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Nada Kuya

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Nada Kuya

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Warrior Princess


The Sacred Stones

I’ve been told she was a strong woman, beautiful and proud. She spoke with the voice of nature, and she lived at one with the earth.
— Saleh

Nada Kuya (Japanese: ナーダ クーヤ Nada Kuya) was a legendary figure in Caer Pelyn's history. Described as a "warrior princess"[1] she defended the village from an unspecified invasion in the distant past.[2]

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones


Nada Kuya has no important role pertaining to the main plot, though Eirika does take inspiration from her if she speaks with Saleh.[3]


Nada Kuya, being a historical figure and thus not present, has few known traits. She is said to be "one with the earth", but little else is mentioned.


  • Nada Kuya's weapon, described as: "[...] a narrow sword made from a fang gifted to her by the dragonkin.", is incredibly similar to the story behind the creation of Archanea's Falchion.[4]
  • In Eirika's and Saleh's paired ending, their child is said to resemble Nada Kuya.

Etymology and other languages

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Nada Kuya

Uncertain etymology. Though the Nada portion as a name can mean "hope" or "generosity" in Arabic and a few other languages.[5][6]


ナーダ クーヤ

Nada Kuya


Nada Kuya



Nada Kuya



Nada Kuya



Nada Kuya



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  4. "She carried a narrow sword made from a fang gifted to her by the dragonkin. With her dragon blade in her hand, she drove Caer Pelyn’s enemies away." — Saleh, to Eirika in a support conversation., Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
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