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Portrait captain fe11.png
Portrait of the Captain in Shadow Dragon.







Starting class



Shadow Dragon

The prince of Altea will be ours. Just do as I tell you, and we'll pluck this royal plum long before the main force can show up to steal all the glory. Heh...
— The Captain

An unnamed Gra Captain (Japanese: グラ軍隊長 Gra Army Captain) is the boss of Prologue IV of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon; he is a new addition to the plot of the War of Shadows that did not appear in Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light or its first remake, Book 1 of Mystery of the Emblem.


During Gra's sudden invasion of Altea Castle in the War of Shadows, this captain was the last obstacle standing between Prince Marth's forces and their successful escape to Talys; his role was primarily to stall Marth's army long enough for Gra's main force and the Sable Order to arrive and finish them off. Ignoring demands that he wait for Jiol's main force to arrive, the Captain arranged a trap hoping Marth would kill one of his own men, Gordin. The captain ultimately failed in his duty and fell to Marth and his escaping army.

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon


The Captain is the boss of the fourth prologue chapter. As such, he is fought only on Normal Mode, and has no data for any of the Hard modes.


See also: Prologue IV
Stats with a decimal can vary randomly; the decimal represents the chance for the stat to increase to the nearest integer, or otherwise be truncated.
Portrait captain fe11.png
Ma ds01 cavalier enemy.gif Cavalier
Level 2
Movement --
Max HP 18.6 Speed 6.2
Strength 5.35 Luck 0.2
Magic 0 Defense 7.3
Skill 2.3 Resistance 0.2
VulneraryThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat.
Weapon Levels
Swords E Lances C Axes --
Bows -- Tomes -- Staves --


As a minor boss, Captain isn't very developed, but some things can be surmised about him. The Gra Captain was ambitious as he sought to obtain the honor of killing Marth to his own squad to obtain glory and recognition for himself from Dolhr.[1] He preferred using tactics and subterfuge to make up for the weakness of his small platoon. [2]


  • The Captain's growth rates are the same as the bosses from the Gaiden chapters.

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Gra Army Captain














Small portrait captain fe11.png Sprite Gallery
Portrait captain fe11.png Cavalier Ma ds01 cavalier enemy.gif
Bs fe11 enemy cavalier lance.png


  1. "Prince of Altea will be ours. Just do as I tell you, and we'll pluck this royal plum long before the main force can show up to steal all the glory. Heh..." — Captain explaining his strategy to kill Marth., Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon
  2. "Bah! You're cowed too easily. We can win...if we set a trap." — Captain responding to a subordinate saying to wait for Jiol., Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon
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