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Smash Brethren 1/Conversations

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This is a listing of optional conversations in Smash Brethren 1, triggered when a character either speaks to a specific NPC ally character or gets into battle against a specific enemy character.

Conversations with ally characters

Chrom with Roy

Roy: Thank you for your help, er...
Chrom: Chrom. I'm the commander of these otherworldly forces.
Roy: Why are you here?
Chrom: Er, yes... the reason why we came? ...Here? ...Today? ...That reason? (Damn...Neither side believes they summoned us... But I can't tell him the truth...)
Roy: Did you say something?
Chrom: No, it's nothing. Would you believe I'm not really certain why we're here myself?
Roy: Really?
Chrom: There was a sudden surge of light, and then boom! We woke up here.
Roy: ...But none of your troops seem surprised or disoriented.
Chrom: Well... *ahem* That's because we...have drilled for this situation.
Roy: ...You train to be transported by random surges of light?
Chrom: They could strike at any moment! We must be prepared.
Roy: That's...interesting. In any case, we are most grateful for the help. Thank you.
Chrom: Of course. Grrr... Damn you, Hubba!

Stahl with Cecilia

Stahl: Do you need any help over here?
Cecilia: So far I'm holding my own. Thank you
Stahl: What about supplies?
Cecilia: I think I'll manage.
Stahl: *Sigh* All right, I'll try asking elsewhere
Cecilia: Are you always this fastidious?
Stahl: It's all I'm really good at. Pretty pathetic, right?
Cecilia: I didn't say that. Being prepared saves lives. Our group could stand to learn a thing or two from you.
Stahl: Really? Wow, I... Um...
Cecilia: Did I offend?
Stahl: No, I'm just not used to compliments. I'm trying to figure out how to react.
Cecilia: Hah!

Miriel with Zephiel

Miriel: Pardon me.
Zephiel: What, damn you?
Miriel: My name is Miriel. I have journeyed here from another world
Zephiel: Fascinating. And?
Miriel: You seem to be distancing yourself from your compatriots. Is there any reason?
Zephiel: How is that your concern?
Miriel: Despite exceptional ability, you tend to minimize interactions with allied units. An understanding of your psyche might provide solutions to future problems. Such as, for example, a soldier of like disposition appearing in our own ranks.
Zephiel: What rubbish.
Miriel: Expound upon this, please.
Zephiel: You just said I'm exceptional, right? Do I really need other people to be more exceptional?
Miriel: It is not outside the realm of possibility.
Zephiel: What about the theory that others will just get in my way?
Miriel: Also a valid theory.
Zephiel: Then why divert me from a theory I've proven to test one that may fail?
Miriel: ...Pure scientific curiosity?
Zephiel: You know what they say about curiosity and the cat.
Miriel: There are no studies that proven felines any more cautious than other mammals...

Kellam with Lilina

Lilina: Knight from afar, I just wanted to thank you for fighting alongside us.
Kellam: ...I'm sorry. Are you talking to me?
Lilina: Who else would I be talking to?
Kellam: *Gasp* You actually see me?!
Lilina: Don't be silly. How could I miss you in that hulking suit of armor?
Kellam: Ah, so what you REALLY saw was my armor.
Lilina: Hmm, perhaps. I grew up amidst men in hulking armor, after all.
Kellam: And here I thought she noticed ME...

Gaius with Lugh

Gaius: Hey, wait a minute!
Lugh: Something wrong?
Gaius: Did you change clothes when I wasn't looking?
Lugh: Haha! You must have bumped into my twin brother.
Gaius: Aren't you two a little young to be fighting?
Lugh: Yeah, probably.
Gaius: Don't your parents worry?
Lugh: ...We grew up in an orphanage
Gaius: Oh.
Lugh: And my caretaker there was killed in the war.
Gaius: I'm sorry to hear it.
Lugh: It's all right. Others have seen worse.
Gaius: Nothing a little sugar won't cure. You want a bite of this?
Lugh: Oh, s-sure. Thanks!

Tharja with Sophia

Tharja: Might I borrow you for a moment?
Sophia: What...what can I do for you?
Tharja: You wield dark magic, right?
Sophia: Yes... Why?
Tharja: Hee. Then maybe you can help.
Sophia: With...what, exactly?
Tharja: Teach me some of the hexes you use in your world. That's as basic as dark magic gets, isn't it?
Sophia: Hexes? I don't really dabble in...I's not really right to...
Tharja: Don't try and hide it. You wield frightful power. You derive great pleasure from the torment of others!
Sophia: ...Oh. Is that a vulnerary over there? I'd better pick it up... Good-bye!
Tharja: You can run from me, but you cannot run from your dark destiny! Hee hee...

Olivia with Raigh

Raigh: You.
Olivia: Uh, me?
Raigh: You come from another world, right? Can I ask you a favor?
Olivia: What is it?
Raigh: They say you're a good dancer. Can you show me? I'm curious if I've ever seen moves like yours.
Olivia: Do I have to?
Raigh: Dancers in our world give warriors the will to keep fighting. Maybe you have the same power.
Olivia: Yes, but I... I just... I have this thing about dancing, see?
Raigh: What? Are you sick?
Olivia: No, just...painfully shy.
Raigh: But they say you're amazing! How did you develop stage fright? Your world must be one strange place.
Olivia: Um, I guess?

Cherche with Shanna

Shanna: There, there...
Cherche: Is something amiss with your mount?
Shanna: She's in pain. A rock got wedged in her hoof
Cherche: Oh, that is dreadful. May I have a look? ...Ah, that's no so bad. I can get that out for you. You just need to... There.
Shanna: Oh, you did it! Thank you!
Cherche: You are quite welcome. My Minerva often chips her talons and loses scales. I suppose I've got a knack for these things.
Shanna: You'll have to teach me some of those tricks later.
Cherche: I would be delighted.

Noire with Wolt

Wolt: Hey, listen...
Noire: Wh-what is it?!
Wolt: What was all that screaming about blood and vengeance and such?
Noire: Oh, uh... Heh heh. That? Nothing.
Wolt: You almost seem like two people. Is that how folks in your world act?
Wolt: ...Uh, well, it helps to be ready for it when making conversation, for one.
Noire: ...Oh. In that case, don't worry. It's just a me thing.
Wolt: So everyone else, normal?
Noire: Hey! I'm totally normal!
Wolt: Uh-huh, totally normal...

Nah with Perceval

Nah: Pardon me, sir knight!
Perceval: Hmm? Who are you?
Nah: My name is Nah, and I hail from a world far from here. I was hoping to ask you something.
Perceval: Yes? What?
Nah: Do you have beings like me in your world, sir?
Perceval: Women who turn into dragons?
Nah: Exactly!
Perceval: Aye, that we do.
Nah: You mean it?
Perceval: Why is it so important?
Nah: Well, there's almost on one like me back in my world. I guess I was hoping to meet someone like me here.
Perceval: Then I am sorry to disappoint, my lady, but dragonkin are few even in our world.
Nah: I see...
Perceval: But cheer up. If dragonkin exist in our two worlds, then they must exist in others as well. And just imagine how many worlds there must be!
Nah: ...Hmm, that is a comforting thought. Thank you, sir knight!
Perceval: Of course.

Conversations with enemy characters

Chrom vs. Ike

Ike: You're the commander of these otherworldly forces? You seem like a man who could be reasoned with.
Chrom: I would be, but I'm not here to reason—I'm here to fight. Shall we?

Frederick vs. Titania

Titania: Warrior from afar. Persist in this fight, and you will face me—Titania, deputy commander of the Greil Mercenaries!
Frederick: It sounds as though you and I hold similar positions, milady. I welcome your challenge!

Lissa vs. Mist

Mist: Please! Leave this place!
Lissa: Hey, you want to gripe? Gripe to my brother.

Sully vs. Lucia

Lucia: Who are you? Why are you attacking us?
Sully: Hell if I care. Chrom gives orders and I crack skulls. That's how we work.

Sumia vs. Elincia

Sumia: I fight in the name of peace! So, uh...okay then.
Elincia: You can be bolder than that. I am no delicate flower that wilts at a threat.
Sumia: N-no, it's not you. It's definitely me.

Panne vs. Zihark

Zihark: Are you...a laguz? Leave. I don't want to fight you.
Panne: You are mistaken. I am a taguel. And you WILL fight me!

Gregor vs. Brom

Brom: Must be rough, marching all the way here from another world...
Gregor: Is job. Gregor not mind. You also mercenary, yes? They pay well?
Brom: Not in the slightest. Shall we?

Nowi vs. Leonardo

Nowi: Hey! Play with me.
Leonardo: Hey! No. We're enemies, remember?
Nowi: Oh. In that case, I'll roast you alive!
Leonardo: ...Well, I'd say you pretty well covered both extremes there.

Tharja vs. Micaiah

Tharja: Look at you: strong, proud, beautiful... I'm going to enjoy breaking you.
Micaiah: Better than you have tried and failed, you otherworldly fiend!

Cherche vs. Sigrun

Sigrun: No one defies the empress and lives.
Cherche: Oh, so just by being here, I'm expected to submit to your ruler?
Sigrun: There is one other option: you can die!

Henry vs. Soren

Henry: Oh, are we fighting? Because I'm kind of powerful.
Soren: Why should I care? If you're an enemy of Ike's, you have to deal with me.

Say'ri vs. Mia

Mia: You move well. I can tell I'm going to enjoy this fight.
Say'ri: As will I, from the look of it. But I shall let our blades decide.

Donnel vs. Nephenee

Donnel: Gosh, but yer purdy! Do I really have to fight ya?
Nephenee: ......
Donnel: Why do girls do that? It's this here pot on m'head, ain't it?

Owain vs. Sothe

Owain: At last I have you, archenemy! See how my sword hand—
Sothe: Huh? I don't even know you, so you can skip the speeches.

Severa vs. Edward

Severa: Hey, you. You're seriously planning to fight me? Because I do have better things to do than play with boys.
Edward: In that case, I don't have time to fight with girls!
Severa: Oh, so you think I can't win because I'm a girl? That's it. I'm going to rip you apart!
Edward: Look, just make up your mind...

Gerome vs. Geoffrey

Geoffrey: A mask? Hiding a weighty past, are we?
Gerome: You should be less concerned with my appearance than the battle before you.

Noire vs. the Black Knight

Noire: Scary guy? Check. Black armor? Check. Concealed face? Check. Um...this is not good.
Black Knight: Flee home to your own realm, little one.
Noire: Um...this is not good. ACK! B-but, I can't do that...

Walhart vs. Ashnard

Ashnard: You wear a bold expression, but you're outmatched.
Walhart: You are lost. But once I have broken you, I will put you on the right path.

Emmeryn vs. Sanaki

Emmeryn: face me...
Sanaki: Why are you on a battlefield if you can barely talk?
Emmeryn: My...reasons...

Aversa vs. Sephiran

Aversa: My, aren't you a fine soldier?
Sephiran: Save your breath, witch.
Aversa: So be it! I'll scar up that pretty little face of yours!