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Holy Dragon Neuron

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Holy Dragon Neuron






Holy Dragon Neuron is the eighth chapter in TearRing Saga: Yutona Heroes War Chronicles.


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After departing from Wellt, Runan decides to visit Holmes at Isura before returning to the mainland. As he begins to make his way towards Isura, Holmes defeats a band of pirates led by Maerhen and drives them off the island. He rescues a shaman named Katri, who explains that she and her adoptive father Law were on their way to the Temple of Mars to place her under the protection of Ezenbah when they were ambushed by the pirates and Law was slain. Katri discovers a Zombie Staff and begins swinging it around in an attempt to resurrect Law, accidentally summoning a horde of hostile zombies. Runan arrives just as Holmes and his companions are starting to be overrun by the zombies, and help him drive them off.

During the battle, Holmes recognizes a bracelet in Katri's possession as being identical to one on a mural in the Fire Shrine depicting the goddess Yutona granting a bracelet to her daughter Salia; he realizes that the bracelet is the legendary Ring of Salia and that Katri is a descendant of the Salia royal family. Overcome by fear and exhaustion, Katri accidentally taps into the Ring's powers and transforms into the holy dragon Neuron. Maerhen also returns and attempts to retake control of the island before fleeing with a hostage, Renee.

After the battle, Holmes explains Katri's royal heritage to her and that powers like hers typically manifest on the wielder's fifteenth birthday, of which Katri's is today. Katri expresses horror at the prospect of becoming a dragon and Holmes suggests getting rid of the Ring of Salia, but Enteh reveals that anyone else who takes possession of the Ring can force her to become Neuron, potentially costing her her sanity. Holmes vows to protect Katri. Julia reunites with her brother Shigen, who serves as Holmes' second-in-command, and Garo departs Runan's company to return to Holmes' service. As Runan departs, Holmes explains that he is only expecting to fight pirate riffraff and will be able to pick and choose his battles; he offers to take some of Runan's less experienced soldiers off his hands to bring them up to shape.

Chapter data

Chapter Data
Unit Data
Victory: Seize Player Partner Other Enemy Third
Defeat: Runan, Enteh, or Katri dies 10 {{{partner}}} 0 18+22 {{{third}}}
File:Cm trs1 8.png
  • Note: The Map takes place on a world map location consisting of Frontier terrain.

Character data

New Units
Portrait katri trs01.png
Automatically from turn 1
Portrait xeno trs01.png
Automatically from turn 1
Portrait yuni trs01.png
Automatically from turn 1
Returning Characters

Small portrait runan trs01.pngSmall portrait kreiss trs01.pngSmall portrait arkis trs01.pngSmall portrait garo trs01.pngSmall portrait sasha trs01.pngSmall portrait kate trs01.pngSmall portrait lee trs01.pngSmall portrait ezekiel trs01.pngSmall portrait narron trs01.pngSmall portrait ruka trs01.pngSmall portrait esther trs01.pngSmall portrait raffin trs01.pngSmall portrait barts trs01.pngSmall portrait enteh trs01.pngSmall portrait julia trs01.pngSmall portrait plum trs01.pngSmall portrait mahter trs01.pngSmall portrait vega trs01.pngSmall portrait raquel trs01.pngSmall portrait zeek trs01.pngSmall portrait maruju trs01.pngSmall portrait mel trs01.pngSmall portrait norton trs01.pngSmall portrait thomas trs01.pngSmall portrait roger trs01.png

  • Note: In order to recruit Leteena in Map 25, you must send Kreiss and Arkis to Holmes' army. Kreiss will also eventually need a Healing Drop and an Amulet in his inventory.

Item data

Name Obtainment Method
Is ps1 iron shield.png Iron Shield Open the central chest.
Is ps1 healing drop.png Healing Drop Open the eastern chest.
Is ps1 thunder sword.png Thunder Sword Open the western chest.
Is ps1 thunder shield.png Thunder Shield Open the northwestern chest.
Is ps1 agi plus.png Agility Plus Open the chest on the southeastern ledge.
Is ps1 knight proof.png Knight Proof Open the chest in the southeastern forest.

Enemy data

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  • End of Enemy Phase 4
    • Two Pirates, a Hunter, and a Thief appear on the northwestern coast
  • End of Enemy Phase 5
    • Two Pirates, a Mercenary, and a Thief appear on the western coast
  • End of Enemy Phase 6
    • Two Pirates, a Hunter, and a Thief appear on the southwestern coast
  • End of Enemy Phase 7
    • Two Thieves appear at the southern dock
  • End of Enemy Phase 9
    • Four Revenants and an Entombed appear in the southeastern forest
  • End of Enemy Phase 10
    • Two Revenants and an Entombed appear in the southeastern forest
  • End of Enemy Phases 11-14
    • Four Revenants and an Entombed appear in the southeastern forest


This section details unofficial strategies that may help with completion of the chapter. This may not work for everybody.

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At the end of the chapter, you will be made to split your army into two parties: one led by Runan, and one led by Holmes. Enteh must accompany Runan, while Katri must accompany Holmes. Roger and Mel cannot be split up; if you attempt to do so, the one assigned to Holmes will be moved to Runan's party. In order to recruit Leteena, Kreiss and Arkis must be sent with Holmes. Sending Mahter with Holmes also makes it slightly easier to recruit Frau and Sun, sending Sasha with Runan makes it slightly easier to recruit Loffaru, and sending Raffin with Runan makes it slightly easier to recruit Sharon and Billford (and allows him to promote to Dragon Knight). Sending Plum with Runan is required to teach her the Dance skill.

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Holy Dragon Neuron

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