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List of characters in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade

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With a total of 54 available units, Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade is the GBA game with the greatest number of playable characters.

Routes and extra chapters can affect the units the player is able to recruit; some units cannot be recruited in the same playthrough, as they appear in different versions of the same chapter or are exclusive to a determined route. On the other hand, there is one character who can only be recruited by unlocking an extra chapter.

Playable characters

Main story

Portrait Name Class First appears in Joins in
Portrait roy fe06.png Roy Lord Chapter 1 Chapter 1
Portrait marcus fe06.png Marcus Paladin Chapter 1 Chapter 1
Portrait alen fe06.png Alen Cavalier Chapter 1 Chapter 1
Portrait lance fe06.png Lance Cavalier Chapter 1 Chapter 1
Portrait wolt fe06.png Wolt Archer Chapter 1 Chapter 1
Portrait bors fe06.png Bors Knight Chapter 1 Chapter 1
Portrait merlinus fe06.png Merlinus Transporter Chapter 1 Chapter 2
Portrait elen fe06.png Elen Priest Chapter 2 Chapter 2
Portrait dieck fe06.png Dieck Mercenary Chapter 2 Chapter 2
Portrait ward fe06.png Ward Fighter Chapter 2 Chapter 2
Portrait lot fe06.png Lot Fighter Chapter 2 Chapter 2
Portrait shanna fe06.png Shanna Pegasus Knight Chapter 2 Chapter 2
Portrait chad fe06.png Chad Thief Chapter 3 Chapter 3
Portrait lugh fe06.png Lugh Mage Chapter 3 Chapter 3
Portrait clarine fe06.png Clarine Troubadour Chapter 4 Chapter 4
Portrait rutger fe06.png Rutger Myrmidon Chapter 4 Chapter 4
Portrait saul fe06.png Saul Priest Chapter 5 Chapter 6
Portrait dorothy fe06.png Dorothy Archer Chapter 5 Chapter 6
Portrait sue fe06.png Sue Nomad Chapter 6 Chapter 6
Portrait zelot fe06.png Zelot Paladin Chapter 7 Chapter 7
Portrait trec fe06.png Trec Cavalier Chapter 7 Chapter 7
Portrait noah fe06.png Noah Cavalier Chapter 7 Chapter 7
Portrait astolfo fe06.png Astolfo Thief Chapter 8 Chapter 8
Portrait lilina fe06.png Lilina Mage Chapter 1 Chapter 8
Portrait barthe fe06.png Barthe Knight Chapter 8 Chapter 8
Portrait ogier fe06.png Ogier Mercenary Chapter 8 Chapter 8
Portrait gwendolyn fe06.png Gwendolyn Knight Chapter 8 Chapter 8
Portrait fir fe06.png Fir Myrmidon Chapter 7 Chapter 9
Portrait sin fe06.png Sin Nomad Chapter 9 Chapter 9
Portrait geese fe06.png Geese Pirate Chapter 10A or
Chapter 11B
Chapter 10A or 11B
Portrait gonzalez fe06.png Gonzalez Brigand Chapter 10A or
Chapter 10B
Chapter 10A or
Chapter 10B
Portrait klein fe06.png Klein Sniper Chapter 10B or
Chapter 11A
Chapter 10B or
Chapter 11A
Portrait thea fe06.png Thea Pegasus Knight Chapter 10B or
Chapter 11A
Chapter 10B or
Chapter 11A
Portrait larum fe06.png Larum Dancer Chapter 10A Chapter 11A
Portrait elffin fe06.png Elffin Bard Chapter 10B Chapter 11B
Portrait echidna fe06.png Echidna Hero Chapter 11A Chapter 11A
Portrait bartre fe06.png Bartre Warrior Chapter 11B Chapter 11B
Portrait raigh fe06.png Raigh Shaman Chapter 12 Chapter 12
Portrait cath fe06.png Cath Thief Chapter 6 Chapter 12, 16, 20A, 20B or 22
Portrait melady fe06.png Melady Wyvern Rider Chapter 2 Chapter 13
Portrait perceval fe06.png Perceval Paladin Chapter 8 or
Chapter 8x
Chapter 13 or
Chapter 15
Portrait cecilia fe06.png Cecilia Valkyrie Chapter 8 or
Chapter 8x
Chapter 14
Portrait sophia fe06.png Sophia Shaman Chapter 13 Chapter 14
Portrait igrene fe06.png Igrene Sniper Chapter 14 Chapter 15
Portrait garret fe06.png Garret Berserker Chapter 15 Chapter 15
Portrait fae fe06.png Fae Manakete Chapter 14 Chapter 15
Portrait hugh fe06.png Hugh Mage Chapter 16 Chapter 16
Portrait zeiss fe06.png Zeiss Wyvern Rider Chapter 14 Chapter 16
Portrait douglas fe06.png Douglas General Chapter 16 Chapter 16x
Portrait niime fe06.png Niime Druid Chapter 18A or Chapter 19B Chapter 19A or
Chapter 20B
Portrait juno fe06.png Juno Falcon Knight Chapter 20A Chapter 20A
Portrait dayan fe06.png Dayan Nomadic Trooper Chapter 19B Chapter 20B
Portrait yoder fe06.png Yoder Bishop Chapter 5 Chapter 21
Portrait karel fe06.png Karel Swordmaster Chapter 23 Chapter 23
There are 54* playable characters in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade.

Only playable in Trial Maps

Portrait Name Class First appears in Joins in
Portrait narcian fe06.png Narcian Wyvern Lord Chapter 3 Clear the game once.
Portrait galle fe06.png Galle Wyvern Lord Chapter 10B or
Chapter 11A
Clear the game twice.
Portrait hector fe06.png Hector General Chapter 3 Clear the game thrice.
Portrait brunnya fe06.png Brunnya Sage Chapter 3 Clear the game four times.
Portrait murdock fe06.png Murdock General Chapter 16 Clear the game five times.
Portrait eliwood fe06.png Eliwood Paladin Chapter 1 Clear the game six times.
Portrait zephiel fe06.png Zephiel King Chapter 3 Clear the game seven times.
Portrait guinivere fe06.png Guinivere Sage Chapter 2 Clear the game nine times.
There are 8 playable characters in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade that are obtained through Trial Maps.

Non-playable characters


Portrait Name Class First appears in Fought in
Portrait damas fe06.png Damas Fighter Chapter 1 Chapter 1
Portrait ruud fe06.png Ruud Knight Chapter 2 Chapter 2
Portrait slater fe06.png Slater Knight Chapter 3 Chapter 3
Portrait erik fe06.png Erik Cavalier Chapter 4 Chapter 4
Portrait dory fe06.png Dory Brigand Chapter 5 Chapter 5
Portrait wagner fe06.png Wagner Shaman Chapter 6 Chapter 6
Portrait debias fe06.png Debias Knight Chapter 7 Chapter 7
Portrait legance fe06.png Legance General Chapter 7 Chapter 8
Portrait henning fe06.png Henning Hero Chapter 8x Chapter 8x
Portrait scott fe06.png Scott Berserker Chapter 9 Chapter 9
Portrait nord fe06.png Nord Druid Chapter 10A Chapter 10A
Portrait zinque fe06.png Zinque General Chapter 10B Chapter 10B
Portrait scollan fe06.png Scollan Brigand Chapter 10B Chapter 10B
Portrait orlo fe06.png Orlo Bishop Chapter 11A Chapter 11A
Portrait roberts fe06.png Roberts Paladin Chapter 11A Chapter 11A
Portrait morgan fe06.png Morgan General Chapter 11B Chapter 11B
Portrait ein fe06.png Ein Manakete Chapter 12 Chapter 12
Portrait guerrero fe06.png Guerrero Berserker Chapter 12x Chapter 12x
Portrait flaer fe06.png Flaer Wyvern Lord Chapter 13 Chapter 13
Portrait randy fe06.png Randy Hero Chapter 14 Chapter 14
Portrait maggie fe06.png Maggie Berserker Chapter 14 Chapter 14
Portrait rose fe06.png Rose Berserker Chapter 14 Chapter 14
Portrait oates fe06.png Oates Sage Chapter 14x Chapter 14x
Portrait raith fe06.png Raith Paladin Chapter 15 Chapter 15
Portrait narcian fe06.png Narcian Wyvern Lord Chapter 3 Chapter 16
Portrait windham fe06.png Windham Bishop Chapter 16x Chapter 16x
Portrait arcardo fe06.png Arcardo Paladin Chapter 17A or
Chapter 17B
Chapter 17A or
Chapter 17B
Portrait martel fe06.png Martel Bishop Chapter 18A Chapter 18A
Portrait monke fe06.png Monke Nomad Trooper Chapter 18B Chapter 18B
Portrait sigune fe06.png Sigune Falcon Knight Chapter 19A Chapter 19A
Portrait kel fe06.png Kel Swordmaster Chapter 19B Chapter 19B
Portrait roartz fe06.png Roartz General Chapter 20A or
Chapter 20B
Chapter 20A or
Chapter 20B
Portrait tick fe06.png Tick General Chapter 20Ax Chapter 20Ax
Portrait thoril fe06.png Thoril Nomad Trooper Chapter 20Bx Chapter 20Bx
Portrait brakul fe06.png Brakul Druid Chapter 20Bx Chapter 20Bx
Portrait kudoka fe06.png Kudoka Nomad Trooper Chapter 20Bx Chapter 20Bx
Portrait marral fe06.png Marral Druid Chapter 20Bx Chapter 20Bx
Portrait kabul fe06.png Kabul Nomad Trooper Chapter 20Bx Chapter 20Bx
Portrait chan fe06.png Chan Druid Chapter 20Bx Chapter 20Bx
Portrait murdock fe06.png Murdock General Chapter 16 Chapter 21
Portrait galle fe06.png Galle Wyvern Lord Chapter 10B or
Chapter 11A
Chapter 21
Portrait peres fe06.png Peres Druid Chapter 21x Chapter 21x
Portrait zephiel fe06.png Zephiel King Chapter 3 Chapter 22
Portrait brunnya fe06.png Brunnya Sage Chapter 3 Chapter 23
Portrait jahn fe06.png Jahn Manakete Chapter 24 Chapter 24
Portrait idunn 03 fe06.png Idunn Demon Dragon Final Chapter Final Chapter