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The Edge of Dawn (Seasons of Warfare)

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The Edge of Dawn
(Seasons of Warfare)

Album JBCZ-4054.jpg
Front cover of the limited edition.
Game(s) represented

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Catalog code
Limited edition
  • CD: JBCZ-4054
  • DVD: JBBZ-4054
Normal edition
Limited edition
  • CD and DVD
Normal edition
  • CD
Limited edition
  • ¥1,667
Normal edition
iTunes single

Takeru Kanazaki

  • Caro (Japanese)
  • Buttercup (English)
Release date
  • August 7, 2019[1] (Japanese album)
  • December 4, 2019 (English single)[2]

"The Edge of Dawn (Seasons of Warfare)" (Japanese: フレスベルグの少女~風花雪月~ Girl of Hresvelg ~Wind, Flower, Snow, Moon~) is the name of the main theme of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. It is sung by Caro in the Japanese version and Buttercup in the English version.

There is a separate album as well which features "The Edge of Dawn (Seasons of Warfare)" as well as a few other tracks sung by Caro (which differ between the limited edition and the normal edition). The limited edition also comes with a DVD, which features two music videos (one being the Fire Emblem: Three Houses version, and the other being the Caro version), a video of a conversation between Caro and the game's music director Takeshi Kimura, and a video of the recording session for the song.[1]

A single was released on iTunes on December 4, 2019.[2]


Brief sample of the English short version of the song, featuring the first line.

The following lyrics are from the short version. Translation of the Japanese adapted from Kagiyama-Class and Uta-Net.

Japanese Japanese (rough translation) English


並んだ笑顔は みんな眩しくて


Until the day I take the dawn's hand and fly far away

I tremble, relying on memories of peaceful times.

Light shines through stained glass;
silver candlesticks shimmer.
Everyone's smiles are equally radiant,
I’m glad I found the place where I can be me.
But having been burned by an emblem of power;
I still hide my true face behind a mask.

Like the nameless tiny flowers ready to bloom,
I wanted to always be looking up at your face.

Reach for my hand; I'll soar away into the dawn, oh, I wish I could stay!

Here in cherished halls in peaceful days, I fear the edge of dawn knowing time betrays.

Faint lights pass through colored glass in this beloved place
Silver shines, the world dines, a smile on each face
As joy surrounds, comfort abounds, and I can feel I'm breaking free
For just this moment lost in time, I am finally me.
Yet still I hide, behind this mask that I have become
My blackened heart, scorched by flames of force I can't run from

I look to you like a red rose seeking the sun no matter where it goes.
I long to stay where the light dwells, to guard against the cold that I know so well.


Limited edition

Track name Duration
1 フレスベルグの少女~風花雪月~
Girl of Hresvelg ~Wind, Flower, Snow, Moon~
2 フレスベルグの少女
Girl of Hresvelg
3 Fallin’ ??
4 Rewind ??
Total length ??

Normal edition

Track name Duration
1 フレスベルグの少女~風花雪月~
Girl of Hresvelg ~Wind, Flower, Snow, Moon~
2 Fallin’ ??
3 Always Be Yourself ??
Total length ??



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