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Mercantile republic



Carcino (Japanese: カルチノ Carcino) is a country in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. It is located in the north-center of Magvel. Carcino borders Frelia to the west, Renais to the south, Rausten and Darkling Woods to the east. To the north is nothing but the ocean. The remote village Caer Pelyn is located within its borders.


Being a much younger country, Carcino does not possess a Sacred Stone. Carcino also does not have a ruling house, instead being run by a merchant council.

During the War of the Stones Carcino's council split on the matter of siding with Grado or Renais and Frelia. Much of Carcino eventually betrays Frelia and Renais in an attempt to gain the favor of Grado, however, this was not willed by all of Carcino's leaders, as the betrayal was forced by Pablo and not approved by the rest of the council. Pablo forced his way by either bribing or killing the other members, with Klimt being one of the survivors. After Pablo's death Carcino backs out of the war, though and repercussions for the council's actions after the war are not mentioned.

Notable locations in Carcino

Caer Pelyn

Main article: Caer Pelyn

While Caer Pelyn presumably does not interact with Carcino's government processes, it is located within the borders of Carcino. Caer Pelyn is an old and remote village that abolished social ranks in favor of living in the mountains in a self-sustainable lifestyle.

Port Kiris

A bustling port town in western Carcino.

Teraz Plateau

A mountainous area located south of Port Kiris. A building in this area was the hiding place of councilman Klimt during the War of the Stones.

Characters from Carcino

Character Description Appears in
Portrait pablo fe08.png
A rich, corrupt, and greedy member of Carcino's merchant council, sides with Grado. The Sacred Stones
Portrait klimt fe08.png
One of Pablo's surviving resistors, wishes to stay on Frelia and Renais' side. The Sacred Stones
Portrait binks fe08.png
A mercenary hired by Pablo to eliminate Eirika. The Sacred Stones
Portrait dara fe08.png
A wise and elderly woman from Carcino, more specifically, Caer Pelyn. The Sacred Stones
Portrait saleh fe08.png
A Sage from the Carcino mountains, specifically Caer Pelyn. The Sacred Stones
Portrait rennac fe08.png
A rogue-for-hire working under L'Arachel in promises of a high paycheck, got more than he bargained for. The Sacred Stones

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes


Carcino is the Italian word for Carcinus, a genus of crab.



Officially romanized as Carcino.















Used in Heroes as an option for the player's location in their profile card.



Carcino; used in Fates and Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, among the choices for the player's country in their profile card.

Traditional Chinese


Carcino; used in Heroes as an option for the player's location in their profile card.



  1. "Oh, you don’t know me? That’s so disappointing. I am Rennac of Carcino." — Rennac, Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
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