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Sound Test of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light

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Sound Test Mode in use.

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The Sound Test Mode of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light plays sound effects and music of the game. It can be accessed after any chapter by pressing up, down, left, right, up, and then A after selecting not to continue after saving.

The sound test also has a few hidden features. Pressing start while in the sound room plays an endless test of battle animations that cycle through all animations with their compatible weapons. Pressing select while in the sound test will play the game's ending sequence.

Sounds appearing in the Sound Test Mode

Blank ones are omitted.
The sound test mode of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light
Sound No. Description and uses
1 Sound effect
2 Sound effect
3 Sound effect when an attack hits.
4 Sound effect
5 Sound effect
6 Sound effect
7 Sound effect
8 Sound effect when selecting a unit or something in a menu.
9 Sound effect when backing out of a menu.
10 Sound effect when moving the cursor.
11 Sound effect
12 'Roar' that plays when Medeus is defeated. Seems to be the same as 24.
13 Sound effect
14 Sound effect
15 Sound effect
16 Enemy phase battle theme. Dubbed "Adversary" in Shadow Dragon.
17 Plays when obtaining an item from a chest.
18 Plays when visiting a village.
19 Map opening theme. Dubbed "Trouble!" in Shadow Dragon.
20 Gotoh's theme. Dubbed "Gotoh, White Sage" in Shadow Dragon.
21 Map ending theme and Jeorge's recruitment theme. Dubbed "After the Battle" in Shadow Dragon.
22 Player phase battle theme.
23 Medley of the game's music. Plays during the epilogue, cast listing, and staff roll.
24 'Roar' that plays when Medeus is defeated. Seems to be the same as 12.
25 Sound effect
27 Sound effect
28 Sound effect
29 Sound effect
30 Sound effect
31 Sound effect
33 Sound effect
34 Sound effect
35 Movement sound effect for fliers.
36 Sound effect
37 Sound effect
38 Walking sound effect for units on horseback.
39 Walking sound effect for units on foot.
40 Map overview and enemy phase theme.
41 Title screen/class roll music with no intro.
42 A slow version of the title screen music, played during the character endings.
43 Title screen/class roll music with intro.
44 Plays when asked to save the game. Dubbed "Paean" in Shadow Dragon.
45 Armory/supply tent music. Dubbed "Vendor" in Shadow Dragon.
46 Boss battle theme. Dubbed "Stalwart Opposition" in Shadow Dragon.
47 Player phase map theme.
48 Plays when a playable character dies.
49 Game over music. The second part was dubbed "Requiem for the Brave" in Shadow Dragon.
50 Player phase theme for the final map. Dubbed "Showdown in Dolhr Keep" in Shadow Dragon.
51 Enemy phase theme for the final map. Dubbed "Last Revels" in Shadow Dragon.
52 Short music tune
53 Plays when recruiting an enemy unit. Dubbed "Come, Join Us" in Shadow Dragon.
54 Plays when four or less enemies remain. Dubbed "On the Path to Victory" in Shadow Dragon.
56 Sound effect
57 Sound effect
58 Sound effect
59 "Miss" sound effect.
60 "No damage" sound effect.
61 Sound effect
62 Sound effect
63 Sound effect
64 Sound effect
65 Sound effect
66 'Roar' similar to 12 and 24, sounds slightly different.
67 Sound effect
68 Sound effect
69 Sound effect
72 Arena entrance music. Dubbed "Arena" in Mystery of the Emblem.[1]
73 Vendor/secret shop music. Dubbed "Secret Shop" in Shadow Dragon.
74 Plays when using a staff. Dubbed "Magic: Heal Staff" in Mystery of the Emblem.[1]
75 Short happy musical jingle.
76 Class change music. Dubbed "Leaps and Bounds" in Shadow Dragon.
77 Medeus's battle theme. Dubbed "Medeus, Shadow Dragon" in Shadow Dragon.
78 Plays when a unit levels up.
79 Ending cutscene music. Dubbed "Pieces of Hope" in Shadow Dragon.

Battle test

When the battle test is activated, the game will run combat between every combination of class and equipped weapon, starting with a Cavalier with a Silver Sword. Classes and weapons cycle by internal order, as the class roll does. All units are level 1 and have 32 HP, 0 Luck, and identical stats. The terrain that is fought upon is randomly selected with no regard for the classes participating (e.g. Cavaliers in rivers and Heroes in the sky); the avoid bonus afforded by the terrain is randomly generated, from 0 to 15 excluding 6, with no bearing on the terrain.

The first battle is fought as if the player initiated it at close range, then the enemy at close range, then the player at far range, then the enemy at far range, skipping any if they are unavailable with the given weapon. Once complete, the enemy is then equipped with the next weapon in internal order; once the enemy has used every weapon available to the class, they shift to the next class; the player unit acts likewise. Once the final battle is complete, two Manaketes with Firestones, the game resets; this has the possibility to corrupt the second save file.[2]

When Manaketes are initially encountered in internal order, they are unequipped; Manaketes with Dragonstones are instead encountered last. Playable Priests and Bishops are first attacked, then they use the given staff on an ally of the same makeup as the previous enemy. Curiously, Mercurius and the Earthstone don't appear at all, but the unused Helarn staff does. The unused character "Wylar" appears as well.

Units do get experience and can level up; experience gain is normal with the exception of staff use, which grants a seemingly random amount of Experience each time a staff is used.

The names used by units in the battle test come from enemies and allies early in the game; they are always encountered in specific pairs listed below:

Ally Enemy
Marth Merach
Cain Grust
Abel Gomer
Jagen Wylar
Gordin Bandit
Draug Galder
Caeda Gazzak
Wrys Merach
Ogma Galder
Barst Grust
Bord Gazzak
Cord Wylar
Castor Gomer
Darros Bandit
Julian Navarre
Rickard Navarre


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