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Fire Emblem Wiki:Project Characters/Nationality

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This page documents demonyms appearing in the Fire Emblem series; it serves as a reference list for the terminology used in character infoboxes. Only demonyms used in official Fire Emblem media should appear on this page. Note that not all countries and related locations listed here have official demonyms.


Place Noun Adjective
Archanea Archanean[1] Archanean[2]
Akaneia Akaneian[3] Akaneian[4]
Altea Altean[5] Altean[6]
Dolhr Dolhrian[7]
Doluna Dolunian[8]
Macedon Macedonian[6]
Medon Medonian[9]
Aurelis Aurelian[10] Aurelian[11]
Grust Grustian[12] Grustian[13]


Place Noun Adjective
Valentia Valentian[14]
Rigel Rigelian[15] Rigelian[16]
Zofia Zofian[15] Zofian[17]


Place Noun Adjective
Jugdral Jugdrali[18] Jugdrali[19]
Isaach Isaach[20]
Agustria Agustrian[21]
Nordion Nordion[22]
Thracia Thracian[23] Thracian[24]


Place Noun Adjective
Elibe Elibean[25]
Bern Bern[26]
Etruria Etrurian[27] Etrurian[28]
Lycia Lycian[29] Lycian[30]
Ostia Ostian[31] Ostian[32]
Pherae Pheraen[33] Pheraen[34]
Ilia Ilian[35] Ilian[36]
Sacae Sacaen[37] Sacaen[38]


Place Noun Adjective
Magvel Magvelian[39]
Renais Renais[40]
Frelia Frelian[41] Frelian[42]
Rausten Rausten[43]


Place Noun Adjective
Tellius Tellian[44]
Crimea Crimean[45] Crimean[46]
Daein Daein[47] Daein[48]
Gallia Gallian[49] Gallian[50]
Begnion Begnion[51]
Goldoa Goldoan[52] Goldoan[53]
Phoenicis Phoenician[54] Phoenicisian[53]
Kilvas Kilvas,[55]
Serenes Serenes[58] Serenes[59]
Marado Maradan[60]


Place Noun Adjective
Ylisse Ylissean[61] Ylissean[62]
Plegia Plegian[63] Plegian[64]
Regna Ferox Feroxi[65] Feroxi[66]
Valm Valmese[67] Valmese[68]
Chon'sin Chon'sin[69]


Place Noun Adjective
Nohr Nohrian[70] Nohrian[71]
Cheve Chevois[72]
Hoshido Hoshidan[70] Hoshidan[73]
Valla Vallite[74] Vallite[75]
Mokushu Mokushujin[76]
Izumo Izumite[72]
Nestra Nestrian[72]


Place Noun Adjective
Fódlan Fódlan[77] Fódlan[78]
Adrestia Adrestian[79]
Leicester Leicester[80]
Ordelia Ordelian[81]
Faerghus Faerghus[82]
Almyra Almyran[83] Almyran[84]
Dagda Dagdan[85] Dagdan[86]
Duscur Duscur[87] Duscur[88]
Sreng Sreng[89]
Agartha Agarthan[90] Agarthan[91]


Place Noun Adjective
Elyos Elyosian[92]
Lythos Lythian[93] Lythian[94]
Firene Firenese[95] Firenese[96]
Brodia Brodian[97] Brodian[98]
Elusia Elusian[99] Elusian[100]
Solm Solmic[101]


Place Noun Adjective
Askr Askran[102] Askran[103]
Embla Emblian[104] Emblian[105]


Place Noun Adjective
Aytolis Aytolisian[106]
Gristonne Gristonne[106]


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