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Laguz Bow

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Laguz Bow

FEPR Laguz Bow concept.png
Concept art of the Laguz Bow from Tellius Recollection: Volume 1.

A bow designed for use against demihumans. It does increased damage against laguz.



First game

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

The Laguz Bow (Japanese: ラグズボウ Laguz Bow) is a bow appearing only in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. It is designed to be used against all types of laguz, dealing bonus damage to them.


Game Icon Level Might Weight Hit Crit Range Uses Worth Exp Other effects and notes
Path of Radiance Is gcn laguz bow.png GCNRankBow.gif C 10 10 75 0 2 15 1,950 2 Deals bonus damage to Is gcn pegasus.png flying and Is gcn laguz.png laguz units.


Path of Radiance

Dropped by Chapter 14, enemy ArcherChapter 19, enemy SniperChapter 26, enemy Sniper*
Steal Chapter 26, enemy Paladin (reinforcement)

Other appearances

Fire Emblem Cipher

The Laguz Bow is present as a skill on one card in Fire Emblem Cipher: B03-038N Lady Knight, Astrid. It gives Astrid an effective bonus against beasts and dragons, adding +20 to her attack power when fighting dragonstone- and fang-wielding units.


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Laguz Bow --
Japanese ラグズボウ Laguz Bow. Referred to in internal files as SHORTBOW, after the Short Bow from previous games.
Spanish Arco antilaguz Laguz bow
French Arc laguz Laguz bow
German Laguzbogen Laguz bow
Italian Arco laguz Laguz bow



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