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Smash Brethren 1/Script

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Old Hubba: Ah! You have returned once again! Huzzah!
Chrom: Old Hubba. Now then, where are we off to? One of your troubled Outrealms? More historical heroes we need to defeat, I assume?
Old Hubba: Yes, indeed, indeed. An army of rogue Einherjar. ...Er, two armies, in fact. And, um...well, they shooed me away before I could convince either you were allies.
Chrom: They shooed you away...?
Old Hubba: Said my staring was all creepy! Pah! Why would I peep at a mage?! All those robes. No, it was the pegasus knight BEHIND the mage I was looking at, heh heh... Mmm…
Chrom: *Sigh* Let's just get to the battle...


Edward: Empress! A party has appeared just outside this chamber.
Sanaki: A force from another world…
Edward: Can we count them as allies?
Sanaki: With no proof of such, we must assume they stand against us.
Edward: Then we must take them down.
Sanaki: Yes.
Edward: There are several other chambers down here as well…
Sanaki: Yes, there may be more enemies waiting inside any of them. Be careful, Edward.
Edward: Always.
Robin: appears to be some sort of subterranean ruin.
Chrom: It's close quarters—we'll need to position ourselves carefully. Have we located the enemy?
Robin: The first room on the right—units are mobilizing against us.
Chrom: I see several other rooms as well... There could be more enemies inside any of them.
Robin: Or perhaps allies…
Chrom: In any case, let's start with the flies in swatting distance. Move out!

(turn 1 enemy phase)

Elincia: Visitors from another world... Why would they come all this way? Just to fight against us...? I pray we're not making a terrible mistake here...

(turn 1 other phase)

Shanna: I hear troops marching... What's all the commotion?
Lugh: It appears another army has joined the fray.
Shanna: Are they with us or against us?
Lugh: An excellent question. But as I see it, any enemy of our enemy—
Shanna: Is a friend!
Lugh: Or at least a stroke of good luck. Let's not jump to conclusions.
Shanna: Then let us confirm it firsthand. Come on!

(upon the center west door opening)

Titania: What? Who opened the door?
Soren: Take care. It could be a trap.
Titania: ...What's going on outside?
Soren: Seems the fighting's begun. I don't recognize one side…
Titania: More enemies?
Soren: A logical assumption.
Titania: Then they must fall. Follow me!

(upon the center east door opening)

Ike: What? The door just…
Elincia: How fares the battle out there?
Ike: Hard to say from here, but it appears they've called in reinforcements.
Elincia: What should we do?
Ike: We? We should fight. But you should stay here.
Elincia: What? Why?
Ike: Because I can tell you have your doubts, and doubts will get you killed out there. Let us deal with the battle until you sort it out.
Elincia: No, Ike. I cannot stay behind while you all put yourselves in danger. I will fight with you.
Ike: ...You're certain?
Elincia: I will fight with you. Yes. I won't waver.

(upon the north east door opening)

Lilina: Roy! The doors have finally opened!
Roy: Then there's still hope. Let's get back in the fight! The others need our help.
Lilina: Agreed!

(upon the north west door opening)

Sephiran: Huh? Why did the doors open? ...Why now?
Micaiah: I didn't touch them... It must be a trick of some kind.
Sephiran: The enemy seems to have enlisted some kind of otherworldly force.
Micaiah: If they think that's all it will take, they're in for a big surprise!

Other text

Enemy battle-entry lines

These lines are the normal battle-entry lines. For the special conversations invoked between special characters, see Smash Brethren 1/Conversations.

Ike: You just stroll in here and act like you own the place? Try this on for size!
Mist: Please! Leave this place!
Titania: Now you will face Titania, deputy commander of the Greil Mercenaries!
Lucia: This is our world! Our rules!
Elincia: Could we be the ones in the wrong? No, Elincia. Trust in our cause!
Nephenee: A fight? As you wish.
Zihark: If a fight is upon me, then I will give it my all!
Brom: Must be rough, marching all the way here from another world…
Leonardo: What say you go back to your world and let us get on with our lives in ours? ...No?
Micaiah: Whoever you are, making an enemy of me was a mistake.
Sigrun: No one defies the empress and lives.
Soren: Whatever your must be dealt with.
Mia: You move well. I can tell I'm going to enjoy this fight…
Ashnard: Hmph... You're outmatched.
Sanaki: Who are you? Begone from this world! I command it!
Sephiran: You'd do better not to fight me, but I won't stop you.
Sothe: Leave or die, but don't waste any more of my time.
Edward: Whatever brought you here can't keep you here! I won't let it!
Geoffrey: A knight lives for the fight and rises to every challenge!
Black Knight: A challenge, is it? Hmm. First, a test to see if you've earned that privilege!

Death quotes


Roy: The in the visitors' hands...
Cecilia: It seems I'm a better teacher than I am a warrior...
Zephiel: I am done... Now those warriors from afar must prove their worth...
Lilina: Roy will finish...what I've started!
Lugh: Raigh, can you hear me? They're...they're too strong...
Sophia: Even if I'll never...
Raigh: If I can't stop them... How will Lugh?
Shanna: Nngh, they got me...I have to escape...
Wolt: Sorry, Lord Roy...I can't...ahh...
Perceval: The forces of Tellius have been trained well... I underestimated them...


Ike: Hmph... Not bad...
Mist: I'm sorry...Ike...
Titania: All the years...finally caught up with me...
Lucia: How...? They should be out of their element...
Elincia: You have won... I pray this means...yours was the more noble cause...
Nephenee: No...I cannot...rrgh...
Zihark: Incredible... I know when I'm beaten...
Brom: All right, all right...nngh... You win...
Leonardo: Rrgh... Damn their strength... They're too experienced...
Micaiah: How could we be outmatched? Nngh... The others have to escape... Live to fight again...
Sigrun: Beware, Empress! They are...strong...
Soren: I...miscalculated...
Mia: Ahh...well fought...
Ashnard: Good! How my heart quickens! We must do this...again...
Sanaki: Nngh... I am empress and apostle! You shall pay for this affront...
Sephiran: I've no choice. I must withdraw...
Sothe: Agh, I have to retreat...
Edward: No... How could...
Geoffrey: A fighter like you...could have saved us so much hardship...
Black Knight: Never did I think to meet my this world...


Chrom: That's all of them. But these ruins go deeper…
Robin: I don't sense any threat. I think it's safe to say we're done here.
Chrom: Then it's time to go.
Robin: Chrom, one moment. We found this in one of the western chambers.
Chrom: An Einherjar card? "Elincia, Devoted Queen." She was a great hero of Tellius, if I remember correctly. What's her story, I wonder?

Elincia Recruitment Conversation

Elincia: I knew you were not my enemy. I should have listened to my heart. Please forgive me for wronging you. My name is Elincia. I don't suppose you have heard of me?

(Question: Have you heard of Elincia?)

(if answering Yes)
Elincia: Then I've underestimated you, my <lord/lady>. After such brilliant fighting, I should put nothing past you again.

(if answering No)
Elincia: That stands to reason. By birth, I am queen of Crimea, a kingdom on the continent of Tellius. But it was believed my existence would create unwelcome political strife. Because of this, I was raised in secrecy and kept from my people. But a sheltered life taught me other things. ...Self-sufficiency being one.

(after the previous answer)
Elincia: <Lord/Lady> Robin, was it? I wish to ask you something. Your world has kingdoms, yes? Or something akin to them? They come in many forms in my world, and each is led by a ruler. Some are strong and kind, but far too many are tyrants of the highest order. Tell me, what is your ruler like? He must be flawless for one as great as you to serve him...

(Question: Do you serve a flawless ruler?)

(if answering Yes)
Elincia: Then count me jealous...I did not ask to rule Crimea—the duty was thrust upon me by birth. Still, I often wonder whether or not I am living up to my people's expectations. Please, tell me more about your ruler, <Lord/Lady> Robin. Perhaps I might learn something from it...

(if answering No)
Elincia: Really? That surprises me. I know kings are only mortal, and mortals are flawed, but still... There must be rulers greater than me. I tend to hesitate when the situation calls for swift decisions. Still, I endeavor each day to serve my people as best I am able. Could it be your ruler has the same doubts? What about the other kings and leaders of your world, <Lord/Lady> Robin? Surely they must all see things quite differently. Please, tell me more about them. Such insight may make me a better queen...Mmm...I see... Thank you, <Lord/Lady> Robin. You know tales of many kings and the myriad paths they walk. I feel as if I see things more clearly. Will you be returning to your own world now? If so, I should very much like to join you. It's the least I can do in exchange for the knowledge you've shared.

(should the player choose to recruit Elincia)

Elincia: I'll join you on the battle lines.