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Gerik's Mercenaries

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Gerik's Mercenaries

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Artwork of Gerik and his close guildmates from The Sacred Stones.




Unknown, formerly at least a hundred[1]



Group type

Mercenary force


Hired blades for various purposes


The Sacred Stones

You see, Gerik's Mercenaries takes its name from me, Gerik. I'm the chief here. If I quit while our employer still fought on, they'd want a new name, you follow me?
— Gerik to Innes

Gerik's Mercenaries (Japanese: ジスト傭兵団 Xyst Mercenaries) is a once fairly large group of mercenaries originating from Jehanna. It is led by the man it is named after, Gerik.


Gerik's Mercenaries was founded some time around the death of Gerik's friend, with Gerik reluctantly staying in the mercenary business because of the other friends he had made.

Gerik's Mercenaries was once a guild of great renown, with Gerik's name being known from one shore of Magvel to the other,[2] and even among some of Frelia's royalty. This time of prosperity for the group seems to have passed, with the group's numbers seemingly dwindled.

In 803, after the start of the War of the Stones, Gerik's Mercenaries is hired by Hayden to serve Frelia.[3] The exact assignments of Gerik and his guildmates vary by the path chosen by the player. In Eirika's path Gerik and Tethys travel with Innes to Jehanna, while Ephraim's features them being sent to Grado to help fight.

During the events of both routes Marisa is mistakenly sent to work within Grado's troops, though the matter is cleared up by either Gerik or Ewan.

Gerik's Mercenaries serves Frelia and its allies until the conclusion of the War of the Stones.


This list is not comprehensive, there are presumably numerous members that are not featured. Despite their close associations, Saleh and Ewan are not members of the group.

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Gerik Marisa Tethys

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Gerik's Mercenaries



Xyst Mercenaries


  1. "I heard you once commanded a band of over a hundred mercenaries." — Innes to Gerik, Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
  2. "He tells me your name was once known from shore to shore on this continent." — Innes recounting comments from Hayden, Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
  3. "My father told me before I left that I should watch you and learn from you." — Innes to Gerik, Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
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