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Lost Bloodlines 3/Conversations

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This is a listing of optional conversations in Lost Bloodlines 3, triggered when a character gets into battle against a specific enemy character.

Chrom vs. Sigurd

Sigurd: Lead your army hence. I will not ask again.
Chrom: You speak as though you're the only man with a purpose. Think again!

Chrom vs. King Marth

King Marth: The enemy commander, I presume? Leave. You do not belong here.
Chrom: Perhaps not. But I have my reasons to fight!

Robin (M) vs. Leif

Robin: You're the ones who brought war to this realm, not us! We have to put a stop to you!
Leif: You have it backward, sir! This is our land! You are the invaders here!

Robin (F) vs. Nanna

Nanna: Please return whence you came. The fighting will only get worse.
Robin: Sorry, but we have a job to do here. We won't be walking away just because you ask us to.

Frederick vs. Quan

Frederick: You appear to be a true knight, sir. Might I have the privilege?
Quan: I accept your challenge, sir. May the best knight prevail.

Lissa vs. Ethlyn

Ethlyn: I will stand strong as long as my brother and the others need me!
Lissa: Yeah well, I've got a brother, too. So there!

Sully vs. Eyvel

Eyvel: In the name of the Fiana Freeblades, I will erase you from this land!
Sully: Sounds impressive. But you haven't met a Shepherd yet!

Virion vs. Jamke

Jamke: Go home! You know you've no errand here.
Virion: Does an arrow, once loosed, have no purpose in the air?

Stahl vs. Finn

Stahl: Hmm. I'm starting to wonder if I can take down a knight this good.
Finn: If you have to wonder, you cannot win. Leave before you get hurt.
Stahl: Well, I guess I'll just have to find the courage to try!

Vaike vs. Ogma

Vaike: The Vaike loves fightin' tough guys. Are you a tough guy?
Ogma: Yes, but all I see is talking. Here's your fighting!

Miriel vs. Lewyn

Miriel: I deduce already that this will be a most zesty experience.
Lewyn: An experience? You'd do well to take this fight more seriously.
Miriel: I intend it as a compliment. Did I not project the needed gravitas? You should be honored to have any empirical value at all.

Sumia vs. Catria

Catria: Away with you, visitor! Return to your own world!
Sumia: I wish that I could...
Catria: Then enough words. Defend yourself!

Kellam vs. Arden

Kellam: Fight me! ...I mean, just look at us. It was meant to happen.
Arden: Was it now? Pah! Do your worst!

Lon'qu vs. Navarre

Navarre: I will cut you down.
Lon'qu: You can try.

Maribelle vs. Olwen

Olwen: This is our land! Away with you!
Maribelle: If you want me to leave, you'll have to ask in a civilized manner. I will not abide the grunted demands of a boor like yourself!

[[Ricken vs. Arthur

Ricken: Don't glare at me like that! I'm not some child!
Arthur: Then prove your worth by standing against me.

Panne vs. Athena

Panne: Surrender. You are outmatched.
Athena: Ve vill not! Ve have our pride as a varrior!

Gaius vs. Etzel

Etzel: Whoever you are, you'll have to forgive me for keeping myself alive.
Gaius: Hey, work is work.
Etzel: Precisely!

Cordelia vs. Caeda

Cordelia: It's an honor to fight you, milady. Tales of your exploits inspired me as a child.
Caeda: Tales? Exploits?
Cordelia: I didn't expect you to understand, but this was my only chance to say it...

Gregor vs. Fee

Gregor: Good grieving! Must Gregor trade blows with such a fine young lady?
Fee: Mind your tongue! Through me runs the blood of Silesse's finest pegasus knight!

Salem vs. Nowi

Salem: Fie! Have we been reduced to beating on children?
Nowi: I'm not a child. I'm a force of nature!

Libra vs. Saias

Libra: You're certain we need to do this?
Saias: Only if you refuse to leave.
Libra: Gods know why I even bother asking...

Tharja vs. Deirdre

Deirdre: Begone, ill creature!
Tharja: Oh, I'll show you the meaning of the word "ill" all right...

Olivia vs. Katarina

Olivia: Um, I don't suppose we could just avoid this fight?
Katarina: We could if you surrendered.
Olivia: ...I'll take that as a no.

Cherche vs. Minerva

Cherche: Minerva of Macedon, was it? Here is a fateful battle if ever I have fought one—isn't that right, Minerva?
Minerva: Why do you look at your wyvern when you address me? Is this some kind of insult?!

Henry vs. Merric

Henry: Ooh! You look tough! I'm going to get splattered all over the place!
Merric: Er, if you know that, ought you not surrender? Ought you not leave?
Henry: What, and miss the best part? Not a chance! Nya ha ha!

Say'ri vs. Ayra

Say'ri: Prithee, tell me: Why do you fight?
Ayra: In Isaach, we repay our debts. Have you no such custom?
Say'ri: Aye, my lady, we do. I will question your conviction no further. Have at ye!

Basilio vs. Arvis

Basilio: Is that furrow in your brow hereditary? You should relax. Live a little!
Arvis: Mock me, will you? I know the life I live. Let death silence you, prattling wretch!

Flavia vs. Malice

Flavia: You look sharp enough. Why not fight for the winning side?
Malice: A sellsword who betrays her clients soon finds her sword doesn't sell.
Flavia: Perhaps, but a dead sellsword fares even worse...

Donnel vs. Dagdar

Donnel: That's right! You an' me! I'll show ya just how far I've come!
Dagdar: Hm? I'd pegged ya for some scrawny villager, but I see I was wrong. All right, lad, let's put ya to the test!

Lucina vs. Pr. Marth

Pr. Marth: I do not know why you dress like me, but I demand you stand down.
Lucina: Alas, I cannot. I owe you much, but this fight was quite literally in the cards. Come!

Owain vs. Ulster

Owain: You will rue the day you wakened the wrath of Owain's secret power. Today, the holy forces of yore will—
Ulster: Are you trying to convince me or yourself? Raise your weapon!
Owain: W-wait a moment! I have to get in the mood first!

Inigo vs. Larcei

Inigo: Lovely lady! Your eyes sparkle like... Ack! They sparkle because there are daggers in them! Have I offended?
Larcei: I've heard enough sweet nothings to last a lifetime, sir. One man is enough!
Inigo: Y-you could at least explain your backstory a bit!

Brady vs. Raquesis

Brady: Hey, princess. Why don't ya go home instead of trying to play with warriors? The battlefield's a great place to chip a nail, yeah?
Raquesis: I'll nail your foul mouth closed!

Kjelle vs. Mareeta

Kjelle: My name is Kjelle, I challenge you to knightly combat!
Mareeta: I can't promise "knightly," but I like a woman with courage! Come on!

Cynthia vs. Ares

Cynthia: Hear me, wrongdoer! Today you answer to the forces of justice. The forces...of me! ...Holy wow! You're the first enemy to listen to the whole speech.
Ares: The least I can do is grant your last words.

Severa vs. Linde

Linde: All invaders of this land shall be punished by my magic!
Severa: Pfft! Funny, I thought punishments were supposed to be intimidating...

Gerome vs. Altena

Altena: I know not why you have come. I know only that you must fall.
Gerome: Then you know nothing. I refuse to die in any world but my own.

Morgan (M) vs. Seliph

Seliph: ...Am I doing the right thing?
Morgan: Oh? You're still debating that? In that case, why not surrender? We'll see no harm comes to you.
Seliph: No! I have to trust in my convictions!
Morgan: Then keep your doubts to yourself! Sheesh.

Morgan (F) vs. Julia

Morgan: Do we really need to do this? Nothing would please me more than to see us all survive...
Julia: Then I beg you stand down, my lady, for I cannot.
Morgan: So a fight is inevitable, then. That's too bad.

Yarne vs. Gharnef

Gharnef: Heh heh. You cannot defeat me. Why not surrender and spend the rest of your days as my pet?
Yarne: Eek! E-every word sends a chill down my spine... But I can't afford to be afraid of you!

Laurent vs. Ced

Ced: Why have you come here, warrior? Ravage your own world!
Laurent: It's customary at this point to engage in a rather long-winded explanation. However, I'm certain such a tactic would not be useful to either of us. Shall we spare ourselves the fruitless discourse and simply engage?

Noire vs. Norne

Norne: Whoa! What's befallen this one? She seemed so calm a moment ago...

Nah vs. Julius

Julius: You strangers fight well. But the time for games is over.
Nah: You think I see this as a game? I take my battles VERY seriously. Now watch me prove it!

Adult Tiki vs. Young Tiki

Adult Tiki: Cease this fight, younger me. There is no way you are stronger.
Young Tiki: But I have to win. I cannot bear being alone again...

Gangrel vs. Legion

Legion: Uwee hee. Look at yous. You's an absolute lunatics!
Gangrel: Ha! There's only one Gangrel, worm, so kindly refer to me in the singular. Now—let's see who's crazier!

Walhart vs. Hardin

Walhart: I know a man who has lost the path when I see one. You will not prevail!
Hardin: I know my path well. You had best prepare yourself for disappointment.

Emmeryn vs. Nyna

Emmeryn: I must fight... Chrom...and the others...need me...
Nyna: A powerful destiny drives you. And while I would sooner not keep you from it, it must be done.

Yen'fay vs. Horace

Horace: I will not retreat. My traitor's life belongs to these—my comrades!
Yen'fay: Well spoken, sir. If only I did not feel the same...

Aversa vs. Raydrik

Aversa: Oh, my. Now here's a drab man. Come closer, darling. Let me smooth out some of those...rough edges.
Raydrik: You dare mock me, vixen? I need no assistance from you.