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Fire Emblem ~Character Theme Collection~

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Fire Emblem ~Character Theme Collection~

Album COCA-6675.jpg

Game(s) represented

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light

Catalog code



Nippon Columbia[1]






Yuka Tsujiyoko*


Yuzo Hayashi, Hayashi Orchestra[1]

Release date

September 21st, 1990[1]

(Japanese: ファイアーエムブレム ~キャラクターテーマ集~ Fire Emblem ~Character Theme Collection~) is a Fire Emblem series music album released in 1990. It contains a set of primarily orchestral arrangements of tracks from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, presented as the leitmotifs of major characters from the game.


Track name Duration Description
1 マルス
3:41 An orchestral arrangement of the Fire Emblem Theme, presented as Marth's leitmotif.
2 アベル
4:07 An orchestral arrangement of the player-phase map theme, presented as Abel's leitmotif.
3 ミネルバ
4:27 An orchestral arrangement of the enemy-phase map theme, presented as Minerva's leitmotif.
4 ハーディン
3:56 An orchestral arrangement of the end-of-chapter theme (later called "After the Battle" in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon) and the near-victory map theme, presented as Hardin's leitmotif.
5 ジェイガン
3:38 A jazzy arrangement of the game's player-phase battle theme, presented as Jagen's leitmotif.
6 シーダ
4:04 An 80s pop-rock arrangement of the theme played before each chapter begins (later called "Trouble!" in Shadow Dragon), presented as Caeda's leitmotif.
7 メディウス
4:28 An upbeat 80s pop-rock track based on Medeus's battle theme.
8 カミュ
4:11 A dark jazz-like arrangement of the enemy-phase battle theme, presented as Camus's leitmotif.
9 オリジナルBGMメドレー
Original BGM Medley
12:45 A medley of tracks from Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, in their original 8-bit state straight from the game.
10 オリジナルSEメドレー
Original SE Medley
1:31 A medley of simple sound effects from Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, in their original 8-bit state straight from the game.
Total length 46:48


  • Medeus' theme is the only track on the album strictly associated with the character for whom it is named in the actual game.



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