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Za'ha Woods

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Za'ha Woods

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Chapter 4




Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

The Za'ha Woods (Japanese: ザッハの古森 Zahha Woods) is a location in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones and is located in the continent of Magvel, in the kingdom of Renais. It is the setting for Chapter 4 and possible Skirmishes, in which it has been overrun with monsters including Entombeds, Bonewalkers, and Mogalls. Artur and Lute appear in this chapter and seem to have lived in the Za'ha Woods.


The Za'ha Woods seems to be a large grassy area with many trees. There are some steep slopes in the northeast and a river flowing west-east through the middle of the part the game shows. There is a bridge, but also a snag that when knocked down, leads to a small piece of land with a settlement built on top. Other than these, there are not many defining features of these woods.

To the north is Ide, a small town, and to the south is Serafew, a more lively border town of Renais and Grado.

Characters from the Za'ha Woods

Character Description Appears in
Portrait lute fe08.png
A young mage that claims to be a prodigy. The Sacred Stones
Portrait artur fe08.png
A monk and friend of Lute. The Sacred Stones


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

• Za'ha Woods
• Ancient forest Za'ha

• The name of the world map location.
• Called variants of this in dialogue and chapter narration.



Zahha Woods


Bosque Za'ha

Za'ha Woods


Bois de Za'ha

Za'ha Woods


Za'ha - Wälder

Za'ha - Woods


Bosco di Za'ha

Za'ha Woods



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