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Fire Emblem: Hasha no Tsurugi

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Fire Emblem: Hasha no Tsurugi

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Cover of volume 1.


Kōtarō Yamada


Hiroshi Izawa



Fire Emblem: Hasha no Tsurugi (Japanese: ファイアーエムブレム 覇者の剣 Fire Emblem: The Champion's Sword) is a manga based on Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade, released exclusively in Japan. The manga spans eleven volumes, released between April 2002 and October 2005, and 45 chapters. Hasha no Tsurugi was written by Hiroshi Izawa, illustrated by Kōtarō Yamada, and published by Shueisha.[1]

Unlike other manga based on the Fire Emblem series, which adapt the events of the games, Hasha no Tsurugi features an original plot that happens concurrently with the events of The Binding Blade, with a new main cast, though several characters from the game are supporting characters or make cameo appearances. Later chapters of the manga also reference elements from the game's successor, Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade.

The manga chronicles the adventures of Al, a 15-year old youth who quickly becomes entangled in the Disturbance of Bern alongside his companions Gant and Tiena, as he uncovers a conspiracy regarding his past.


Title Release date and chapters ISBN
Volume 1: Brave Youth (勇気の少年)
FEHT 01.jpg
JPApril 4, 2002 4-0887-3244-8
  • Chapter 1: Brave Youth
  • Chapter 2: Graizel Prison
  • Chapter 3: Chad's Revenge
  • Chapter 4: Castle of Betrayal
Volume 2: World's Finest Knight (世界一の騎士)
FEHT 02.jpg
JPSeptember 4, 2002 4-0887-3324-X
  • Chapter 5: Promise
  • Chapter 6: The Princess Who Rode a Pegasus
  • Chapter 7: World's Finest Knight
  • Chapter 8: I Won't Let Anybody Die
Volume 3: For Lycia! (リキアのために!)
FEHT 03.jpg
JPJanuary 6, 2003 4-0887-3376-2
  • Chapter 9: The Mercenary Kruzard
  • Chapter 10: For Lycia!
  • Chapter 11: The False Decisive Battle
  • Chapter 12: Friends Will, Someday...
Volume 4: Cross the Sea (海を越えて)
FEHT 04.jpg
JPMay 1, 2003 4-0887-3430-0
  • Chapter 13: Cross the Sea
  • Chapter 14: The Depths of Hell
  • Chapter 15: Mass Escape
  • Chapter 16: The Swordsman Kilmar
Volume 5: Dominion (覇道)
FEHT 05.jpg
JPSeptember 12, 2003 4-0887-3513-7
  • Chapter 17: Governor-General's Offense and Defense
  • Chapter 18: "A Man Who Isn't a Man"
  • Chapter 19: Twin Swords of a Vow
  • Chapter 20: Dominion
Volume 6: Fire Emblem (炎の紋章)
FEHT 06.jpg
JPJanuary 5, 2004 4-0887-3558-7
  • Chapter 21: Shining Castle
  • Chapter 22: Fire Emblem
  • Chapter 23: The Price of Power
  • Chapter 24: A Ray of Hope
Volume 7: Resurrection (再誕)
FEHT 07.jpg
JPMay 1, 2004 4-0887-3602-8
  • Chapter 25: Towards the Utopia!!
  • Chapter 26: The Sage's Examination
  • Chapter 27: Resurrection
  • Chapter 28: Shaken Kingdom
Volume 8: Deathmatch in the Sky, Agony on the Ground (天の死闘、地の苦闘)
FEHT 08.jpg
JPSeptember 3, 2004 4-0887-3657-5
  • Chapter 29: Battle in the Holy Royal Palace
  • Chapter 30: Deathmatch in the Sky, Agony on the Ground
  • Chapter 31: The Last Lie
  • Chapter 32: Inviting Nightmare
Volume 9: Eternal Siblings (永遠の兄妹)
FEHT 09.jpg
JPJanuary 5, 2005 4-0887-3763-6
  • Chapter 33: Father and Mother
  • Chapter 34: Spear of Vengeance
  • Chapter 35: Eternal Siblings
  • Chapter 36: Rapier
Volume 10: Dragon's Roar (竜の咆哮)
FEHT 10.jpg
JPMay 2, 2005 4-0887-3813-6
  • Chapter 37: Royal Palace's Assault Team
  • Chapter 38: Binding Blade
  • Chapter 39: Dragon's Roar
  • Chapter 40: Indelible Flame
Volume 11: Separate Ways (それぞれの道へ)
FEHT 11.jpg
JPOctober 4, 2005 4-0887-3868-3
  • Chapter 41: Invitation from the Shadows
  • Chapter 42: Father and Child
  • Chapter 43: A Mother's Wish
  • Chapter 44: One Heart
  • Chapter 45: Separate Ways



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