 18 respectively.[15][16]

The spawn data for the unused Gronder Field is 118 and for its script is 119, while for Fort Merceus they're 120 and 121 respectively. Both maps also have the exact same spawn data, and only the Black Eagles version was filled in any substantial way, which consist of generic NPCs. By comparison, the other routes are almost empty beyond hosting the basic script which allows the map to be loaded.[17]

Debug map

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