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Portrait beran fe08.png
Beran's portrait from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones.






Starting class



The Sacred Stones

I'll take care of things.
— Beran

Beran (Japanese: ベルナ Berna) is a Grado squad commander hired to relieve Selena of her duties, and as such the boss of chapter 10 of Ephraim's route of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones from the start of turn 2 player phase onward. Beran was brought to Bethroen by Valter, having been sent by Vigarde to relieve Selena of her duty on (what appears to be) his belief that she was untrustworthy in the task of dealing with the traitorous Duessel; Beran ultimately fails in this task, and is either defeated by Ephraim and his army or flees the area after a specific amount of time.

The Sacred Stones

Boss data

Chapter 10 (Ephraim), Easy/Normal Chapter 10 (Ephraim), Hard


Battle quote

Prince Ephraim of Renais… The Obsidian Duessel… Two incredible trophies. Who could ask for more?
— Beran, in The Sacred Stones.

Death quote

Gwaa… Too… strong…
— Beran, in The Sacred Stones.

Retreat quote

Grrr… They're held on for too long. If this continues, General Valter will have me– …Prepare a ship. We must flee. Quickly! [...] We're doomed either way. General Valter will never forgive our failure here… And if we stay, we'll be devoured like those other fools… Our best bet is to give up and escape with our lives.
— Beran, in The Sacred Stones, should he still be alive at the end of the final turn of chapter 10 (Ephraim's route).

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Beran
Japanese ベルナ Berna



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Portrait beran fe08.png Ranger
File:Bs fe08 beran ranger sword.png
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