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Portrait kel fe06.png
Kel's portrait in The Binding Blade.

A swordfighter defending Bulgar under Brunnya's orders.







Starting class


You'll what? Flee? Tell me, just where do you think you can hide?
— Kel, to Roartz

Kel (Japanese: ケル) was a Sacaen warrior, serving under General Brunnya of Bern during the Bernese occupation of Sacae. Brunnya tasked him with the protection of Roartz.

Stationed in Bulgar to take care of Roartz, upon learning of the approach of the Etrurian army headed by Roy, Kel suggested that Roartz fortify the interior of the Bulgar palace while he and his men attempted to slow down or stop the Etrurians on the outside. His efforts were unsuccessful and he was killed.

Kel was bound by a strong sense of duty and devotion as a subordinate to Brunya, even though he was not fond of Roartz[1], and expressed an almost fatalistic level of devotion to his service to Brunya as a warrior, having resigned himself to the inevitability of dying in battle[2].


Chapter 19B, Normal Chapter 19B, Hard

Portrait kel fe06.png
Ma gba swordmaster enemy.gif Swordmaster
Level 10
Max HP 42 Luck 11
Strength 17 Defense 11
Skill 23 Resistance 14
Speed 23 Constitution 9
Movement 6 Aid 8
Light Brand
Weapon Levels
GBARankSword.gif Yes check.png GBARankLance.gif X mark.png Axe X mark.png GBARankBow.gif X mark.png
GBARankAnima.gif X mark.png GBARankLight.gif X mark.png GBARankDark.gif X mark.png GBARankStaff.gif X mark.png


Battle quotes

I am Kel. Behold my I swing it for the last time.
— Kel.

Death quotes

This is the fate...of all swordsmen...
— Kel.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
The latter is an unusual Romanization used in the most proliferated, albeit now outdated, fan translation patch; up-to-date versions of the fan translation use the former name.
Japanese ケル Kel


Small portrait kel fe06.png Sprite Gallery
Portrait kel fe06.png Swordmaster
Bs fe07 enemy swordmaster sword.png


  1. "Soldier: ...That coward is the high chancellor of Etruria? Why does he deserve our protection?
    Kel: It's not as if General Brunnya cares for the man. She is obligated to protect him because he turned to our side. Wretched though he may be, we have a duty to fulfill.
    " — A soldier and Kel, Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade
  2. "General Brunnya has ordered me to protect you. And so I shall, to the very limits of my ability." — Kel, Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade

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