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Darkling Woods (location)

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Darkling Woods

Ss fe08 black temple world map location.png
The world map location of the Black Temple, located within Darkling Woods.




The Sacred Stones

Darkling Woods (Japanese: 闇の樹海 Dark Sea of Trees) is a location in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones and is located on the continent of Magvel. Darkling woods is not located within the borders of any country, though Carcino is to the west and Rausten is to the east of the forest.

Darkling Woods is the resting place of the Demon King's corpse. Legends say that his body is not actually dead, but waiting for the return of its soul.[2] The Demon King's corpse rested within the Black Temple until it was destroyed[3] in the events of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones.

When the Demon King fell 803 years ago, his blood and flesh corrupted the earth and plants of the forest.[4] This corruption is what creates countless hordes of monsters that arise from the region.[5] There are no human settlements in the region, the only creatures that live there are monsters and a few manakete.


Darkling Woods, as its name suggests, consists mostly of thick forests. The region is incredibly dense in plant matter and there are many swamps. The area is also mountainous, with many cave systems where monsters, like gargoyles, manifest. The volcanic Mt. Neleras is also located within the borders of Darkling Woods.

The mountains on the Carcino border suggest that the forest is easier to enter from the coast or Rausten.

Characters from Darkling Woods

Character Description Appears in
Portrait morva fe08.png
Myrrh's adoptive father[6] and a manakete. Fought the Demon King in the name of humanity 800 years ago. The Sacred Stones
Portrait myrrh fe08.png
A young manakete, her parents were killed in the original conflict with the Demon King.[7] The Sacred Stones
Bs fe08 fomortiis demon king.png
The Demon King of ages past, his body was interred in the Black Temple while his soul was sealed within the Sacred Stone of Grado. The Sacred Stones

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

Darkling Woods




Dark Sea of Trees


Bosque Oscuro

Dark Forest


Bois de Lombres

Forest of Shadows





Bosco di Darklin

Darklin woods


Bosque Sombrio[8]

Dark wood

Traditional Chinese


Sea of dark trees



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