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Conversations in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon

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This page has conversations between units in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon that can take place on any chapter; conversations which can only take place on specific chapters are to be on the respective chapter's script page.

This script is based off of the North American version of the game.

Ogma and Caeda (Caeda's Request)

Caeda: Ogma!
Ogma: Princess...
Caeda: I never got to thank you for coming along with us. There's no swordsman I trust more. I've seen your strength.
Ogma: You don't need to thank me, Princess. I'm just doing my job. Speaking of which, your father would flay me if you came to any harm. Do me a favor, and leave the dangerous fighting to me and my men.
Caeda: I don't need protecting, Ogma. ...I've got another job for you. Protect Marth for me.
Ogma: But, Princess...
Caeda: He's very important to me. And the world... But mostly to me. So do as I ask, Ogma. Keep him safe. That's my first and last request.
Ogma: Very well. How could I say no to you?
Caeda: Thank you, Ogma. I knew you'd understand. All right, I have to go. But I hope we get to talk like this more. You're a good listener.
Ogma: ...
Caeda: Yes?
Ogma: You keep yourself safe, too. Marth would grieve if anything befell you.
Caeda: Fair enough. Thank you, Ogma. You're very kind.

Maria and Minerva (Maria Steps Up)

Maria: Sister!
Minerva: Maria... Are you all right?
Maria: Fine. Have you heard? Marth made me one of his soldiers! Well... I made him make me one.
Minerva: ...What am I going to do with you? Listen to me, Maria... You cannot stay here. It's too dangerous. Real war is nothing like your stories of princes and damsels.
Maria: I'm not going anywhere! I want to stay with you!
Minerva: Maria, you're being selfish—
Maria: I am not! I'm just...sick of being helpless. I've burned you long enough. How can I ever help you if you don't give me a chance to be strong? I'm staying here and fighting! No protesting!
Minerva: ...Ha ha. Somehow I knew you would say that. All right, Maria. If you feel that strongly about it, who am I to stop you? All I ask is that you be careful. If you need help, you come find me. Understood?
Maria: Of course! Thank you, Sister!

Merric and Linde (Between Mages)

Merric: Linde, I presume? My name's Merric. Prince Marth asked me to look after you. Not that we mages need any help looking after ourselves, mind you.
Linde: Oh, you've studied magic?
Merric: Yes, in Khadein.
Linde: Khadein... The school? My father was a student there a long time ago.
Merric: The school is beautiful—was beautiful, until Gharnef took over and changed everything. I was blessed with wonderful teachers, and I found a healthy mix of friends and rivals in the other aspiring mages.
Linde: It sounds nice, I suppose. But my father was the only teacher and friend I ever needed. ......
Merric: I'm sorry, Linde...
Linde: Don't be. I'm tough like my father, too. ...Let's talk about you, Merric. And about Khadein. I've never been to a school before. How do they teach?

Boah and Astram (Beneath Archanea's Banner)

Astram: Bishop Boah.
Boah: Ah, Astram. Welcome back. I must say I am relieved. Where would Archanea's army be without its finest knight?
Astram: Nonsense... I am but one arrow in the quiver. Princess Nyna is the bow. So long as we have her to lead us, Archanea's light shall never fade.
Boah: Well spoken, child. But let us be honest: that light has not shone as bright since our defeat at the hands of Dolhr. It will take a miracle to restore Archanea's prestige after this... Or, perhaps, some clever thinking. If our next king were to be foreign...
Astram: What? A king who's not Archanean?
Boah: Well, of course, the princess would need to approve of him. How do you feel about it, Astram?
Astram: I don't. I am a knight. I will leave the feeling to those whose job it is to feel and content myself with serving my matter how the kingdom might change.
Boah: Then you are a loyal knight indeed. Well...the future can wait a tad longer. We have a war to fight first...and win. Archanea's tomorrow depends on it.
Astram: That it does, Bishop.

Minerva and Palla (Whitewinged Parley)

Minerva: Palla, I am truly sorry. I never meant to involve you and your sisters in my personal battles.
Palla: Your battles are our battles, Commander.
Minerva: But our kingdom has fallen apart: sons slay their fathers; brothers and sisters trade blows instead of kisses... I have let Macedon be destroyed.
Palla: I do not think so. Nor do I think you should feel troubled for our sake. You are our home, more than Macedon; our true house is the sky around you. We will always serve you, Commander, through thick and thin. I swear it.
Minerva: Palla...

Minerva and Catria (The Path I Chose)

Minerva: ......
Catria: Commander. ...Princess Minerva?
Minerva: Hm? Ah, sorry... Now I've taken to daydreaming on the battlefield. How Michalis would laugh.
Catria: was your brother you were thinking about?
Minerva: ...... He made his choice; I, mine. I've no time to stew in my own sorrow when my path is clear before me. Come, Catria. Hyah!

Minerva and Est (Fighting Her Hardest)

Est: Commander, did anybody tell you? I flew all the way to Grust and brought back Mercurius. Pretty spiffy, huh?
Minerva: Yes, Marth told me all about it. Very brave of you to undertake such a dangerous task alone. Well done, Est.
Est: Hee hee! You mean it? Thanks, Commander! You should have seen the arrows whooshing past me left and right! But I'm a Whitewing, right? So I swooped down and let 'em have it! Just watch, though. I'll find some way to top it.
Minerva: I don't doubt it. I expect great things from you, Est.
Est: Hee hee! You mean it?

Palla and Est (Comforting Words)

Est: Hey, Palla. I'm not slowing you and Catria down, am I?
Palla: Why would you say that?
Est: I don't know... You and she have so much more experience. Sometimes I... I just feel like I'm not pulling my load.
Palla: Ha ha... Est... You're doing just fine. There are no half-Whitewings or almost-Whitewings. You're one of us because you're every bit as good as us. Have a little confidence.
Est: Right, confidence...
Palla: ...Feel better?
Est: Uh-huh. Thanks, Palla. It's funny... Whenever I talk to you, I calm right down. Promise you'll always be there for me, Palla.
Palla: I will... I promise.

Catria and Est (Three as One)

Est: Catria!
Catria: Est! It's about time you made it back. I was so worried...
Est: Sorry... I won't leave you like that again. We belong together anyway. When the three of us surround an enemy, we're just about unstoppable!
Catria: True...but even so, I like having you somewhere I can keep an eye on you. Ha ha.
Est: Hey! What's that supposed to mean?

Tiki and Xane (Xane's Mischief)

Tiki: Huh? Xaney, where'd you go?
Xane (as Tiki): Huh? Xaney, where'd you go?
Tiki: Xaney?! Why are you imitating me!
Xane (as Tiki): Xaney?! Why are you imitating me!
Tiki: Cut that out right now!
Xane (as Tiki): Cut that out right now!
Tiki: Ugh, I HATE you, Xaney!
(Tiki leaves)
Xane (as Tiki): Huh? Hey, wait, Tiki! Oh, come on. I was just jokin' around! Trying' to lighten the mood!
(Xane transforms back into himself)
Xane: It's not like I can transform into a dragon like you so just— Oh, would you come back?
(Tiki reenters)
Tiki: Meanie.
Xane: So how are you holdin' up, kiddo?
Tiki: I'm all right.
Xane: Still having those bad dreams?
Tiki: Sometimes. They're really scary...
Xane: I bet they are. (...Ugh, what does Lord Gotoh expect me to do?)
Tiki: Did you say something?
Xane: Oh! No, no, it's nothin'. Hey, you know that Marth's countin' on those powers of yours.
Tiki: Uh-huh... Why?
Xane: So, just take care of yourself, that's all. You're one special kid.
Tiki: I know.

Merric and Elice (Tender Thoughts)

Merric: Princess Elice! You're safe!
Elice: Oh, my! Merric, is that you? I haven't seen you in ages... ...So you've been fighting with the League? Thank you for keeping Marth safe.
Merric: Well, I did learn a spell or two in Khadein. Here, Princess. Get behind me. I'll face the enemy for us both.
Elice: You'll...face the...? Aha ha, oh, Merric?
Merric: Wh...what's so funny, Princess? I was quite serious, I'll have you know!
Elice: Ha ha, forgive me, Merric. It's just, I remembered you when you were little... You were always a bit delicate. Oftentimes I had to nurse you back to health. Remember?
Merric: But that was— I couldn't— Yes.
Elice: And look at you now. Such a brave, strong man! A far cry from the old Merric. But you don't have to pretend. I know you're far too sweet to mow down hordes of enemies. And...I think I prefer it that way.
Merric: do?

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