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YHWC Kranion.png
Official artwork of Kranion from TearRing Saga: Yutona Heroes War Chronicles.




Earth Dragon


Guardian Dragon
Witch Dragon

Starting class

Evil Dragon


Leda was destroyed because King Glaus summoned the Guardian Dragon Kranion with the intent to use it to destroy Salia.
— Eugen

(Japanese: クラニオン Kranion) is the Guardian Earth Dragon of Leda appearing in TearRing Saga: Yutona Heroes War Chronicles. The power to invoke Kranion has been passed down through Leda's bloodline from Yutona,[1] with an indicator manifesting on the vessels' skin known as the Mark or Brand of Yutona.[2]

People who inherit this ability are known as Earth Shamans.[3] There are two known Earth Shamans appearing during the events of Yutona Heroes War Chronicles, Teeta and Tia. All known Earth Shamans are female. Tia is not known to transform into Kranion during the story, though it is possible she is unable to due to Teeta already taking the form of Kranion at the same time.


The first person to be able to invoke Kranion was Leda, one of Yutona's four daughters. Leda used the Ring of Leda, given to her by Yutona, to do so.[4]

Forty years before the events of TearRing Saga: Yutona Heroes War Chronicles, Leda and Salia were at war.[2] The king of Leda, Glaus, had grown tired of the war, and wished to end it decisively. He later found out that his daughter, Teeta, bore the markings of Yutona, indicating her as an Earth Shaman. He then decided to use her as a tool of war to destroy Salia.[2]

Despite his daughter's pleas for mercy, Glaus forced his daughter to transform through magical means with the Ring of Leda.[5] Teeta, completely unable to control Kranion due to having only just turned fifteen,[6][7] went wild and killed the king immediately after transforming. With the king dead, there was no one to break the spell used to transform her, and she was unable to revert to human form, locking her in the form of Kranion. After this, the uncontrolled Kranion went on a rampage across Leda and Salia killing many people.[8]

During all of this Guenchaos, Teeta's husband, watched and was unable to help her. In the years after the calamity he stayed in the ruins of Leda and watched over Teeta, growing more and more furious at the warriors that descended upon the region to attack his beloved wife.[9]

Later, Holmes, searching for the Dakruon in the ruins of Leda, encounters Kranion, and decides to stand and fight, thinking that they would not be able to flee quickly enough. Guenchaos arrives, calls forth Gerxel Cult forces to attack Holmes' forces, comforts Teeta,[10] and she retreats. Holmes is able to fend off the Cult's forces and then escape with the aid of Tia. Kranion is not seen outside of Leda after this. Holmes is baffled by Guenchaos's apparent ability to make Kranion retreat.[11]

After Gerxel is killed at the end of the game, Miradona says she has freed Teeta's soul,[12] presumably dissipating Kranion and ending Teeta's curse.

TearRing Saga: Yutona Heroes War Chronicles


Holmes encounters Kranion in the ruins of the kingdom of Leda, during Map 21. She cannot be defeated, so Holmes' party must hold out for several turns until Guenchaos calms her and she retreats.

One means of keeping her distracted is to have Katri, transformed into Neuron, block Kranion's path, as neither dragon can harm the other.


Generic portrait evil dragon trs01.png
Evil Dragon
Level 30
Movement 5
Max HP 60 Agility 17
Power 18 Luck 3
Magic 10 Defense 17
Skill 17 W. Level 1
Inventory Skills
Is ps1 breath l.png Breath L
Is ps1 breath l.png Breath S
Is ps1 holy dragon's scales.png Holy Dragon's Scales
Is ps1 frontier fighter.png Frontier Fighter
Weapon Levels
PS1RankSword.png X mark.png PS1RankLance.png X mark.png PS1RankAxe.png X mark.png PS1RankBow.png X mark.png PS1RankStaff.png X mark.png
PS1RankFire.png X mark.png PS1RankThunder.png X mark.png PS1RankWind.png X mark.png PS1RankLight.png X mark.png PS1RankDark.png X mark.png


Battle quotes

Kranion does not have any battle quotes

Death Quotes

Kranion does not have any death quotes


  • Teeta was transformed into Kranion for a long period of time, totaling at forty years.[2] She first transformed when she was fifteen,[6] making her fifty-five during the events of the game.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

• Kranion
• Granion

• Used in the TearRing Saga: Yutona Heroes War Chronicles fan translations.
• Mistranslation popularized by Serenes Forest.





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Generic portrait evil dragon trs01.png Evil Dragon
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