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Latecomer's Sorrow

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Latecomer's Sorrow

Cm fe06 3.png


Castle Araphen and surroundings

New units

Chad, Lugh



Previous chapter(s)

Princess of Bern

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Crumbling League

We must recapture Castle Araphen for all of our sakes. ...And for Lilina's sake...
— Roy

Latecomer's Sorrow (Japanese: 後れてきた者 One who arrived late) is the third chapter in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. In this chapter, Roy must retake Castle Araphen, which was attacked and captured by two of Bern's elite generals, Brunnya and Narcian.


Main article: Latecomer's Sorrow/Script

Inside Castle Araphen, which has been taken by Bern's forces, General Brunnya comes to report King Zephiel they have captured the enemy leader. Zephiel praises the head of Lycia for having put such a good fight, but Lord Hector does not care for it and demands an explanation, as Bern and Lycia have always been on good terms. Zephiel explains that he must rule the whole continent if the world is to be liberated, and to achieve that, respect and such things have little value. Hector tries to get the man to say more, but Zephiel states that these things are of no importance for people who are going to die and orders to throw him into the dungeon.

Brennya requests permission to leave for Sacae. As Zephiel assents, she carefully suggests that they should not trust so much in Idunn, the shaman besides him. The soldiers are distrustful of her, even if she is said to have great powers. Before she can end the sentence, Zephiel calmly questions her trust on him. Noticing what she has done, Brunnya asks for forgiveness and swears to follow his orders. The general leaves then, and Zephiel quietly laughs at his own words, as if not believing what he has just said.

Outside the castle, Roy and his army have finally arrived to Araphen. There, they are contacted by a local child, Chad, who informs them that Lord Hector is still alive. Relieved by the news, Roy asks Chad if he knows the insides of the castle. Surprised, Chad asks if they are planning to rescue Lord Hector. Hearing Roy's affirmative answer, Chad decides to join them, his reason being revenge.

Guinivere is appalled at her brother's actions, but Roy states that she should not blame herself; their objective now is to save Lord Hector. With him safe, they can reunite the army and fight.

North from the castle, some children are talking with a priest. The oldest child, Lugh, thanks him for taking care of them, after the father in charge of their orphanage was killed. The priest assures him that the Elimine Church will care for them and asks what he is going to do. Lugh responds he still has some things to do, and says a heartful goodbye to the children, promising that Chad and he will catch up with them. Once the children are gone, though, Lugh mutters an apology, for his true intention is to fight against Bern.

Hearing noises outside, Zephiel asks Narcian what is happening. The general claims that the remnants of the Lycian army are trying to resist, which prompts Idunn to offer the dragons' help, to Narcian's dismay. However, Zephiel refuses, putting Narcian in charge of Araphen's defense, and leaves to Bern alongside Idunn, not before giving Narcian strict instructions of killing all who dare to fight back, including women and children.

Yet as soon as his king leaves, Narciantakes off as well; there is a gift waiting for him somewhere else. The newly appointed guardian of the castle, Slater, wishes him well and tells him to be careful; Narcian replies that Slater is the one who should be careful, as if he is defeated by the remaining Lycian forces, Narcian himself will punish him.

After having recaptured the castle, Merlinus finds Lord Hector in the dungeon. Roy is shocked at the horrible wounds of the marquess, but Hector shrugs them off and explains that they were ambushed by something nobody would have ever expected: dragons. The same dragons that were fought long ago by the Eight Heroes in The Scouring have been resurrected by Bern. He believes that the answer to how Zephiel is using the dragons lies in Bern itself and adds there is still hope, as there are weapons hidden in Ostia that are effective against those beasts. As Hector's speech slows down, Roy grows desperate. After telling the boy all he knows, the Marquess of Ostia, with his last breath, asks Roy to lead Lycia's forces and give support to Lilina, dying shortly after.

Beginning log

Just to the north of Pherae stood Castle Araphen. The Lycia Alliance was assembling here to discuss what to do about the danger approaching from the east. Roy hurried toward Castle Araphen as well, taking with him Princess Guinivere, a key being who make or break this war. However, when Roy had gotten within a day's march of the castle, a distraught messenger came rushing to him with grim news. "Two of the Three Dragon Lords of Bern, General Brunnya and General Narcian, have attacked Castle Araphen and decimated the Lycia Alliance Army..." Shocked by the report, Roy hurried toward Castle Araphen to find survivors and determine the damage that was done...

Chapter data

Normal Hard

Chapter Data
Unit Data
Victory: Seize Player Partner Other Enemy Third
Defeat: Roy dies 14 {{{partner}}} {{{other}}} 18+7 {{{third}}}
Cm fe06 3.png

Units are arranged based on their position in deployment order. If every unit is alive, the deployment order is: Roy, Marcus, Alen, Bors, Wolt, Lance, Merlinus, Elen, Wade, Lot, Dieck, and Shanna.

Character data

New Units
Portrait chad fe06.png
Iron Sword
Automatically from turn 1
Portrait lugh fe06.png
Visit the northern village
Returning Characters

Roy ​Marcus ​Alen ​Bors ​Wolt ​Lance ​Merlinus ​Elen ​Wade ​Lot ​Dieck ​Shanna ​

Item data

Name Obtainment Method
Is gba mend.png Mend Visiting the southern village
Is gba vulnerary.png Vulnerary Steal from enemy Knight
Is gba poleax.png Poleax Open left chest
Is gba gold.png 3,000G Open right chest

Enemy data

Stats with two figures separated by a ~ are presented as a range, representing stats that vary due to random growths. The figures to the left and right of the ~ are the stat's minimum and maximum possible values respectively.

Normal Hard

Enemy Units
Name Class Lv # HP Str/Mag Mag Skill Spd Lck Prf Def Res Cha Con Mov Inventory and Skills
Ma gba knight enemy.gif Bern Knight 2 1 17~18 5~6 2~3 0~1 0~1 9~10 0~1 13 4 Iron Lance
Moves to attack units in range.
Ma gba knight enemy.gif Bern Knight 3 1 18~19 5~6 2~3 0~1 0~1 9~10 0~1 13 4 Iron Lance
Moves to attack units in range.
Ma gba knight enemy.gif Bern Knight 3 1 18~19 5~6 2~3 0~1 0~1 9~10 0~1 13 4 Iron Lance Javelin Vulnerary
Does not move, except to heal.
Ma gba soldier enemy.gif Bern Soldier 5 3 22~24 4~6 1~2 1~2 0~2 0~1 0~1 6 5 Javelin
Ma gba soldier enemy.gif Bern Soldier 5 9 22~24 4~6 1~2 1~2 0~2 0~1 0~1 6 5 Iron Lance
The westernmost one within the castle and the one southwest of the throne and northwest of the chests move to attack units in range.
Ma gba soldier enemy.gif Bern Soldier 3 1 21~22 3~5 0~1 1~2 0~1 0~1 0~1 6 5 Iron Lance
Ma gba archer enemy.gif Bern Archer 2 2 18~19 4~5 3~4 3~4 0~1 3~4 0~1 7 5 Iron Bow
Moves to attack units in range.
Name Class Lv # HP Str/Mag Mag Skill Spd Lck Def Res Cha Con Mov Inventory and Skills
Ma gba fighter enemy.gif Bern Fighter 4 1 22~23 6~7 2~4 4~6 0~1 2~3 0~1 11 5 Hand Axe
Moves to attack units in range.
Ma gba fighter enemy.gif Bern Fighter 4 1 22~23 6~7 2~4 4~6 0~1 2~3 0~1 11 5 Iron Axe
Moves to attack units in range.
Ma gba knight enemy.gif Slater Knight 7 1 26 10 3 3 1 11 0 13 4 Steel Lance Javelin
Does not move; stands on a throne, the chapter's seize point.
Ma gba cavalier enemy.gif Bern Cavalier 1 2 20 5 2 5 0 6 0 9 7 Iron Sword
Ma gba cavalier enemy.gif Bern Cavalier 1 2 20 5 2 5 0 6 0 9 7 Javelin


  • On turn 3 enemy phase
  • Turn 3 enemy phase and enemy phase after Lugh is recruited; and turns 5, 10, and 15 enemy phases on Hard Mode

Boss data

Main article: Slater
Stats with two figures separated by a ~ are presented as a range, representing stats that vary due to random growths. The figures to the left and right of the ~ are the stat's minimum and maximum possible values respectively.[1]

Normal Hard

Portrait slater fe06.png
Ma gba knight enemy.gif Knight
Level 7
Max HP 26 Luck 1
Strength 10 Defense 11
Skill 3 Resistance 0
Speed 3 Constitution 13
Movement 4 Aid 12
Steel Lance
Weapon Levels
GBARankSword.gif X mark.png GBARankLance.gif Yes check.png Axe X mark.png GBARankBow.gif X mark.png
GBARankAnima.gif X mark.png GBARankLight.gif X mark.png GBARankDark.gif X mark.png GBARankStaff.gif X mark.png


This section details unofficial strategies that may help with completion of the chapter. This may not work for everybody.

This chapter presents two new units and two new classes: Chad, a thief, and Lugh, a mage. Thieves can use lockpicks to open chests and doors, as well as steal items from enemies' inventories. However, unlike Thracia 776 and Radiant Dawn, thieves here cannot steal weapons. The other new class, mage, is quite useful; most enemies in this game lack magical defense, so Lugh can wreak havoc even at his low starting level. Also, Lugh is the first new unit that can be missed (if the player does not visit the northern village).

The most difficult part of this chapter might be the beginning, as there are four soldiers and an archer near the starting point who will attack right away. One of these soldiers has a javelin; units with less defense, such as Elen or Chad, should be kept away until the first wave of enemies has been defeated. The player should send any of the cavaliers, Marcus, or Shanna to the northern village and recruit Lugh.

Once the first wave has been dealt with, this chapter becomes quite straightforward. The castle's walls will help; given the few space, enemies cannot attack en masse. Units with the most defense in the front, ranged attackers behind - that's all there is to it.

Reinforcements will arrive after Turn 3 and on the turn after Lugh has been recruited. The only problem with them may be their good mobility, as all of them are cavaliers.

Slater is a bit stronger than Ruud, but if the player forces him to use his javelin, the fight will be easier. Elen can heal, but she must be rescued. Recommended weapons are Roy's rapier, the armorslayer, Wade's hammer, and magic as well. Once Slater falls, Roy can seize the throne and the chapter will end.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

The Latecomer

Used in leftover text from the data transfer menu in the English version of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade.


Late Arrival
Latecomer's Sorrow




One who arrived late


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  1. Latecomer's Sorrow,, Retrieved: December 24, 2020
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