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This article is about the individual weapon. For the weapon type, see Bow § Crossbows. Not to be confused with Croissbow.

Is wii crossbow.png
Icon of the crossbow from Radiant Dawn.

A moderately powerful crossbow. It can also hit adjacent enemies.



First game

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

The Crossbow (Japanese: クロスボウ Crossbow) is a common crossbow weapon which appears only in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. It is more powerful than the basic Bowgun, and like the other crossbows but unlike regular bows, it can attack adjacent and distant enemies alike. In exchange its damage calculation completely ignores the user's strength stat and is based only on the Crossbow's own might, giving it a fixed, mostly consistent damage output no matter who uses it. The Crossbow can only be used by members of the Sniper, Marksman, Warrior, and Reaver classes, like all crossbows.


Game Icon Level Might Weight Hit Crit Range Uses Worth WEXP Other effects and notes
Radiant Dawn Is wii crossbow.png -- 28 14 100 0 1–2 35 3,500 -- Ignores the user's strength.
Deals bonus damage to Is wii flying.png flying units.


Radiant Dawn

Dropped by Part 3: Prologue, enemy SilvanoChapter 8, enemy Warrior
Disarm and/or steal* Part 2: Endgame, enemy Sniper (×3)
Part 3: Chapter 4, enemy WarriorChapter 5, enemy WarriorChapter 7, enemy Warrior (×3) • Chapter 8, enemy Sniper*Chapter 10, enemy Sniper (Normal/Hard only)Chapter 11, enemy Sniper (Normal/Hard only)
Part 4: Prologue, enemy WarriorChapter 1, enemy Warrior (Normal/Hard only)Chapter 2, enemy Warrior (×4 in Easy) • Chapter 3, enemy Warrior (×4) • Chapter 4, enemy Warrior (×3/×5)
Armory Part 3: Chapter 6Chapter 11Chapter 12Chapter 13Endgame
Part 4: PrologueChapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Endgame

Other appearances

Fire Emblem Cipher

The Crossbow is present as a skill on one card in Fire Emblem Cipher: B05-059HN Furiously Piercing Bow, Leonardo. It is a manual-activation skill which, for the cost of flipping one bond card, increases Leonardo's range to 1-2 and gives him a +10 attack bonus until the end of the turn.

Flavor text

Game Text
Radiant Dawn
A moderately powerful crossbow.
It can also hit adjacent enemies.


  • In Fire Emblem Gaiden, while the Crossbow itself is not present as an item, enemy Snipers are depicted as wielding crossbows instead of regular bows.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes





Romanized as CROSSBOW in its internal file name.





Grande arbalète

Big crossbow. Abbreviated to Grande arbal. in gameplay for space reasons.









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