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Liberation of Wellt

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Liberation of Wellt



Fort Wellt



Liberation of Wellt is the seventh chapter in TearRing Saga: Yutona Heroes War Chronicles.


Main article: TearRingSaga:Liberation of Wellt/Script

Runan and co. arrive at Fort Wellt. Eugen sends some of Runan's men to infiltrate the city from the east side, but Marlon reveals that they have been lured across a drawbridge and trapped, much to Eugen's shock and embarrassment. Despite this initial setback, Runan overcomes the Welltese forces and kills General Berom. He also recruits two more soldiers: Thomas, an old friend of Bartz, and Roger, who is able to defect after learning of Mel's safety. After the battle, Runan enters the palace to discover that a Welltese soldier named Lionel has staged a mutiny and arrested Codha, bringing an end to the Welltese civil war. Runan meets with Queen Liza, who gifts him 20,000 G and the soldiers who served with him during the conflict. Sasha also decides to accompany Runan in order to find her father's whereabouts. Runan decides to depart for the mainland tomorrow, and Marlon throws a feast in his honor.

During the party, several members of Runan's army have conversations. Arkis and Kreiss discuss Arkis' rejuvenated morale. Arkis discusses his upcoming marriage to Rina with Esther. Esther decides to accompany Runan as a knight of Wellt, much to Raffin's chagrin; she accuses him of intending to abandon and forget all about her and Marlon as soon as he can return to Barge. Norton invites Lionel to join Runan, but he declines in order to restore order in Wellt. Zeek attempts to slip away from the party to be by himself, but Kate tracks him down and accompanies him in silence. Plum dresses down Bartz for his poor table manners. Vega and Julia get into an argument about their skills and how they were deceived by Lentzenheimer, and Vega learns that Julia is the daughter of the legendary swordsman Yoda. The next day, Marlon sees Runan off and wishes him good luck.

Chapter data

Chapter Data
Unit Data
Victory: Seize Player Partner Other Enemy Third
Defeat: Runan or Enteh dies 12 {{{partner}}} 0 15+7 {{{third}}}
File:Cm trs1 7.png
  • Note: The Map takes place on a world map location consisting of Castle terrain.

Character data

New Units
Portrait thomas trs01.png
Wood Shooter
Enemy, talk with Bartz
Portrait roger trs01.png
Enemy, talk with Mel if he survived Map 4
Returning Characters

Small portrait runan trs01.pngSmall portrait kreiss trs01.pngSmall portrait arkis trs01.pngSmall portrait garo trs01.pngSmall portrait sasha trs01.pngSmall portrait kate trs01.pngSmall portrait lee trs01.pngSmall portrait ezekiel trs01.pngSmall portrait narron trs01.pngSmall portrait ruka trs01.pngSmall portrait esther trs01.pngSmall portrait raffin trs01.pngSmall portrait barts trs01.pngSmall portrait enteh trs01.pngSmall portrait julia trs01.pngSmall portrait plum trs01.pngSmall portrait mahter trs01.pngSmall portrait vega trs01.pngSmall portrait raquel trs01.pngSmall portrait zeek trs01.pngSmall portrait maruju trs01.pngSmall portrait mel trs01.pngSmall portrait norton trs01.png

Item data

Name Obtainment Method
Is ps1 gladiator.png Gladiator Visit the house with the blue roof.
Is ps1 bridge key.png Bridge Key Visit the house above the one with the blue roof.
Is ps1 armor killer.png Armor Killer Visit the northern house.
Is ps1 thunder.png Thunder Dropped by a High Mage.
Is ps1 distant healing staff.png Distant Healing Staff Dropped by a Bishop.
Is ps1 sword breaker.png Sword Breaker Dropped by Berom.
Is ps1 gold bag.png 20,000 G Automatically at the end of the chapter.

Shop data

Armories and vendors

Swords Spears Axes Bows Tomes Staves Items Secret

Name Cost
Is ps1 iron sword.png
Iron Sword 1,000
Is ps1 steel sword.png
Steel Sword 1,500

Enemy data

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Enemy Units
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes
Codha Duke 1 1 Estoc Retreats from battle before the start of turn 1.
Ma ps1 armor knight enemy.gif
Wellt Army Armor Knight 3 2 Steel Sword --
Ma ps1 armor knight enemy.gif
Wellt Army Armor Knight 4 2 Steel Sword Starts moving unprovoked.
Wellt Army Bowman 4 1 Iron Bow Stands on a tower.
Wellt Army Bowman 5 1 Iron Bow Medicinal Herb Stands on a tower.
Ma ps1 archer enemy.gif
Wellt Army Archer 6 1 Repeater Bow Stands on a tower.
Ma ps1 sniper enemy.gif
Wellt Army Sniper 6 1 Iron Bow --
Wellt Army High Mage 6 1 ThunderThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat. --
Ma ps1 bishop enemy.gif
Wellt Army Bishop 6 1 Distant Healing StaffThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat. --
Ma ps1 wood shooter enemy.gif
Wellt Army Wood Shooter 3 1 Repeater Bow --
Ma ps1 wood shooter enemy.gif
Wellt Army Wood Shooter 6 1 Gatling Bow --
Thomas Wood Shooter 3 1 Bowgun --
Berom General 5 1 Sword BreakerThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat. --
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes
Ma ps1 spear rider enemy.gif
Wellt Army Spear Rider 5 4 Lance Medicinal Herb --
Ma ps1 bow rider enemy.gif
Wellt Army Bow Rider 5 2 Bowgun Medicinal Herb --
Ma ps1 paladin roger enemy.gif
Roger Paladin 5 1 Steel Spear Armor Killer
Gale Great Shield Castle Fighter


Boss data

Main article: Berom
Portrait berom trs01.png
Level 5
Movement 4
Max HP 32 Agility 5
Power 8 Luck 7
Magic 0 Defense 11
Skill 8 W. Level 13
Inventory Skills
Sword BreakerThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat. --
Weapon Levels
PS1RankSword.png Yes check.png PS1RankLance.png X mark.png PS1RankAxe.png X mark.png PS1RankBow.png X mark.png PS1RankStaff.png X mark.png
PS1RankFire.png X mark.png PS1RankThunder.png X mark.png PS1RankWind.png X mark.png PS1RankLight.png X mark.png PS1RankDark.png X mark.png


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Liberation of Wellt

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