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This article is about the multiplayer element of the Nintendo DS games. For the offensive card items from Radiant Dawn, see Spectre Card, Reaper Card, and Daemon Card. For other card items in the Fire Emblem series, see Silver Card and VIP Card. For real-world cards based on the series, see Fire Emblem Trading Card Game and Fire Emblem Cipher.
"Judgement" redirects here. It is not to be confused with Judge, Ashera's signature weapon from Radiant Dawn.
"Battleaxe" redirects here. You may be looking for the Battle Axe, an axe from Thracia 776 and The Sacred Stones.

Cards (Japanese: 護符 Charms) are an element of multiplayer battles in the two Nintendo DS installments of the Fire Emblem series, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem. Any multiplayer team can have one card attached to it. That card will then provide an additional effect. Depending on the card used, this additional effect will be applied to either the player's team, the opposing team, or both.

List of cards

Card Effect
Is ds strength card.png Strength
(Japanese: 力の護符 Strength Charm)
All units on the player's team get +1 Strength, unless a unit has hit the Strength cap
Is ds skill card.png Skill
(Japanese: 技の護符 Skill Charm)
All units on the player's team get +1 Skill, unless a unit has hit the Skill cap
Is ds haste card.png Haste
(Japanese: 疾風の護符 Gale Charm)
All units on the player's team get +1 Speed, unless a unit has hit the Speed cap
Is ds magic card.png Magic
(Japanese: 魔力の護符 Magic Charm)
All units on the player's team get +1 Magic, unless a unit has hit the Magic cap
Is ds adamant card.png Adamant
(Japanese: 堅守の護符 Defense Charm)
All units on the player's team get +1 Defense, unless a unit has hit the Defense cap
Is ds guardian card.png Guardian
(Japanese: 守護の護符 Protect Charm)
All units on the player's team get +1 Resistance, unless a unit has hit the Resistance cap
Is ds fleet feet card.png Fleet Feet
(Japanese: 俊足の護符 Swift Charm)
All Is ds armor.pngarmored units get +1 Movement
Is ds judgement card.png Judgement
(Japanese: 裁きの護符 Judgement Charm)
Reduces HP of all units on the opponent's team by 20% on the first turn
Is ds dazzle card.png Dazzle
(Japanese: 雷鳴の護符 Thunder Charm)
Negates all critical hits
Is ds maelstrom card.png Maelstrom
(Japanese: 嵐の護符 Storm Charm)
All Is ds pegasus.pngflight units get -1 Movement
Is ds whetstone card.png Whetstone
(Japanese: 氷刃の護符 Sharp Sword Charm)
All swords on the player's team get +10% accuracy in battle
Is ds spearhead card.png Spearhead
(Japanese: 鋭鋒の護符 Point Charm)
All lances on the player's team get +10% accuracy in battle
Is ds battleaxe card.png Battleaxe
(Japanese: 戦斧の護符 Battleaxe Charm)
All axes on the player's team get +10% accuracy in battle
Is ds fletcher card.png Fletcher
(Japanese: 弓手の護符 Archer Charm)
All bows on the player's team get +10% accuracy in battle
Is ds sorcerer card.png Sorcerer
(Japanese: 魔道の護符 Sorcery Charm)
All tomes on the player's team get +10% accuracy in battle
Is ds apotrope card.png Apotrope
(Japanese: 破邪の護符 Evil Charm)
Negates all bonus damage
Is ds recovery card.png Recovery
(Japanese: 回復の護符 Recovery Charm)
All units on the player's team recover 2 HP each turn
Is ds gravity card.png Gravity
(Japanese: 重力の護符 Gravity Charm)
+1 to all terrain movement costs
Is ds umbra card.png Umbra
(Japanese: 闇夜の護符 Dark Night Charm)
Reduces vision in fog of war to 1
Is ds generosity card.png Generosity
(Japanese: 恵贈の護符 Gift-Bless Charm)
If the player's team is victorious, the player wins 2 cards at the end of battle instead of 1


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Card --
Japanese 護符 Charm
Spanish Carta Card
French Bon Literally "good", likely intended in a similar context to the English "boon".
German Karte Card
Italian Carta Card


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