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YHWC Maerhen.png
Official artwork of Maerhen from TearRing Saga: Yutona Heroes War Chronicles.






Poem (brother)[1]

  • Pirate of Sene
  • Sea Serpent[1]
Starting class



(Japanese: メルヘン Maerhen) is a boss and playable character appearing in TearRing Saga: Yutona Heroes War Chronicles. He is Chief of the Isura Pirates,[2] a pirate group that keeps their base on Isura, an island east of Wellt.

TearRing Saga: Yutona Heroes War Chronicles


Maerhen and his crew attempt to kidnap Katri, but he is thwarted by Holmes. During the fight, Law, Katri's adoptive father, is injured and Katri fears him dead.

Maerhen appears in person during Map 8: Holy Dragon Neuron where he drops off some of his underlings in an attempt to retake his base on Isura from Holmes. He quickly retreats with the hostage he captured earlier, Renee, and leaves his subordinates to reclaim the island.

Afterwards, at his new base, one of his underlings mentions that they were chased off by Wellt's knights on Isura, and Marchen says they should contact Yazam to team up and make off with the castle's treasury due to the kingdom's knights being elsewhere.[3] Holmes kills Yazam before this plan can come to fruition, however.

He appears again during Map 12: A Youth of Blood at a hideout he made in northern Wellt. Attrom, who has tracked down his adoptive sister Renee, attacks Maerhen's pirates. Holmes's crew arrives shortly after and Maerhen retreats into the base, delegating fighting Attrom to the Shaman, Dolk, who appears out of nowhere and offers his services in exchange for possession of Katri, who is present in Holmes's group. Maerhen is surprised by his presence in his base but accepts his offer regardless. The underlings in Maerhen's base are defeated and Maerhen flees on his ship.

During the next map, Map 13: Sea Serpent of Sene, Holmes catches up on his own ship and the two crews clash on the water. During the fighting Renee gets dumped overboard, enraging Holmes and causing Maerhen's hired mercenary Krishna to turn on him. He is soundly defeated, though Katri treats his wounds, claiming to sense that he has a good heart, to Holmes's frustration.

After being healed, he tells Katri he has a surprised for her at Port Mars, his hideout in Wellt, and tells her to convince Holmes to bring them back there, but not to tell him why. They return to Wellt and Maerhen takes Katri with him down into the dungeons alone. He bluntly tells Katri to get into one of the cells, and after a tense moment, she realizes that he is reuniting her with Law, who is also in the cell, and is overjoyed to find him alive. The three leave the dungeon and rejoin Holmes's group.

Maerhen accompanies Holmes and Runans forces for the rest of the game. During the ending he mentions he will return to Isura and work to make it a better place. When he mentions this to Holmes, he pretends to have forgotten who Maerhen is, to Maerhen's frustration.[4]

Starting stats and growth rates

Portrait maerhen trs01.png
Level 15

Stats Growth Rates

Inventory Skills
Is ps1 scimitar.png Scimitar
Is ps1 healing fruit.png Healing Fruit
Is ps1 steel shield.png Steel Shield
Is ps1 steal.png Steal
Is ps1 robbery.png Robbery
Is ps1 open lock.png Open Lock
PS1RankSword.png Yes check.png PS1RankLance.png X mark.png PS1RankAxe.png X mark.png PS1RankBow.png X mark.png PS1RankStaff.png X mark.png
PS1RankFire.png X mark.png PS1RankThunder.png X mark.png PS1RankWind.png X mark.png PS1RankLight.png X mark.png PS1RankDark.png X mark.png


This character analysis section may not be accurate to every player's experience.

Maerhen is, in terms of raw combat, probably the worst character in the game, and might even be considered by some to be a "joke" character. He also has the worst growth rates of any playable character. He does have the unique Robbery skill, which allows him to steal any item from his opponent if he defeats them, however he is so weak that he will have great difficulty making use of it. Additionally, the robbery skill reduces the hit and avoid rates of allies within three squares by 50%, making it difficult to use allies to weaken enemies for him to kill.

He does have the Open Lock skill meaning he can have some utility in opening doors and chests, however he has lower movement, possessing only four, than every other playable Thief in the game, meaning it will take him longer to reach doors and chests. He also possesses the more standard Steal skill but he lacks the stats to utilize it.

Due to being practically useless, he is a reccomended choice to run the armory in Fort Ligria, which requires a male unit to leave Holmes's party.

If the player really wishes to use Maerhen for a combat role they are better off abusing the item duplication glitch to load him up with stat boosters instead of actually leveling him up.

Personality and character

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Maerhen is surprisingly sincere when Katri asks that he not return to piracy after she heals him; he also stays by her side like he promised.[5]



Battle quotes

Death Quotes

Erghh, it hurts, it hurts so much... D-Damn you... I won't forget this! ...Gah!
— Maerhen's death quote as an enemy.
Gah... That really hurts... Remember well... you dastard: My name is Maerhen! Uwahhh...!
— Maerhen's death quote while in Runan's group.
Dammit...! This really hurts! Gah... Remember this face! My name is Maerhen! Remember...
— Maerhen's death quote while in Holmes's group.


  • There is a running gag throughout the game where Holmes constantly misremembers Maerhen's name.[6]

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

• Maerhen
• Maerchen

Used in the TearRing Saga: Yutona Heroes War Chronicles fan translations.



Maerhen; possibly from メルヘン fairy tale, a word which is borrowed from the German word "Märchen" (meaning "fairy tale").


Ma ps1 chief maerhen enemy.gifSprite Gallery
Portrait maerhen trs01.png Chief
Bs trs01 maerhen chief iron sword.png
(Iron Sword)


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