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To War/Script (Blue Lions)

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Note: Some story events may be slighly modified depending on what characters have previously fallen in battle (Classic Mode only).

White Clouds
Lone Moon

To War

Opening Narration FETH Blue Lions symbol.png

Ss fe16 chapter 12 mural.png
Together, the people of Fódlan relish the beauty of the brilliant moon overhead as another year ends. They recall sad partings and new acquaintances alike, but each person must still walk their chosen path alone. With each day, the presence of spring grows stronger and yet a lone moon still haunts the sky. A silent reminder, perhaps, of some inescapable truth...
— Chapter 12 opening narration

Event - The Imperial Army Rises

Date: 3/17
Audience Chamber

(Rhea, along along with Byleth and Seteth, talk about the recent news...)
Rhea: Unforgivable! I cannot believe that the Adrestian Empire would embark on such a violent course of action.
Seteth: The fault is my own. I failed to see the wickedness within Edelgard's heart.

Choice 1 Choice 2
Is she wicked? What is her objective?
Seteth: She plotted with ill-meaning strangers to achieve her own ambitions and defiled the Holy Tomb. If that is not wicked, what is? Seteth: There is no question on that front. She clearly wishes to conquer all of Fódlan. And in order to achieve her own selfish ambitions, she plotted with ill-meaning strangers and defiled the Holy Tomb.

Seteth: Or perhaps her ambitions are even grander than we know. Perhaps she is planning to make herself a false deity by demonizing the Church of Seiros...
Rhea: Adrestia received its very name through a divine oracle. To injure the goddess is a sin most foul that shall not be forgiven nor forgotten. We must stop the Empire...and quickly.
(Shamir arrives. She bears news.)
Shamir: I have returned, Rhea.
Rhea: Welcome back, Shamir. Were you able to discern the Empire's movements?
Shamir: Their main troops are marching towards Garreg Mach. It is said that they will join forces with Edelgard's army and arrive within two weeks.
Seteth: Two weeks? That is not enough time! It will require all of our efforts just to prepare our defenses before then. We must send notice to all surrounding villages at once. We must order the residents of Garreg Mach to flee for their lives.
Shamir: It will be done.
(Shamir leaves.)
Rhea: ...Professor...listen closely. If our enemy invades the monastery, I will have no choice but to stand upon the battlefield. If something happens to me...I am entrusting my sacred duties to you.

Choice 1 Choice 2
Why me? Sacred duties?

Rhea: You must have guessed it by now. The truth of who you are. Or perhaps I should say, your lost memories are surely beginning to return. I have acted all these long years as a mere proxy for you. But the duty is yours and yours alone. Only you can lead the people of Fódlan.
(Byleth nods, then leaves...)
Seteth: ...Rhea, please. You must tell me all that you know. I beg of you.
Rhea: ...
Seteth: That the progenitor god. Am I correct?
Rhea: In a sense. Our dear professor is...a vessel. One who carries the power of the progenitor god within. In time, the vessel will become one with the power contained within, and the progenitor god shall return to this world.
Seteth: I see. I trust that you are aware of the questionable nature of this experiment? But I suppose there is no turning back...
Rhea: I ask that you help our friend...and in doing so, help her. I am waiting and hoping for the moment when our creator rules this wayward land once more.

If Byleth & Seteth's C-Support has been seen Otherwise

Seteth: I understand. As ever, I will take you at your word.
(Flayn suddenly reveals herself on the room.)
Flayn: Brother... I believe in my professor. I wish to help. No matter the cost.
Seteth: Flayn! Were you eavesdropping? Regardless, I am glad to hear it. You owe your life to the professor, after all. And in the end, they may prove to be our brethren.
Rhea: You have my gratitude, Seteth. And you as well, Flayn. As followers of the progenitor god, it is up to us to see our mission through.

Exploration: To War

Date: 3/21 and 3/28

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Event - To War

Date: 3/29
Reception Hall

(Alois and Byleth stand before the Blue Lions.)
Alois: Listen up, everyone! The Imperial army is upon us. If you can fight, pick up a weapon! Everyone else, hurry up and evacuate! We have the goddess's protection on our side. We have nothing to fear. Victory will be ours!
(Catherine arrives and joins them.)
Catherine: Professor, are you ready?


Catherine: Well, hurry up. I don't need to tell you that the situation is dire. We have some support troops from the local nobles, but the army we're facing is immense. No matter how you look at it, we're at a disadvantage. To make matters worse, the enemy is being led by Edelgard. Do not underestimate how extraordinary her abilities are.
Dimitri: They're here. At long last.
Felix: It seems this will be a battle to remember. About time.
Ashe: I'll never give up, no matter how outnumbered we are. I'll fight to the very end!
Sylvain: Hm, I should have made a move on the Imperial princess before things got this far. It could have changed everything.
Mercedes: We have the goddess's divine protection on our side. All that's left is to try our best.
Annette: All we can do is fight as best we can. Though...if I'm being honest, I'm really scared right now...
Ingrid: We can't just hand over the Kingdom and the monastery. We'll stop her, no matter what it takes!

(Dedue notices Dimitri's head has been looking downwards, lost in thought...)
Dedue: Your Highness. You do not seem...well.
(Everyone is now silently looking at Dimitri.)
Dimitri: Hah! Unwell, you say? What's gotten into you? Nothing could be farther from the truth. I'm so happy I can hardly contain myself.
Dimitri: My father. My stepmother. My dear friends. They want her head. They want her life. They've whispered as much to me. And the chance to answer their pleas has arrived, at long last!

Choice 1 Choice 2
Don't lose control out there. Don't act rashly. We're in this together.
Dimitri: Hahaha! I'm always in control, Professor! And I'll stay in control until I have the pleasure of killing that woman. Dimitri: Haha! Of course, of course. But don't mistake my intentions. Edelgard will die by my hand, and mine alone.

Dimitri: Let's move, Professor. Even if it costs me my life, I won't rest until I've crushed her skull in my bare hands!

Battle: The Battle of Garreg Mach

Date: 3/31
Monastery (Outer Wall)

Before Battle

Knight of Seiros: I have a report! The enemy is within the walls. They're about to break the defensive line!
Dedue: The archbishop and the defensive line both require our assistance. We must protect them until reinforcements get here.

Player Phase 1

Knight of Seiros: Report! The enemy has taken the entrances where the reinforcements were heading!
Dedue: We must retake the strongholds to the east and west so our reinforcements can get through.

After Hubert Falls (if Shamir wasn't recruited)

Shamir: I brought reinforcements. I'll send them to the front line.

After the Death Knight Falls (if Catherine wasn't recruited)

Catherine: I'm here, and I've brought reinforcements! Don't worry—we'll protect the monastery.

One Stronghold has been Recovered

Dedue: One stronghold secured.

Both Stronghold has been Recovered

Dedue: Both strongholds secured, with time to spare.

If the Enemy Reaches the Marked Tiles

Dedue: They have taken the monastery. We have lost...

Ally - Rhea

If Rhea has been attacked:

The goddess protects us... What is there to fear of rebel swords... This is blasphemy against the goddess! Stop this now!
— If Rhea has been attacked at least once

Defeat Quote:

N-no... I cannot fall here...
— Rhea's Defeat Quote

Sub Boss - Hubert

Vs Anyone:

What you fail to appreciate is that we have, at our backs, a force you cannot hope to defeat.
— Hubert Vs Anyone

Vs Byleth:

Lady Edelgard held you in such high esteem. In the end, however, it seems you are nothing more than a slave to your goddess.
— Hubert Vs Byleth

Vs Black Eagles:

Such a shame. There are people in the Empire you truly care about, too, aren't there? I wonder what will become of them.
— Hubert Vs Black Eagles

Defeat Quote:

I can afford to fall back. We still have the advantage.
— Hubert's Defeat Quote

Sub Boss - Death Knight

Vs Anyone:

This fight is but a the ravaging of the sacred place that is Garreg Mach...
— Death Knight Vs Anyone

Vs Byleth:

This battlefield is too chaotic...for us to kill each other upon...
— Death Knight Vs Byleth

Defeat Quote:

The time is not right... I will wait for the next opportunity...
— Death Knight's Defeat Quote

Sub Boss - Randolph

If an unit enters Randolph's Range:

A wonderful chance to earn some recognition! I'll be the one to take down the monastery!
— If an unit enters Randolph's Range

Vs Anyone:

I have no choice but to distinguish myself in this fight!
— Randolph Vs Anyone

Vs Caspar:

Caspar: Huh. This guy seems real familiar...
Randolph: Y-you dastard! Aren't you...
Caspar: Eh, that doesn't matter right now. Let's go!

— Randolph Vs Caspar

Defeat Quote:

Argh! I'm finished. I'm loathe to say it, but I must retreat...
— Randolph's Defeat Quote

Sub Boss - Ladislava

If Edelgard's Attacked from her Starting Point:

I will not allow you to get any closer to Her Majesty!
— If Edelgard's Attacked from her Starting Point

Vs Anyone:

My life was changed forever by Her Majesty... Now, I lay it on the line. For the Empire!
— Ladislava Vs Anyone

Defeat Quote:

Lady Edelgard, I'm so sorry! I can't keep going! I must retreat!
— Ladislava's Defeat Quote

Main Boss - Edelgard

Vs Anyone:

You will come to regret raising your blade against the emperor of the Adrestian Empire!
— Edelgard Vs Anyone

Vs Byleth:

I wish you were someone whose heart could be swayed by my words and deeds. If it were so, I would have done anything to make you my ally...
— Edelgard Vs Byleth

Vs Dimitri:

Dimitri: You're late. I... We are all tired of waiting. Now, let's separate that sick head from your neck, shall we?
Edelgard: Heh. You never were one for patience.

— Edelgard Vs Dimitri

Vs Black Eagles:

Think very carefully about whether you wish to raise your sword against the Empire...or if you will offer it to us in fealty. And after you've thought it through, if you still wish to fight, I won't stop you. I will simply use the full extent of my power...and crush you.
— Edelgard Vs Black Eagles

Vs Constance:

Edelgard: So, House Nuvelle has chosen the path that will lead to its ultimate demise. How pitiable.
Constance: As you say, I have forfeited my claim on being a noble of the Empire. That is why you must permit me to challenge you in combat, that I may establish a new House Nuvelle.
Edelgard: As you wish. Let's see if your resolve is a match for my own.

— Edelgard Vs Constance

After Battle

Edelgard: You fought well. But now, your fight is over. Send in our reserve troops! And give my uncle the signal!

Rhea: this?!

Movie - Descent

Ss fe16 descent icon.png

Byleth & Rhea watch the battle at the top of a cliff near the monastery. They see in the distance, right past the outer walls of Garreg Mach, a large amount of Imperial soldiers marching in unison.
Byleth looks on. Determined to stop the army, they prepare to unsheathe their sword.
Rhea grabs their shoulder and stops them. She walks in front of them, determined to be the one to stop the soldiers. Rhea looks back at Byleth and speaks.

Rhea: Everyone here, young and old, is in your hands.

Byleth relunctantly hides their sword, nods, and leaves to support the others.
Rhea now stands alone on the cliff.

Rhea: No. I will not allow another Red Canyon tragedy to happen here.

A green light envelops Rhea. It is possible to see the pupils in her eyes sharpen as it happens...
The light bursts, revealing now a giant white dragon where Rhea once stood now flies towards the upcoming army.

It's the Immaculate One.

As Claude and Dimitri fight enemy soldiers, the former notices the creature in the sky.

Claude: What is going on?

Byleth is seen guiding a group of students running away from the monastery.
As this happens, The Immaculate One lands and startles some Adrestian soldiers, now fleeing from the dragon.

The Immaculate One proceeds to unleash a breath attack which disintegrates some enemy soldiers and destroys part of the town, crumbling many houses in the process. It seems the dragon might be able to drive the enemy back.
As some Empire soldiers watch the battle unfold, one of the them notice something coming for their aid...

Empire Soldier: What now?

Four Demonic Beasts, shielded by Human-faced masks, are charging between the Imperial army, launching themselves straight at the Immaculate One.
The monsters pounce on the dragon, and while it seems the white dragon might emerge victorious, the demonic beasts eventually overwhelm it, making it crash towards a wall.
Byleth notices from afar what's happening and runs as fast they can while they unsheathe their sword, ready to aid the Immaculate One.
Byleth launches an attack on one of the Demonic Beast's masks, destroying it. This weakens it enough that the dragon is able to knock them all down.
One of them is launched towads a nearby canyon. The others crash into a wall and are crushed by the falling debris which the Immaculate One barely escapes.
Byleth and the dragon then reunite. The creature stands like a human. Suddenly, a familiar voice comes out from it.

It's Rhea's.

Immaculate One: Why did you come?

Byleth then notices someone's watching them. In a nearby hill, Thales and his soldiers can be seen staring.
Thales smirks confidently as an orb of Dark Magic forms in his hands, and is then launched at Byleth with all of his strength.
Byleth attempts to destroy it with their sword, only to be launched to the same canyon the previous monster had just fallen. As they arrive the ground's edge, it explodes.
Rhea attempts to save them but she notices two Demonic Beasts are holding her tail.
As Byleth falls to the depths of the canyon, both them and Rhea scream.

Everything fades to black.

Ending Narration

In Imperial Year 1181, the New Adrestian Emperor, Edelgard von Hresvelg, led a strategic assault against the monastery at Garreg Mach. Though her own losses were great, her foes had no choice but to surrender.
Archbishop Rhea commanded the Knights of Seiros, leading from the front lines against the Imperial Army. But amidst the chaos of battle, she vanished, and her whereabouts remain unknown.
With this single attack, the Adrestian Empire officially launched its offensive against the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus and the Leicester Alliance. The unification of Fódlan has begun.

— Ending narration