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The Misty Isles

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The Misty Isles

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Fog of war

New units

Fir, Sin



We will return to Lycia as soon as we complete our mission here.
— Roy

The Misty Isles (Japanese: 霧にけむる島 Foggy island) is the ninth chapter in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. As part of the treaty with Etruria, the newly-reformed Lycian League Army is sent to the Western Isles to deal with the outlaws who are threatening the place.


Main article: The Misty Isles/Script

Having saved Ostia at the last moment by almost a miracle, Roy and his army prepared themselves for Bern's next moves. In the meantime, Eliwood, the only remaining power in Lycia, called the other marches to meet and decide the League's next actions. In these meetings, it was decided that Eliwood would become the Alliance's next leader and that Roy would lead the new Lycian army. This new Lycian Alliance Army was to only respond Bern's attacks.

However, Bern stopped attacking Lycia and maintained a neutral stance towards Etruria's offer of a truce. The situation was as if the war had altogether ended, and the Lycian people were slowly becoming more optimistic about their future.

At that time, Etruria called for Lycia's assistance. Bandits were raiding the Western Islands, an archipelago rich in minerals which was under Etruria's control. Lycian citizens were not content by this turn on the events, but since they needed the protection against Bern, there was no other choice but to send their army to the islands. Therefore, the Lycian army crossed Etruria and left the continent, arriving to Fibernia, one of the three main islands.

In the islands, though, they are already aware of this. As soon as Roy puts a foot in Fibernia, the leader of the bandits there, Scott, knows it. He calls his men and tells them to take advantage of the heavy fog to attack them from behind.

With the Lycian army ready for battle, General Cecilia approaches Roy a last time and apologizes for this situation. Roy tells her to give it no importance, but Cecilia cannot help but be worried; even the Etrurians themselves are dissatisfied with how the advisers are treating the Lycian army. Catching Cecilia's last words, Roy states his surprise to learn that this order does not come from the king himself. She confides that this order came from Lords Roartz and Arcardo, the latter of them being in charge of the mining operations in the islands.

Roy asks Cecilia how they can be giving orders. Cecilia asks Roy back if he remembers last year's tragedy. Roy replies that yes, he knew of Prince Myrddin's sudden death, adding that he had heard only good things of him. With a sigh, Cecilia confirms this, and explains that the death of his only heir left King Mordred in such a state that he became a shadow of what he was before. Lord Roartz took advantage of this, and nowadays, he is the one in charge of what goes in the castle. He has gone so far as to even keep the three Generals away from the king. She was only able to save Ostia due to Perceval's help, but now, there is nothing she can do.

His former student tells her not to worry; after all, all they have to do is to defeat the bandits. However, he feels uneasy about leaving Lycia without protection, and solicits Cecilia's help on this. She immediately agrees to take care of Lycia and Princess Guinivere.

Guinivere, who did not know of this, pleads Roy to stay at his side, but he informs her that the battles in the islands will be unpredictable, and thus, quite dangerous for everyone. Cecilia adds that she knows of Guinivere's wishes to stop the war, so she had already promised Roy to defend the princess at all costs. Guinivere then apologizes for her selfishness and, bidding him goodbye, leaves the islands with Cecilia as her escort. Roy readies his men and the battle starts.

Since the beginning it is quite clear that the Lycian army is more powerful than the bandits, so Scott calls for the help of a young girl called Fir. She asks him what is happening outside, and Scott informs her that brigands are attacking the villagers. He has sent his own men, but these bandits are pretty strong and the things are not looking good for the islanders. Outraged, Fir offers her help on the spot. Scott thanks her and adds that he asked the help of another guy, a nomad named Sin with a good bow arm who is already in the battlefield. Fir leaves at the moment.

Once she has left, one of the bandits asks Scott if he is sure to send a girl like her to a fight. Scotts nods, saying that once she is dead, her sword, a valuable katana known as the Wo Dao, will be theirs for selling and making a small fortune. Adding that it is the reason why he has been so generous with the girl, Scott sends the bandit out, with orders to grab Fir's sword as soon as she falls.

In the battlefield, Fir catches up with a man whom she believes to be Sin. The man confirms it and tells her that he already knows what is happening, so they should move out. After a short period of silence, Fir starts trying to make small conversation, and asks the nomad if he is also trying to protect people. Sin states he does not care for such things; he is simply paid to fight. Even more nervous now, Fir inquires what he is doing here, as he seems to be from Sacae. Sin replies that she seems to be from Sacae as well, to what Fir says that she is traveling to train, and then, she realizes he was not asking about her life. After another uncomfortable silence, Sin confides that he is looking for the granddaughter of his clan leader. His tribe fought against Bern and lost, and he left the battlefield to look for this girl under orders of the leader. Fir wishes him luck, and they start advancing towards the so called bandits, without knowing that the girl Sin is looking for and Fir's coach are in that very same group.

After defeating Scott, Roy remarks on how this battle seemed more like an ambush, and Merlinus states that they must have known of their arrival. It is quite clear to both of them that things are not like Etruria's government said. The young leader is clearly appalled at all the strange things that have happened since Bern started the war, but he immediately adds they must concentrate on one thing at the time. Nodding, Merlinus asks his liege where they are going to now.

Depending on the villages they visited, Roy decides to go either north, to save the enslaved miners, or west, to find the rebel group and collect information. Merlinus agrees with his master's choice, and the army follows suit.

Beginning log

After driving Narcian away from Ostia, Roy and company brace themselves for further attacks from Bern. However, Bern's belligerent movements toward Lycia come to an abrupt halt, as if to mock Roy and his caution. Bern also maintains a neutral position on an offer of a treaty from Eturia. Bern's sudden silence and lack of activity can only be described as eerie.

With Hector gone, Pherae is now the greatest power in Lycia. Eliwood summons the council of marquesses to Pherae to discuss FUTURE actions. It is decided that Eliwood is to lead the council of the Lycian League. A new Lycian Army is also to be established. This new army's purpose is not to take the offensive against Bern, but rather take a defensive stance for Lycia. Owing to his victory against Bern in Ostia, Roy was chosen leader of this new army. Gradually, the attitude and morale in Lycia begins to improve. People once again conduct business without fear, and they embrace a new optimism.

At this time, Etruria calls for Lycia's assistance. The kingdom needs help in restoring law to the Western Isles. Many outlaws make their bases there, and anarchy is said to rule. Many in Lycia are uneager to send their troops to the Isles to deal with bandits, but having received Eturia's aid in Ostia, they have no choice but to oblige. Thus, Roy and the Lycian Army pass through Eturia toward the Isles.

The Western Isles are the numerous islands off the western coast of Elibe. Presently, they are colonies of Eturia. The Western Isles are rich in resources, so mining is a major industry here. However, these resources are worth a fortune. Inevitably, varied bands of rogues traveled there hoping to loot the mines. As such, the people of the Western Isles live in constant fear of bandit attacks. Roy is sent to vanquish these bandits...

Chapter data

Chapter Data
Unit Data
Victory: Seize the castle gate Player Partner Other Enemy Third
Defeat: Roy dies 13+2 {{{partner}}} {{{other}}} 27+25-2 {{{third}}}
Cm fe06 9.png

Character data

New Units
Portrait fir fe06.png
Enemy, talk to with Noah
Portrait sin fe06.png
Enemy, talk to with Sue
Returning Characters

Small portrait roy fe06.pngSmall portrait marcus fe06.pngSmall portrait alen fe06.pngSmall portrait lance fe06.pngSmall portrait wolt fe06.pngSmall portrait bors fe06.pngSmall portrait merlinus fe06.pngSmall portrait elen fe06.pngSmall portrait dieck fe06.pngSmall portrait wade fe06.pngSmall portrait lot fe06.pngSmall portrait shanna fe06.pngSmall portrait chad fe06.pngSmall portrait lugh fe06.pngSmall portrait clarine fe06.pngSmall portrait rutger fe06.pngSmall portrait saul fe06.pngSmall portrait dorothy fe06.pngSmall portrait sue fe06.pngSmall portrait zelot fe06.pngSmall portrait trec fe06.pngSmall portrait noah fe06.pngSmall portrait astolfo fe06.pngSmall portrait lilina fe06.pngSmall portrait gwendolyn fe06.pngSmall portrait barthe fe06.pngSmall portrait ogier fe06.png

Item data

Name Obtainment Method
Is gba killer bow.png Killer Bow Visit the first of the two northern villages
(Cannot obtain the below Restore, and obtaining locks the player into the northern route for the next two chapters)
Is gba restore.png Restore Visit the second of the two northern villages
(Cannot obtain the above Killer Bow, and obtaining locks the player into the western route for the next two chapters)
Is gba silver sword.png Silver Sword Visit the southern village
Is gba vulnerary.png Vulnerary Steal from enemy Pirate
Is gba antitoxin.png Antitoxin Steal from enemy Archer
Is gba antitoxin.png Antitoxin Steal from enemy Mercenary
Is gba vulnerary.png Vulnerary Steal from enemy Mage
Is gba vulnerary.png Vulnerary Steal from enemy Mage
Is gba antitoxin.png Antitoxin Steal from enemy Fighter
Is gba vulnerary.png Vulnerary Steal from Fir
Is gba antitoxin.png Antitoxin Steal from enemy Pirate (reinforcement)
Is gba antitoxin.png Antitoxin Steal from enemy Pirate (reinforcement)
Is gba antitoxin.png Antitoxin Steal from enemy Pirate (reinforcement)
Is gba antitoxin.png Antitoxin Steal from enemy Pirate (reinforcement)
Is gba antitoxin.png Antitoxin Steal from enemy Pirate (reinforcement)
Is gba antitoxin.png Antitoxin Steal from enemy Pirate (reinforcement)
Is gba antitoxin.png Antitoxin Steal from enemy Pirate (reinforcement)
Is gba antitoxin.png Antitoxin Steal from enemy Pirate (reinforcement)
Is gba antitoxin.png Antitoxin Steal from enemy Pirate (reinforcement)

Shop data

Armories and vendors

Swords Lances Axes Bows Anima Light Dark Staves Items Secret

Name Cost
Is gba slim sword.png
Slim Sword 480
Is gba iron sword.png
Iron Sword 460
Is gba steel sword.png
Steel Sword 600
Is gba iron blade.png
Iron Blade 980
Is gba steel blade.png
Steel Blade 1,250

Enemy data

Enemy Units
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes
Ma gba archer enemy.gif
Western Thief Archer 9 1 Steel Bow --
Ma gba archer enemy.gif
Western Thief Archer 11 1 Steel Bow Antitoxin --
Ma gba archer enemy.gif
Western Thief Archer 12 2 Iron Bow --
Ma gba archer enemy.gif
Western Thief Archer 12 2 Steel Bow --
Ma gba fighter enemy.gif
Western Thief Fighter 9 1 Poison Axe --
Ma gba fighter enemy.gif
Western Thief Fighter 9 1 Steel Axe Hand Axe --
Ma gba fighter enemy.gif
Western Thief Fighter 9 1 Hand Axe --
Ma gba fighter enemy.gif
Western Thief Fighter 11 1 Poison Axe --
Ma gba fighter enemy.gif
Western Thief Fighter 12 1 Steel Axe --
Ma gba fighter enemy.gif
Western Thief Fighter 12 1 Steel Axe Hand Axe --
Ma gba fighter enemy.gif
Western Thief Fighter 12 1 Poleax --
Ma gba fighter enemy.gif
Western Thief Fighter 12 1 Poison Axe Antitoxin --
Ma gba mage enemy.gif
Western Thief Mage 9 2 Elfire Vulnerary --
Ma gba mage enemy.gif
Western Thief Mage 10 1 Thunder --
Ma gba mercenary enemy.gif
Western Thief Mercenary 8 1 Iron Sword Antitoxin --
Ma gba mercenary enemy.gif
Western Thief Mercenary 10 1 Steel Sword --
Ma gba mercenary enemy.gif
Western Thief Mercenary 12 2 Steel Sword --
Ma gba pirate enemy.gif
Pirate Pirate 8 1 Steel Axe Vulnerary --
Ma gba pirate enemy.gif
Pirate Pirate 8 1 Hand Axe --
Ma gba pirate enemy.gif
Pirate Pirate 10 1 Steel Axe --
Ma gba pirate enemy.gif
Pirate Pirate 10 1 Hand Axe --
Ma gba pirate enemy.gif
Pirate Pirate 11 1 Poison Axe --
Ma gba berserker enemy.gif
Scott Berserker 5 1 Killer Axe Hand Axe --
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes
Ma gba myrmidon female enemy.gif
Fir Myrmidon 1 1 Wo Dao Vulnerary --
Ma gba nomad enemy.gif
Sin Nomad 5 1 Short Bow --
Ma gba pirate enemy.gif
Pirate Pirate 10 5 Steel Axe --
Ma gba pirate enemy.gif
Pirate Pirate 10 9 Hand Axe --
Ma gba pirate enemy.gif
Pirate Pirate 11 9 Poison Axe Antitoxin --

Boss data

Main article: Scott
Stats with two figures separated by a ~ are presented as a range, representing stats that vary due to random growths. The figures to the left and right of the ~ are the stat's minimum and maximum possible values respectively.[1]

Normal Hard

Portrait scott fe06.png
Ma gba berserker enemy.gif Berserker
Level 5
Max HP 42 Luck 5
Strength 12 Defense 11
Skill 9 Resistance 2
Speed 12 Constitution 15
Movement 6 Aid 14
Killer Axe
Hand Axe
Weapon Levels
GBARankSword.gif X mark.png GBARankLance.gif X mark.png Axe Yes check.png GBARankBow.gif X mark.png
GBARankAnima.gif X mark.png GBARankLight.gif X mark.png GBARankDark.gif X mark.png GBARankStaff.gif X mark.png


This section details unofficial strategies that may help with completion of the chapter. This may not work for everybody.

The first chapter of the second arc welcomes the player with a feature introduced in Thracia 776: fog of war. This feature covers all kinds of weather conditions that limit the vision in the battlefield, so, instead of being able to see the whole field as usual, the player will be limited to some squares. Thieves can see further, and there are also two items that improve sight in fog of war, the Torch and the Torch staff.

Recommended units for this chapter are magic users for dealing with the boss, sword-wielding units, Sue, and Noah. Those two are for recruiting Sin and Fir, respectively. If the player by any chance lost them in previous chapters or did not recruit them, Fir and/or Sin cannot be recruited by Roy. The map is shock-full of axe users, so it is a good place to train sword users; if the player is interested in Fir, it is better to bring a light sword for her, as it would be a waste to use the Wo Dao in this chapter.

The enemies present no problem other than their sheer numbers. If the player takes their time clearing the nearby forces, they will probably meet Fir in the upper middle island, and one or two turns later, Sin. The player should be careful when approaching Fir, as her sword gives her a good critical rate.

Between turns 12 and 20, two Pirates will emerge from the two forts in the southern little island, and between turns 16 and 20, a pirate from the northern lone fort will join them. A third of them wield Poison Axes, which will poison any unit they hit. Thankfully, their hit rate is quite low—a mere 50%—and some of them carry antitoxins on their inventories, so they are not a big threat. By the way, the only village that is in danger is the southern one, which will be destroyed in Turn 15. They hand out a valuable silver sword, so it is up to the player whether they go off course or not.

The boss, Scott, is a Berserker, which means a high critical rate. It is recommended to force him to use his Hand Axe; the Killer Axe—which has a better hit rate than the Hand Axe—and his critical rate could spell death to any unit. Sword-wielding units and magic users are the best option.

Once the boss is defeated, Roy can seize the castle and the chapter will end with one of two possible endings. If the second village—which hands over a Restore staff—is visited, the story will move to the second version, where Elffin and Bartre are available; otherwise, the player will experience the first version of the story, with Larum and Echidna as recruitable units.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

Island of Mists

Used in leftover text from the data transfer menu in the English version of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade.


The Misty Isles




Foggy island


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