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Juda redirects here. For the boss from Genealogy of the Holy War known by this name among the fandom outside of that game's fan translations, see Judah.


FESoV Jedah.png
Artwork of Jedah from Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.







Hestia (daughter)
Marla (daughter)
Sonya (daughter)



Starting class


The hour is come for the world of man to return to the gods' control! It is the dawn of an age of fear and chaos, cradled in Duma's shadow!
— Jedah

Jedah (Japanese: ジュダ, Juda) is a cantor and major antagonist in Fire Emblem Gaiden. He became the highest ranking follower of Duma after ousting Halcyon, the previous high priest.[1]

Fire Emblem Gaiden


Jedah is one of the major antagonists of Gaiden's plot. His children, Marla and Hestia are also followers of Duma, though his youngest daughter, Sonya rejected the faith and fled to Zofia, and became associated with Grieth's pirates some time before the events of the game. Also before the events of the game, Jedah ousted the previous high priest, Halcyon.

Jedah is fought twice during the events of Gaiden, though he is only intended to be defeated in the final chapter. The first time he appears, in Act 4, merely to taunt Celica, as well as to show her a Mogall.[2]

His next appearance is in the final conflict of the game. Jedah fights alongside Marla, Hestia, Gharn, and Duma himself against Alm and Celica.

In both appearances, Jedah is protected by a powerful spell that makes him mostly immune to enemy attacks.[3]

Boss data

Boss: Act 4 Boss: Act 5

  • Jedah is only vulnerable to damage every four turns, otherwise he will not take damage from any attacks.

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia


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Jedah reprises his role as a major antagonist in the remake. Once again, he is fought twice and will only be defeated in the final chapter.

He also retains his spell that nullifies enemy attacks, which manifests in the Duma's Gift skill.

Boss data

Act 4 (Normal) Act 4 (Hard) Act 5 (Normal) Act 5 (Hard)

Personality and character

Jedah, while twisted, is apparently devout in his faith to Duma; he is willing to offer his daughters as sacrifices as a gift to Duma, being rewarded via empowerment[4] and he doesn't seem to have any other motivations for his actions. He has a somewhat arrogant personality, appearing before Celica to flaunt his power and his ability to summon Mogalls. He also persuades Celica into offering herself as a sacrifice for Alm's passage though the necrodragon infested mountains of Rigel.


Battle quotes

Jedah does not have any battle quotes in Gaiden.

I've no use for any of you save Anthiese. Now begone!
— Jedah in act 4
Sonya: Jedah!
Jedah: Well, if it isn't Sonya.
Sonya: You've no idea how long I've waited for this day. You stole the lives of my sisters and cursed them to become witches! I will avenge them with your blood!
Jedah: Their souls were offered to Duma freely, and both received endless bliss in turn. Only a fool would refuse to see a truth so plain. You are a burden to your wise sisters, and I shall relieve them of it now!

— Jedah to Sonya in act 4
Bow before Duma's eminence! Kneel before his awesome power!
— Jedah in act 5

Critical Quotes

Ignorant fool!
— Jedah
Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh...
— Jedah
— Jedah
You will suffer!
— Jedah

Death quotes

All glory...unto Duma...!
— Jedah's defeat voice clip in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia
You fools who know not Lord Duma's power... You will regret this...
— Jedah in act 4 and 5 of Gaiden
Keh heh heh... Your struggling is most precious. But I'll not end your meager little lives quite yet. Anthiese! You will ascend Duma Tower and join me at its pinnacle! ...Unless you wish to lose your precious Alm, that is.
— Jeah, if defeated in act 4
Aah... This cannot be... It mustn't... Lord Duma... My Lord...Duma...
— Jedah in act 5


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Jedah
Judah Used in the most recent Fire Emblem Gaiden translation.
Japanese ジュダ Officially romanized as Juda. Variant of Judah/Judas.
(Latin America)


Sprite Gallery
Portrait jedah fe02.png Cantor
Bs fe02 enemy jedah cantor magic.png
Black magic


  1. "Master Halcyon was the High Priest of Lord Duma. However, after a dispute with the cantor Jedah, he escaped here in defeat." - Male NPC in Sage's Hamlet, Fire Emblem Gaiden
  2. "Hehehe, cute critter, eh...? However, I didn’t expect you to kill it so soon." - Jedah, Fire Emblem Gaiden
  3. "Jedah is a terrible man.
    If you wish to fight him, there is but one way.
    4, 8, 12...
    Ugh—it’s too hard to—
    Je... Jedah's spell has...
    " - Male NPC in Sage's Hamlet, Fire Emblem Gaiden
  4. "Lord Jedah even went to far as to offer the Father his own daughters. Yes, it's true—Marla and Hestia both. In turn, the Father rewarded Lord Jedah with incredible magic." - Nuibaba explaining Duma's power to Berkut, Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia
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