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Rausten Court







Rausten (pronounced /ˈɹaʊstən/[key][1]; Japanese: ロストン Roston) is a kingdom on Magvel, and was founded by saint Latona. The country is fairly religious and holds the heroes of the continent and the Sacred Stones in even higher regard than the others. Rausten borders Darkling Woods to the west and Jehanna to the south, much of Rausten borders the ocean.

Rausten is one of the kingdoms on Magvel to possess a Sacred Stone. By Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones's conclusion, it is the only Sacred Stone left in existence, though said stone may have been instead interred within Renais.[2]

Darkling Woods and the Black Temple, the resting place of the Demon King, is located west of Rausten, though Darkling Woods is not actually within the borders of any kingdom on Magvel.

The current ruler of Rausten is Mansel, L'Arachel's uncle.

Characters from Rausten

Character Description Appears in
Portrait mansel fe08.png
Current ruler of Rausten, L'Arachel's uncle. The Sacred Stones
Portrait l'arachel fe08.png
A very energetic and devout woman, left Rausten on an ambiguous quest for justice. The Sacred Stones
Portrait dozla fe08.png
A cheery berserker and L'Arachel's bodyguard. The Sacred Stones
Portrait riev fe08.png
A bishop who was once a member of Rausten's clergy, was excommunicated and holds a grudge against Mansel. Now serves the Demon King and is also a Grado general, known as the Bloody Beryl. The Sacred Stones


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Rausten
Japanese ロストン Officially romanized as Roston.
Spanish Rausten As above.
French Rausten As above.
German Rausten As above.
Italian Raust



  1. L'Arachel in Fire Emblem Heroes
  2. "That would be nice… But first we must seal this away… This stone banished the Demon King." — Eirika, in the ending talking to Ephraim in Renais, Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
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