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User:Seritinajii/Hair color

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There is a wide variety of hair colors present in the Fire Emblem series, many of which are naturally impossible without hair dye. However, exotic hair colors are a common sight in many forms of fictional media, and Fire Emblem is no exception. There is a whole rainbow of colors from red to purple, silver, and others.

Blue appears to be the most common color, with many main characters having blue hair, such as Marth, Hector, and Ike.

There are still some natural hair colors, but the abnormal colors outnumber the normal. However, this brings up an interesting question: who is there in the Fire Emblem world to say what is "abnormal"?


Characters without any notes can be assumed to have hair of an average, middle blue color.

Ankoku Ryuu to Hikari no Tsurugi


Seisen no Keifu

Thracia 776

Fuuin no Tsurugi

The Blazing Blade

The Sacred Stones

  • Colm
  • Tana
  • This game has the least blue-haired characters, although there are several turquoise-haired characters.

Path of Radiance

Radiant Dawn

Shadow Dragon

  • Frey
  • Athena - a very dark shade. Could even be considered black.
  • Jake - debatable. Could be considered purple.
  • Horace

Shin Monshou no Nazo

  • Kris - My Unit has many hairstyles; blue is one color.
  • Marisha



  • Corrin - My Unit has many hairstyles; blue is one color.
  • Azura - a lighter shade.
  • Shigure - a lighter shade.
  • Arete - a lighter shade.
  • Oboro
  • Reina
  • Peri - tips of her pigtails are pink
  • Beruka - a lighter shade
  • Flora - a lighter shade
  • Lilith - human form; tip of her braid is red

Turquoise, teal, and other blue-green or green-blue colors

Ankoku Ryuu to Hikari no Tsurugi

The Sacred Stones

  • Eirika - a light turquoise-ish color.
  • Ephraim - a light sea green-like color.