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Sound Room of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

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The Sound Room in use.

In Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, the Sound Room is available from the very beginning and does not need to be unlocked. Each song is unlocked for viewing in the Sound Room as it is encountered in the course of gameplay, with some songs being exclusive to one of the game's story routes. The Sound Room features a total of 69 songs.

Unlike the preceding games, the The Sacred Stones Sound Room does not show the game's CG images in the background. It retains the shuffle mode from the preceding game, where pressing Select plays one track at random, then continues to play random tracks.

The Sacred Stones is one of only two Fire Emblem games so far to have never had its soundtrack featured in full on a CD release; the other is New Mystery of the Emblem.

Songs appearing in the Sound Room

The soundtrack of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
Name Japanese Description and uses
1 The Valiant 勇ましき者たち
Courageous Ones
Theme used in the opening sequence.
2 Main Theme メインテーマ
Main Theme
The game's title theme.
3 Prologue Prologue Plays over the prologue cutscene when starting a new save file.
4 The Beginning すべては始まりのとき
The Beginning of Everything
World map theme from the Prologue to Chapter 8.
5 Treasured Memories さまざまな想いを胸に
Various Feelings in your Heart
World map theme in Eirika's story, from Chapter 9A to Chapter 15A. Later reused as the map theme in Awakening's DLC episode Smash Brethren 2.
6 Grim Journey 険しき道程
Grim Journey
World map theme in Ephraim's story, from Chapter 9B to Chapter 15B.
7 Ties of Friendship 友情のもとに
Origin of Friendship
World map theme for both stories, from Chapter 16 to Chapter 19.
8 Ray of Hope 希望の光(メインテーマアレンジ)
Light of Hope (Main Theme Arrangement)
World map theme in the Creature Campaign mode.
9 Distant Roads 遥かなる道
Distant Road
Eirika's first player phase map theme, from the Prologue to Chapter 8.
10 Rise Above 苦境を乗り越えて
Overcome the Struggle
Eirika's second player phase map theme, from Chapter 9A to Chapter 15A.
11 Follow Me! Follow me! Ephraim's first player phase map theme, in Chapter 5x.
12 Determination 不動なる志
Steadfast Will
Ephraim's second player phase map theme, from Chapter 9B to Chapter 15B.
13 Truth, Despair, and Hope 真実 絶望 そして希望
Truth, Despair, and then Hope
The third player phase map theme for both stories, from Chapter 16 to Chapter 20.
14 Land of Promise 約束の地
The Promised Land
The player phase map theme in the Final Chapter.
15 Binding Vow むすばれた約束
Binding Promise
NPC phase map theme.
16 Grasp at Victory 勝利をこの手に
Victory in This Hand
Player phase map theme when one or fewer enemy units remain in a chapter.
17 Confront the Past 古との対峙
Confrontation with the Past
Player phase map theme in the Tower of Valni and Lagdou Ruins. Later reused as the map theme in Awakening's DLC episode Apotheosis.
18 Shadows Approach せまりくる影
Impending Shadow
Player phase map theme when fog of war is in effect.
19 Shadow of the Enemy 敵影
Enemy Shadow
Enemy phase map theme from the Prologue to Chapter 8.
20 Assault 急襲の時
Time of Assault
Enemy phase map theme from Chapter 9 (both Eirika's version and Ephraim's version) to Chapter 15.
21 From the Darkness 暗黒より出でし者
Those who Come from the Shadows
Enemy phase map theme from Chapter 16 to Chapter 20.
22 Twisted Shadows A 現れし異形の影Ⅰ
Twisted Shadows I
Enemy phase map theme in the Final Chapter (both part 1 and part 2).
23 Twisted Shadows B 現れし異形の影Ⅱ
Twisted Shadows II
Enemy phase map theme in the Tower of Valni and Lagdou Ruins.
24 Envoy from the Dark 闇からの使者
Messenger from the Darkness
Enemy phase map theme when fog of war is in effect.
25 Attack 攻撃
Battle theme for normal player attacks. Later reused as the battle theme in Awakening's DLC episode Smash Brethren 2.
26 Defend 防御
Battle theme for normal enemy attacks.
27 The Battle Must Be Won 負けられぬ戦い
A Battle We Must Not Lose
Battle theme for ordinary bosses. Later reused as the battle theme in Awakening's DLC episode Apotheosis.
28 Powerful Foe 強敵現る
A Formidable Foe Appears
Battle theme for these late-game bosses: Carlyle, Selena, Vigarde, Valter, Caellach, Riev, Orson and Morva.
29 The Prince's Despair 哀しき皇子
Sorrowful Prince
Battle theme for Lyon.
30 Return of the Demon King 古の魔王 再び
The Ancient Demon King: Return
Boss battle theme for Fomortiis.
31 Sacred Strength 聖なる力
Sacred Strength
Non-boss battle theme when wielding Sieglinde or Siegmund.
32 Tethys テティス
"Battle" theme when Tethys dances.
33 Healing Healing Battle theme when using a Silence, Sleep, or Berserk staff.
34 Curing Curing Battle theme when using a healing staff.
35 To a Higher Place 更なる高みへ
To a Higher Place
Class change theme.
36 Advance 進撃
Cutscene event theme.
37 Tension 緊迫
Cutscene event theme.
38 Raid! 敵襲!
Enemy Attack!
Cutscene event theme.
39 Reunion 再会
Cutscene event theme.
40 Indignation Indignation Cutscene event theme.
41 Sorrow Sadness time Cutscene event theme.
42 Laughter Comical time Cutscene event theme, associated with L'Arachel.
43 Legacy 受け継がれし伝説
Legend Passed Down
Cutscene event theme.
44 Lyon リオン
Cutscene event theme, associated with Lyon.
45 Lost Heart 失われた心
Lost Heart
Cutscene event theme, which plays on scenes highlighting Lyon's possession by Fomortiis.
46 Lyon (Organ Arrangement) リオン(オルゴールアレンジ)
Lyon (Music Box Arrangement)
Cutscene event theme, which plays in Lyon's final moments.
47 The Final Battle 最後の戦い
Final Battle
Player phase map theme in the second half of the Final Chapter, as well as the preceding cutscene.
48 Solve the Riddle Work out a plot Cutscene event theme, which plays in scenes set in the Grado Keep throne room.
49 Lights in the Dark 闇に立ち向かう光たち
The Lights Who Confront the Darkness
Cutscene event theme, which plays when Fomortiis emerges and is sealed in the Sacred Stone; also used as the world map theme leading into Chapter 20.
50 Comrades 同志たち
Recruitment theme.
51 Victory 勝利
Cutscene event theme.
52 Into the Shadow of Victory 勝利の影に
Shadow of Victory
Cutscene event theme.
53 Main Theme (Reprise) メインテーマ(リプライズ)
Main Theme (Reprise)
Cutscene event theme which plays in the game's epilogue.
54 Combat Preparation 進撃準備
Prepare to Advance
Preparations menu theme
55 Shops お店
Vendor and secret shop theme.
56 Armory 武器屋
Armory theme.
57 Bonds きずな
Played when viewing the support menu in preparations. An arrangement of "Enchanting Dance" from The Binding Blade.
58 Colosseum Entrance 闘技場~受付
Arena: Entrance
Arena theme, played when entering an arena on the map or accessing the Link Arena menu. This song was taken from "Birth of a Holy Knight" from Genealogy of the Holy War.
59 In the Colosseum 闘技場~バトル
Arena: Battle
Arena and Link Arena battle theme. This song was taken from the player-phase battle theme in Gaiden.
60 Colosseum Victory 闘技場~勝利!
Arena: Victory!
Arena and Link Arena victory fanfare.
61 Colosseum Defeat 闘技場~勝敗はいかに
Arena: Way of Victory or Defeat
Link Arena results screen theme.
62 Victory Song A 勝利の歌Ⅰ
Song of Victory I
Fanfare played when clearing a floor of the Tower of Valni or Lagdou Ruins.
63 Victory Song B 勝利の歌Ⅱ
Song of Victory II
Fanfare played when clearing the final floor of the Tower of Valni or Lagdou Ruins.
64 Game Over Game Over Theme played on the Game Over screen.
65 In Sorrow's Shroud 悲しみの中で
Within Sorrow
Death theme.
66 Records 戦績
War Record
Played on the Tower of Valni and Lagdou Ruins' results and rankings screen.
67 Victory and the Future 勝利 そして未来へ
Victory, and To the Future
Cutscene event theme, played after clearing the Final Chapter.
68 Fly with the Breeze Fly with the Breeze Credits theme; also played on the "Fin" screen.
69 Epilogue Epilogue Character endings theme.


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