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The 25th Anniversary of Love and Courage: Fire Emblem Festival

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(Japanese: 愛と勇気の25周年記念 ファイアーエムブレム祭 The 25th Anniversary of Love and Courage: Fire Emblem Festival) was an orchestral concert which was part of Intelligent Systems' celebration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Fire Emblem series. The concert was performed by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra at the Tokyo Dome City Hall.


The concert was performed three times over the course of two days. The tickets for each showing were priced at ¥7,500, tax included.[1]

  • First performance: 24th July 2015; doors open 18:00, curtain 19:00
  • Second performance: 25th July 2015; doors open 12:30, curtain 13:30
  • Third performance: 25th July 2015; doors open 17:00, curtain 18:00

Seventeen songs were played at the event, divided into five suites. The following are the English names presented by the website.[2]

Main Theme

He Who Succeeds the Light


Manaketes and Sacred Stones

Radiance and Awakening

  • Life Returns 
  • Bonds, Eternal 
  • My name is MARTH. 
  • "I" Medley 

Several other events were performed as intermission during each concert performance, including a developer talk show and a live performance of a new audio mini-drama starring series voice actors Mitsuhiro Ichiki (Donnel, Hinata), Ryuuichi Kijima (Inigo), Tarusuke Shingaki (Stahl, Gerome, Saizo) and Hidenori Takahashi (Owain).


Several individuals presided over the events of the concert. Five were present at all performances, while several appeared only in one of the three performances.[3]


  • Despite it being a widespread name for the game in the fan community, the concert's English-language program is the second time an official source has ever actually referred to Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade as "Blazing Sword", the first being its official website using it as a "loose translation" of its Japanese name.[4]


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