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Portrait ezekiel trs01.png

Ezekiel's portrait from TearRing Saga: Yutona Heroes War Chronicles.




Starting class

Axe Knight


Ezekiel (Japanese: エゼキエル Ezekiel) is a playable character appearing in TearRing Saga: Yutona Heroes War Chronicles.

TearRing Saga: Yutona Heroes War Chronicles


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Starting stats and growth rates

Portrait ezekiel trs01.png
Axe Knight
Level 4
Recruitment: Intermission before Map 2; NPC, talk with Runan.
Holmes visits Wellt Castle after Map 12; NPC, talk with Holmes.

Stats Growth Rates

Inventory Skills
Steel Axe Strong Wind
Castle Fighter
Mountain Fighter (Lv 12)
Plains Fighter (Lv 18)
Frontier Fighter (Lv 24)
Swords Spears Axes Bows Staves
Fire magic Thunder magic Wind magic Light magic Dark magic


Ezekiel is a somewhat underwhelming unit. His initial stats don't stand out much, although they are usable, and he lacks any stand-out growths aside from HP and weapon level. He does get a solid selection of different Terrain type skills by level up, giving him additional hit, avoid, and movement in many of the game's maps. His promotion to Sergeant gives him the ability to use both Swords and Lances, when combined with his strong weapon level makes him a decently formidable combatant, although his low speed can become an issue if using heavier weapons.

Ezekiel should not be picked after Chapter 1. Lee, Narron, and Luka all have much better cases for being picked, be they story events, superior stats, or both. If Ezekiel is picked at the second opportunity into Holmes' party, he will not miss any meaningful story events and can still be used for the Leteena event, which he is required for, and will have ample time to grow his stats on Holmes Split 1. Note that Lionel, who is of the same class as Ezekiel but possesses superior stats, will be unavailable if this option is taken.

The main reason to recruit Ezekiel is for the Leteena event. Should Ezekiel be in the party at Route Split 3, Leteena and Kreiss will stay in the party instead of leaving permanently. This, however, can be worked around by killing off and then reviving Leteena using the Dakuron after the route split would occur. That said, doing so does not properly trigger the unique ending scene involving Kreiss, Leteena, and Ezekiel.

Overall, Ezekiel possesses the unfortunate quality of being mutually exclusive with some of the most useful units in the game, but his balanced overall statspread and involvement in story events makes him desirable enough, even if he won't end up being one of the player's best units. If the player is not interested in using Leteena, Ezekiel can be safely passed up.


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Battle quotes

Death quotes

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
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Used in Yutona Heroes War Chronicles fan translations.



Officially romanized as Ezekiel.


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