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Lost in Thoughts All Alone

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"Lost in Thoughts All Alone"

Album JBCZ-4017.jpg
Front cover of the album release. It depicts Renka, the performer of the Japanese version of the song.

Game(s) represented

Fire Emblem Fates

Catalog code
  • JBCZ-4017 (Basic edition)[1]
  • JBCZ-4016 (Limited Edition)[2]

B-Gram Records[1]

  • CD (Basic edition)[1]
  • CD and DVD (Limited Edition)[2]
  • ¥1296 (Basic edition)[1]
  • ¥1836 (Limited Edition)[2]

Hiroki Morishita[1]


Hiroki Morishita[1]

Release date

July 1st, 2015[1]

A brief excerpt of the English version of the song, featuring the chorus.

"Lost in Thoughts All Alone" (Japanese: if~ひとり思う~ if ~Thinking Alone~) is a major musical theme from Fire Emblem Fates which is frequently performed by the character Azura throughout the game's events. The original Japanese song was performed by Renka, who provides Azura's singing voice in the Japanese version of Fates, while the English version was performed by Rena Strober, Azura's English voice actress. In the Heirs of Fate DLC series, Yoshimasa Hosoya and Matthew Mercer, the Japanese and English voice actors of Shigure respectively, sing a fourth verse exclusive to the aforementioned series alongside Azura's respective voice actresses.

The Japanese version of the song received an album release shortly after the release of Fates itself, and also received a limited edition release. The album contains two versions of "Lost in Thoughts All Alone" itself as well as two other songs by Renka, and the limited edition adds a DVD with two music videos for "Lost in Thoughts All Alone", one of which is Fire Emblem-themed.


Fire Emblem series

Other appearances

  • Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U: Two versions of "Lost in Thoughts All Alone" were added to the game as part of Corrin's downloadable content package: the original lyrical version from Fates, shortened to roughly two-and-a-half minutes, and an instrumental, more energetic remix. In for Wii U, both are added as songs to the Castle Siege and Coliseum stages, while in for Nintendo 3DS, the remixed version is available to be played in the Smash Run mode.
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: The aforementioned versions of "Lost in Thoughts All Alone" have been reused in the game, appearing alongside a third remixed version that was added; all three are playable songs in Castle Siege, Coliseum, and Arena Ferox. Additionally, Corrin was given a new victory theme based on "Lost in Thoughts All Alone".



ユラリ ユルレリ
泡沫 想い 廻る 秤
伝う 水脈
その手が 拓く 未来は

光へ 手を伸ばす
水晶 柔く光散りて
独り 思う

ユラリ ユルレリ
泡沫 想い 廻る 秤
伝う 水脈
その手が 拓く 未来は

闇へと 進みゆく
黒曜 鈍く 崩れ落ちて
光去り行く 黄昏

選びしは 正しき道 すべてが
嘆きも笑顔も 悔いも夢も きっと
行く末に 迷い疲れ 流離い
茨をその身に 刻むもまた きっと

亡骸 埋もれ 狂い果てて
我が意を 誰が知るや

空蝉 描く夢
揺れる 面影
藍玉 淡く 光満ちて
あなたを ひとり 思う

ユラリ ユルレリ
泡沫 想い 廻る 秤
伝う 水脈
その手が 拓く 未来は

ユルレリ ユラリ

Japanese (Rōmaji)

Yurari yurureri
Utakata omoi meguru hakari
Tsutau minasuji
Sono te ga hiraku asu wa

Hikari e te o nobasu
Kegarenaki gin no tsurugi
Omoi o tachikirite
Utau seihitsu
Suishou yawaku hikari chirite
Yami no sariiku akatsuki
Hitori omou

Yurari yurureri
Utakata omoi meguru hakari
Tsutau minasuji
Sono te ga hiraku asu wa

Yami e to susumiyuku
Utsurona hakua no ouza
Onore o
Subete o azamuite
Tsumugu kotowari
Kokuyou nibuku kuzureochite
Hikari sariiku tasogare
Hitori omou

Erabishi wa tadashiki michi subete ga
Nageki mo egao mo kui mo yume mo kitto
Yukusue ni mayoi tsukare sasurai
Ibara o sono mi ni kizamu mo mata kitto

Hazama e shizumi yuku
Samayoi tayutau kokoro
Negai o matometeta
Musubu ketsu ei
Nakigara umore kuri hatete
Minamo ni utsuru
Wa ga i o dare ga shiru ya

Utsusemi egaku yume
Kioku no souken
Yureru omokage
Madoi o kirisaite
Semaru boushitsu
Rangyoku awaku hikari michite
Hatenu reimei
Anata o hitori omou

Yurari yurureri
Utakata omoi meguru hakari
Tsutau minasuji
Sono te ga hiraku asu wa

Yurureri yurari

Japanese (translated)

Swaying and being swayed
One's thoughts hang in the balance
Like ephemeral bubbles down the river stream
A hand will open up the path to tomorrow

Reaching out to the light
The infallible silver blade
During a nap
Cut off missing
A song that brings peace to the world
Scatters a soft light from a crystal
Like a sunrise that drives away the darkness
One's thoughts

Swaying and being swayed
One's thoughts hang in the balance
Like ephemeral bubbles down the river stream
A hand will open up the path to tomorrow

Moving towards to the dark
Toward an empty chalk throne
Deceiving youself
and everything
The complected reason
Obsidian slowly collapses
Like a sunset that drives away the light
One's thoughts

The exact path, you chosen, and everything
There is sadness and laughter, regret and dreams, and it must be
The road ahead is uncertain, confusion and fatigue will eventually drift away
The body entangled by thorns will also be remembered in the heart, and it must be

Falling down to the ground
Wandering and swaying heart
a childish wish
The Last Blood Descendants
Whose remains are buried at the end of the frenzy
Reflects clearly upon the water's surface
My wish, who can ever know

Dreams depicted in the impermanent world
The twin swords of memory
The swaying faces
Cutting off confusion
Losting is coming
Aquamarine is filled with slight light
Endless Dawn
Missing you alone

Swaying and being swayed
One's thoughts hang in the balance
Like ephemeral bubbles down the river stream
A hand will open up the path to tomorrow

Being swayed, and swaying


You are the ocean's gray waves, destined to seek
Life beyond the shore just out of reach,
Yet the waters ever change, flowing like time
The path is yours to climb.

In the white light, a hand reaches through;
A double-edged blade cuts your heart in two
Waking dreams fade away,
Embrace the brand-new day.

Sing with me a song of birthrights and love
The light scatters to the sky above.
Dawn breaks through the gloom, white as a bone
Lost in thoughts all alone

You are the ocean's gray waves, destined to seek
Life beyond the shore just out of reach,
Yet the waters ever change, flowing like time
The path is yours to climb.

Embrace the dark you call a home,
Gaze upon an empty, white throne
A legacy of lies,
A familiar disguise.

Sing with me a song of conquest and fate
The black pillar cracks beneath its weight
Night breaks through the day, hard as a stone
Lost in thoughts all alone.

The path you walk on belongs to destiny, just let it flow
All of your joy and your pain will fall like the tide, let it flow.
Life is not just filled with happiness, nor sorrow
Even the thorn in your heart, in time it may become a rose.

A burdened heart sinks into the ground
A veil falls away without a sound
Not day nor night, wrong nor right
For truth and peace you fight.

Sing with me a song of silence and blood
The rain falls, but can't wash away the mud
Within my ancient heart dwells madness and pride
Can no one hear my cry?

In endless dreams, countless realms collide,
Hope falls only to rise like the changing tide
But all dreams come to an end,
Just whispers on the wind.

Sing with me one last time, for light's sacrifice,
Endless dawn came but not without a price,
Lost in the waves there glimmers, a pale blue stone.
I think of you, all alone.

You are the ocean's gray waves, destined to seek
Life beyond the shore just out of reach,
Yet the waters ever change, flowing like time
The path is yours to climb.

You are the ocean's gray waves.

Japanese lyrics translated by X-Kan

Song credits

  • Vocals: Renka (Japanese) / Rena Strober (English)
  • Songwriter: Kouhei Maeda (Japanese) / Audrey Drake (English)
  • Composer: Hiroki Morishita (Lime Ladies Orchestra)
  • 1st Violin: Maiko Sugiyama (Lime Ladies Orchestra)
  • 2nd Violin: Miho Komatsu (Lime Ladies Orchestra)
  • Viola: Mei Mishina (Lime Ladies Orchestra)
  • Cello: Yumiko Morooka (Being,Inc.)
  • Recording & Mixing Engineer: Yusuke Matsuda (Being,Inc.)
  • Recording Engineer: Takayuki Ichikawa (Being,Inc.)
  • Assistant Director: Takashi Yoshida (Being,Inc.)
  • Sound Coordination: Daisuke Ikeda (TAMA MUSIC), Shoko Tamaki
  • Recording Studio: Birdman West, Thomas Studio


Track name Duration
1 if~ひとり思う~
if ~Thinking Alone~
2 rebirth 5:50
3 笑顔の影
Shadow of a Smile
4 if~ひとり思う~ Blue Forest Version
if ~Thinking Alone~ Blue Forest Version
Total length 20:36


  • In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the game lists the origin game of the English version of "Lost in Thoughts All Alone" from Fire Emblem Fates (the game's localized name), and the origin game of the Japanese version from Fire Emblem if (the game's Japanese name); bizarrely, however, the latter is listed as the origin game of both remixes regardless of region, despite the localized name being different.


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