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Dark Seal

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Dark Seal

Is ns01 seal.png
Icon of the Dark Seal from Three Houses.

Allows unit to take the certification exam for a class that uses dark magic.



First game

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

The Dark Seal (Japanese: 闇魔法試試験パス Dark magic exam pass) is a class change item which is exclusive to Fire Emblem: Three Houses. It gives a unit a chance to complete a certification exam for an Dark Mage or Dark Bishop. Completing the exam grants the unit access to one of those two classes. After attempting the exam, regardless of whether or not it was passed, the seal will be used up.


Game Icon Uses Worth Effects and notes
Three Houses Is ns01 seal.png 1 ? Allows a unit to attempt to class change into an Dark Mage if they are Level 10 or higher, or a Dark Bishop if they are level 20 or higher.


Three Houses

Dropped by Part I: Chapter 4 mission, enemy Death KnightChapter 6 mission, enemy Death KnightChapter 8 mission, enemy Death KnightChapter 12 mission Black Eagles, if Byleth sides against EdelgardBlue LionsGolden Deer, enemy Death Knight
Part II Silver SnowAzure MoonVerdant Wind: The Face Beneath, enemy Death Knight
Part II Silver Snow: Chapter 17 mission, enemy Death KnightChapter 18 mission, enemy Death Knight
Part II Verdant Wind: Chapter 18 mission, enemy Death KnightChapter 19 mission, enemy Death Knight
Inventory Jeritza, Version 1.1.0 onward


Etymology and other languages

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Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Dark Seal --
Japanese 闇魔法試試験パス Dark magic exam pass
French Sceau obscur Dark Seal



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