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The Flame in the Darkness/Script (Black Eagles)

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Note: Some story events may be slighly modified depending on what characters have previously fallen in battle (Classic Mode only).

White Clouds
Red Wolf Moon

The Flame in the Darkness

Opening Narration FETH Black Eagles symbol.png

Ss fe16 chapter 8 mural.png
Hoarfrost now graces treetops and open fields alike, and an icy chill blown in from the north of Faerghus blankets the land. All of Fódlan's creatures begin to settle in for a long winter. The setting sun bathes the full winter coat of every wolf in a foreboding scarlet glow. Hunters can now spread the word that the red wolves are back on the prowl.
— Chapter 8 introductory narration

Event - A New Disaster

Date: 11/2

(Shamir and Manuela are discussing something.)
Shamir: That's what we're dealing with. Is there no chance it's an infectious disease?
Manuela: There are no absolutes in medicine, but the chances are extremely slim. Restless movements, fits of violence, becoming bedridden or even impossible to wake... With symptoms that varied, there are only a few possibilities.
Manuela: It's either a mixture of poisons or magic. And dark magic, at that.
(Byleth and Jeralt enter the conversation.)
Jeralt: You're talking about Remire Village, aren't you, Manuela?
Manuela: Oh my, if it isn't Jeralt. Tell me, what was the first thing you heard?
Jeralt: Everything after you mentioned that it's not likely it's an infectious disease. My child and I owe the people of Remire Village. If something's happening there, we must help them.
Shamir: We scouted the area ourselves. Speak with the knights. Hear what they have to say.
Shamir: I must go. Thank you for your help, Manuela.
(Shamir leaves.)
Manuela: You know, I'm more than willing to go with you to Remire Village... After all, I owe you my life. If you'd like, I bet we could even manage the mission all by ourselves. Just the two of us...

Choice 1 Choice 2
That's nice of you. I'm afraid not.
(Support points with Manuela go up.)
Manuela: Professor! A bit of a tease, are we? A girl could get used to this side of you.
(Support points with Manuela go down.)
Manuela: You're saying no? Well, aren't you just a great, big bore.

Jeralt: Nice try, but I'll be going to the village as well. Enough nonsense. It's time to move out.
Manuela: Ask you like. Good-bye, Jeralt. Good-bye, Professor.
(Jeralt and Byleth leave the room. They end up alone somewhere in the monastery.)
Jeralt: I'll be in my office making preparations. What about you? If you have the time, it would be helpful if you could go ahead and talk to the knights.
(Byleth feels dizzy and seems to hear a glass-shattering sound coming from their chest...?)
Byleth: ...
(Byleth faints and the screen goes black. Once reawakened, they find Jeralt had been watching them.)
Jeralt: Hey! What's wrong?

Choice 1 Choice 2
I'm OK. I just got a little dizzy.
(Support points with Jeralt go up.)

Jeralt: If anything feels off, return to the infirmary. No need to just grin and bear it. Got it?
(Byleth slowly stands up and nods to Jeralt.)
Sothis: Ugh... What could have caused such dizziness? I felt it too.
Sothis: Actually... I've felt that way before...

Event - Another Mystery

Date: 11/4
Dining Hall

(Edelgard and Hubert are together on the Dining Hall.)
Hubert: You look unwell. It's because of what happened, isn't it?
(Edelgard is annoyed.)
Edelgard: Don't speak of it aloud.
Hubert: You can't change the past. For now, all we can do is use it to our advantage.
Edelgard: I know that. I also know that I must steel myself to ascend the Imperial throne.
Hubert: Those preparations are going well. We... Someone is coming.
(Byleth enters the hall and greets their students.)
Edelgard: Professor, I heard about our mission for this month. Something terrible is happening in Remire Village. That's where you were when fate sent you our way. This feels...preordained.
Hubert: Are the knights making progress with their investigation?

Choice 1 Choice 2
I don't know. They are.
(Support points with Hubert go up.)

Hubert: If what is happening there is by design, there must be someone pulling the strings.
Hubert: There is the Death Knight, of course. And the mysterious mages who were implicated with the Western Church. They showed up when Flayn was kidnapped as well. And now there is another strange occurrence near the monastery...
Hubert: It seems an unknown organization hopes to make the monastery its stage for something.
Edelgard: Do you believe that all of these incidents are connected, Professor?

Choice 1 Choice 2
I do. I do not.
(Support points with Edelgard go down.)
Edelgard: That is the logical conclusion, but I'm not so sure.
(Support points with Edelgard go up. She's surprised.)
Edelgard: Oh? I'm surprised to hear you say that, but actually, I agree.

Edelgard: It certainly appears that all of the events surrounding the monastery are connected by a single thread. However... I think it's possible that it may just be a result of different motives overlapping.
Edelgard: Remember, Professor... If you think of people as simply enemies or allies, it may be impossible to grasp the truth.

Exploration: The Flame in the Darkness

Potential Dates: 11/9, 11/16 and 11/23

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Event - Village Tragedy

Date: 11/25
Entrance Hall

(Jeralt rushes towards Byleth. He's in a hurry.)
Jeralt: We've got to go. Now.

Choice 1 Choice 2
What's going on? OK.

Jeralt: The situation in Remire Village has changed drastically. We don't know much more than that. We're hearing reports that the villagers are killing each other. Some say houses are burning.
Jeralt: Regardless, we need to move.

Remire Village (Empire Territory)

(Jeralt, Byleth and the Black Eagles witness the chaos in Remire.)
(The village is burning and some villagers are in a frenzy, burning and killing whoever they can find, all while sporting white eyes and pulsating veins on their faces.)
Rampaging Villager (1): Kill! Kill! Ahhhh!
Rampaging Villager (2): Haha... Hahaha... Hrngyarhh!
Village Child: Help! Somebody, please help!
Jeralt: What's going on here...
Edelgard: This is horrific. It's even more revolting...more terrible than I expected.

Choice 1 Choice 2
I'm revolted too. It really is horrifying.
(Support points with Edelgard go down.)
Edelgard: That's not... Anyways, we can't focus on that right now. We must save this village.
Edelgard: Yes. We must find a way to save this village.

Hubert: True, but if we are not careful how we proceed, we will only increase the death toll.
Caspar: The villagers are all attacking each other! Let's knock them all out, one by one!
Linhardt: Always so reckless. You do know that if we mess up, we will either kill or be killed, right?
Ferdinand: Still, we cannot just stand here twiddling our thumbs and doing nothing!
Bernadetta: I'd r-really like to go home now...but there's no time for thoughts like that.
Dorothea: We have to help them!
Petra: I am waiting for your orders with full readiness.
(Edelgard notices something in the distance. As she talks out loud, everyone pays attention to her.)
Edelgard: Wait. Those people over there... They seem to be observing the chaos.
Edelgard: They must be behind this. Eliminate them and rescue all of the unafflicted villagers.
(Everyone nods in agreement. They're ready to take action.)

Battle: The Remire Calamity

Before Battle

Jeralt: There are some suspicious-looking ruffians out there, but our top priority is to rescue the villagers! Got it? I'll rein in the villagers who've turned violent. You focus on rescuing the others.

Player Phase 2

Edelgard: he one giving commands in the back... I'm certain that's Tomas, the librarian.

(The camera then focuses on Tomas, who lies far away and surrounded by enemies...)

A Rampaging Villager Attacks

Rampaging Villager: Kill! Kill!

A Healthy Villager is Saved

Villager(1): Th-thank you!

A Healthy Villager is Killed

Villager(1): Ahhhh!
Villager(2): Argh... No help came...
Villager(3): Urgh. I can't hold on any longer.
Villager(4): Goddess... Have you abandoned us?
Villager(5): No... Why?!
Villager(6): Aaagh! No...

Enemy Phase 2

Edelgard: Tomas, what are you doing here? Dare I even ask?

Tomas: I'm not Tomas. My name is Solon, the savior of all!

(Dark magic engulfs the librarian then briefly bursts out, drastically changing Tomas's appearance.)
(Even though he still shows an advanced age, his forehead is covered by veins and has grown considerably, one of his eyes appears to be fake, and his skin has turned pale as a ghost.)

Solon: What's the matter? So shocked you can't even speak? You were so easily fooled by my disguise...
Solon: I was hiding away in Garreg Mach to get the blood of that little girl called Flayn. With her blood, we'll be one step closer to realizing our goal.

(Suddenly, the Death Knight appears at the lower left side of the map with some backup.)
Death Knight: I'll have a bit of fun here too...

Jeralt: That's the Death Knight! He must be an ally of Tomas...or Solon, or whoever he is.

If no villagers have been saved so far...

Solon: They charge in without any plan whatsoever. Beasts, all of them...
Solon: The experiment is over. Kill them!

(Every healthy villager begins to collapse on the ground until none is left standing.)

Edelgard: Solon, what have you done?! You will not escape punishment!

Once There's No Healthy Villager Remaining

Jeralt: We've rescued as many as we can. Now it's time to capture Solon.

Sub Boss - Death Knight

Vs Anyone:

You are not the one I crave...
— Death Knight Vs Anyone

Vs Byleth:

My pleasure... Do your best to kill me with that blade...
— Death Knight Vs Byleth

Vs Edelgard:

Death Knight: What are you trying to do here?
Edelgard: You're the one who should be answering that question. Stay out of my way!

— Death Knight Vs Edelgard

Retreat Quote:

My blade craves their flesh... The weak will eventually die...
— Death Knight's retreat quote

If the Death Knight was Forced to Retreat

Edelgard: The Death Knight was just a distraction. Let's concentrate on killing Solon.

Boss - Solon

Vs Anyone:

You are but a savage, insignificant beast... Yet you think you can kill me?
— Solon Vs Anyone

Vs Byleth:

Ah, the cursed Fell Star... This will be a fine opportunity to measure your power.
— Solon Vs Byleth

Vs Edelgard:

Edelgard: Tomas! No... Solon. I will stop you.
Solon: What?! If you insist on turning your blade against me, then expect no mercy.

— Solon Vs Edelgard

Solon Has Been Defeated

Jeralt: Why have you gone after this village? What are you planning?
Solon: Heh, I could have conducted this experiment on any test subjects. Now that I have what I came for, I must bid you farewell.
(Solon teleports away.)

Death Knight I must go...
(The Death Knight teleports away as well.)

Jeralt: Wait! Damn it, he's gone...

Edelgard: We let him get away... I'll survey the village. There may still be enemies in hiding.

Event - The Flame Emperor Appears

Jeralt: It looks like we somehow managed to sort things out. And casualties were...kept to a minimum. They said they weren't picky about who they used as their "test subjects."
Jeralt: Because of them, the people of Remire Village...
(Byleth looks down in sadness.)
(Suddenly, a familiar voice is heard...)

Flame Emperor: There you are.

(Jeralt and Byleth look to the direction the voice came. The Flame Emperor is now standing in front of them.)
Jeralt: That armor. So, you're the Flame Emperor.
Flame Emperor: Yes. I believe you have met my subordinate, the Death Knight.
Jeralt: Oh, we've met him all right. But back to you. You're the one responsible for the destruction of this village.
Flame Emperor: Do not get the wrong idea.
Jeralt: What in blazes does that mean?
Flame Emperor: It is true that I am working with Solon. But that does not mean our objectives are the same.
Flame Emperor: Had I known they planned to do this, I would have stopped it. You have my word.
Jeralt: Your words are meaningless. Now, I'll have to insist you accompany us back to the monastery.
Flame Emperor: I cannot abide that. However, if you wish to join forces, I will hear your plea.

(Jeralt is flabbergasted.)
Jeralt: What?!
Flame Emperor: If left to their own devices, they will commit countless more violent acts like this one. Do you not wish to prevent that?
Flame Emperor: With the Sword of the Creator on our side, Solon would not be a threat...

Choice 1 Choice 2
I will join your cause. I must refuse.
(Byleth seems to accept the proposal with confidence...?)
Flame Emperor: You are lying. I can see that you cannot contain your fury toward me. Pity.
(Byleth rejects the proposal. They're angry.)
Flame Emperor: Pity. Though not unexpected.

Flame Emperor: Pray that you do not live to regret your choice.

(Hubert interrupts the conversation. He's in panic.)
Hubert: Jeralt, Professor! Have you seen Lady Edelgard?!
Jeralt: What's wrong, kid? Huh? Damn it!
(Teleporting sounds are heard. Byleth and Jeralt look again where the Flame Emperor once stood. The figure's gone.)
Jeralt: He's gone...

(As they return to the monastery, Jeralt and Byleth begin to talk alone.)
Jeralt: Hey. I've been meaning to talk to you.
Jeralt: Since coming to the've changed.

Choice 1 Choice 2
Changed? How so?

Jeralt: You've been angry since we first arrived in Remire Village. And you look so happy when you're instructing the brats. Before the monastery, I'd never seen you bear your emotions like that. Not once.

Choice 1 Choice 2
You might be right. It's thanks to the students.

Jeralt: Then perhaps it's a good thing we came to the monastery, if only so I could see your face lit up like that.
Jeralt: Or maybe there was never any reason for us to leave the monastery in the first place...

Choice 1 Choice 2
A reason to leave? Wasn't I born after you left the monastery?

(Jeralt realizes his mistake.)
Jeralt: Ah... I've put my foot in my mouth, haven't I? Though I suppose it may be nearly that time...
Jeralt: Come to my office when you next have a moment to spare. There's something I need to tell you.
(Byleth nods in agreement.)
Sothis: Just what was that about? I can't recall a time of old when you were at the monastery... I wonder what is hiding in the mist that is your past...

Event - The Mystery Deepens

Reception Hall

(After arriving at the Monastery, Byleth meets Edelgard once more.)
Edelgard: Professor, I don't know if this is appropriate to say, but...admirable work out there. I really believe we did all that we could.

Choice 1 Choice 2
I wish that were true. I wasn't strong enough.
Edelgard: Jeralt said the same thing. We must try to stay positive, even through the horror. Edelgard: No mortal is all powerful. We must try to stay positive, even through the horror.

(Byleth nods in agreement.)
Edelgard: I hear the so-called "Flame Emperor" appeared in Remire Village as well. Hubert told me that you spoke with him.

Choice 1 Choice 2
He said he wasn't involved in this incident. He asked me to join forces with him.
(Branch 1 of the script is followed.) (Branch 2 of the script is followed.)
Branch 1: If Choice 1 was picked...

Edelgard: And do you believe him, Professor?

Choice 1 Choice 2
I believe him. I don't believe him.
(Edelgard is surprised.)
Edelgard: Oh? But how can you trust someone without even knowing who they are? Even if his words are true, his objectives are still unclear.
(Edelgard agrees.)
Edelgard: That makes sense. It's hard to trust someone without knowing who they are or how they're connected to all this.

Edelgard: But if the Flame Emperor should someday reveal his true intentions... Maybe then he will appear before you without his mask, and you can look in his eyes and decide what you believe.

Branch 2: If Choice 2 was picked...

Edelgard: Really? Is that what you want, Professor?

Choice 1 Choice 2
I do. I do not.
(Edelgard is surprised.)
Edelgard: Oh? But how can you trust someone without even knowing who they are? Even if he wants you as an ally, his objectives are still unclear.
(Edelgard agrees.)
Edelgard: That makes sense. It's hard to trust someone without knowing who they are or how they're connected to all this.

Edelgard: If the Flame Emperor truly wishes to make use of your power... Perhaps someday he will appear before you without his mask, and you can look in his eyes and decide what to believe in.

Regardless of the choice...

(Monica shows up suddenly, looking for Edelgard.)
Monica: Edel! I need to ask you something!
(Monica then notices Byleth.)
Monica: Oh, I'm so sorry. Did I interrupt?
Edelgard: No, not at all. If you'll excuse me, Professor.

Event - Report: Red Wolf Moon

Audience Chamber

(Byleth reports to Rhea.)
Rhea: You did well handling that awful business in Remire Village. I am certain the goddess shares in our grief at the senselessness of that calamity.
Rhea: More importantly, I was shocked to hear that our own Tomas was actually a dark mage. I must reflect on our blindness.
Sothis: You surely must! You failed to notice that a rat was hiding in your home. Pathetic! Who are these wicked foes? How did Tomas escape your gaze?

Choice 1 Choice 2
Who are these villains? Why did Tomas come to the monastery?

(Seteth begins explaining.)
Seteth: Tomas came to the monastery 40 years ago, by recommendation of House Ordelia of the Alliance. Around eight years ago he went back to House Ordelia before returning to the monastery once again just last year. After having worked at Garreg Mach for decades, why would he betray us now? Just what did he hope to accomplish?
Seteth: Jeritza became a professor at the Officers Academy because of a recommendation from the Imperial nobility. Supposing that he is the Death Knight, that means that our enemy is an organization that has taken root in at least two territories.
Rhea: In the long history of the Church of Seiros... No, long before even that... There have been an endless number of threats to the peace of Fódlan. Yet, those who oppose us still operate in the shadows, their identities a mystery.
Rhea: I believe that Solon and the Death Knight are merely one part of a much larger whole.
Sothis: A threat to Fódlan's peace? That means we have no choice. We have to stop them all!

Choice 1 Choice 2
What now? They must be stopped.
Seteth: Without knowing what their objective is, we cannot afford to act recklessly. The knights will investigate. For now, you and your class should focus on your training. (Support points with Rhea go up.)'
Rhea: I have truly come to rely on you. I believe that the monastery will remain safe so long as we have you.

Rhea: We do not yet know the enemy's objective or whereabouts. For now, please devote yourself to preparing for whatever comes next.

Seteth: That is all for today.
(Seteth leaves. As Byleth prepares to leave as well however...)
Rhea: Professor. Please wait. I know there is much that you still do not understand. However, one thing is clear. You possess great power. I believe that you are destined to be a source of great hope for all. In any case, I expect great things from you. Walk this world proudly, dear Professor.
Rhea: May the goddess Sothis protect you.
(Rhea's response shocks both Byleth and Sothis.)
Sothis: The goddess Sothis?! Is that what she just said?
Rhea: Is something the matter?

Choice 1 Choice 2
It's nothing. I had never heard the name of the goddess.
Rhea: I see. In that case, farewell. (Support points with Rhea go down.)
Rhea: I see. Sothis is the goddess's true name. Please do not use it carelessly. Farewell.

Sothis: Do not say something that we may regret! She... I... What exactly am I?
Sothis: For now, let's leave this place. Please... Go!
(Byleth leaves.)