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Virion/Quotes (Awakening)

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Event tile and Barracks event quotes

See how well I polished my equipment? The bards shall sing of Virion's legendary shine!
— Virion, when gaining experience from an event tile or in the Barracks.
This extra training has left me exhausted, but at least I have the grace to not look it.
— Virion, when gaining weapon experience from an event tile.
What is this filthy thing? Ah well, I suppose I may as well give it a noble home.
— Virion, when finding an item in an event tile or in the Barracks.
What is this boost of excellence I sense within my noble self? Even I am amazed!
— Virion, when getting a surge in the Barracks.
I am truly and utterly bored. But at least I have the grace to admit it.
— Virion, when failing to get a reward in the Barracks.

Barracks greeting quotes

Hello, Robin. Care to join me for morning tea?
— Virion, during the morning.
Hello, Robin. Care to join me for lunch?
— Virion, during the afternoon.
Ah, Robin. A fine evening for the finest of gentlemen!
— Virion, during the evening.
Well met, Robin. I was just preparing for a graceful night's sleep.
— Virion, at night.
Happy birthday, Robin. May it be truly epic.
— Virion, on Robin's birthday.
Nice of you to join us, Robin. What a divine morning this is!
— Virion, during the morning if married to Robin.
Nice of you to join us, Robin. This day reeks of glory.
— Virion, during the afternoon if married to Robin.
Nice of you to join us, Robin. The stars are a sight to behold.
— Virion, during the evening if married to Robin.
Nice of you to join us, Robin. But you should rest.
— Virion, at night if married to Robin.

Event tile and Barracks conversation quotes

General quotes

My, you positively glow today. Has my dashing entrance left you enraptured?
— Virion, when asking a question about mood
Oh, it's not that at all. I am simply having a good hair day.
— Virion, when answering a question about mood
I have always wondered how people like you fill their days.
— Virion, when asking a question about hobby
I go around collecting herbs to make tea. A civilized thing to do, wouldn't you say?
— Virion, when answering a question about hobby
Come, friend. Tell me of your dreams.
— Virion, when asking a question about dreams
Why dream when you live the legendary life OTHERS dream of?
— Virion, when answering a question about dreams
You have a grace about you when you fight. What do you say to battling by my side?
— Virion, when asking a question about fighting together
Of course. Our every move shall be a saga in the making! The bards will swoon.
— Virion, when answering a question about fighting together

Quotes specifically with a lover

Greetings, my beloved wife. You look more radiant than ever.
— Virion, his "I love you" quote
You put the bards to shame with your words. And that is why I love you so.
— Virion, responding to his lover's "I love you" quote
You look more fetching than ever, my love. Flowers would wilt from jealousy.
— Virion, his "You're beautiful" quote
You agree, then? That I am handsome? I thought you fell in love with my humility!
— Virion, responding to his lover's "You're beautiful" quote
My love, don't you think you've been a bit reckless on the battlefield of late? I worry.
— Virion, asking his lover not to leave him
Thank you, my love. But do not fear for me. Epic heroes are so hard to strike down!
— Virion, answering his lover when asked not to leave her
Good day, <lover>. What is that you're holding behind your back?
— Virion, when his lover offers a gift
Ah! You noticed. 'Tis a deed to lands in Rosanne—a token of my love for you.
— Virion, when he offers his lover a gift

Quotes specifically with a child

Tell me, my valiant child, what was it like in the future? How did you pass the days?
— Virion, when asking a question about a child's life in the future
I am so glad you asked! My history is a storied one, I assure you. *ahem* Once upon a time, in the land of Rosanne, the angels wept as a noble babe cried his... Huh? Wait, don't go!
— Virion, when answering a child's question about his/her life
Are you all right, <child>? You seem to have lost a bit of your luster.
— Virion, asking a child if he/she is ill
I'm fine, I assure you. Perhaps you're staring at me too much? It does happen.
— Virion, answering a child asking if he/she is ill
Hello, <child>. Is there anything your father might provide you?
— Virion, when offering his child a gift
A scarf would be nice. Or matching scarves for the two of... Eh? Why are you glaring?
— Virion, when his child offers a gift
You've grown nearly as skilled as I, <child>. Shall we train together?
— Virion, when asking a child to train
Anything for my own flesh and blood! But if you best me, let's keep that a family secret.
— Virion, when a child asks to train

Paired battle quotes

Who could stop us?
— Virion
You're much safer with me.
— Virion
Follow my lead.
— Virion
We are picturesque.
— Virion
All hail me.
— Virion
I spy trouble.
— Virion
Just look at the brute!
— Virion
What a pair we make.
— Virion
Oh, how we dance!
— Virion
Allow me!
— Virion, performing a Dual Strike.
Such an easy target.
— Virion, performing a Dual Strike.
Very well.
— Virion, performing a Dual Strike.
— Virion, performing a Dual Strike.
If I may.
— Virion, performing a Dual Strike.
Must I do everything?
— Virion, performing a Dual Guard.
So reckless!
— Virion, performing a Dual Guard.
Your every move was poetry!
— Virion, if his partner defeated the enemy.

Critical quotes

Die! With magnificence!
— Virion
Shall I make you famous?
— Virion
— Virion
Au revoir!
— Virion
One for the bards!
— Virion

Level up quotes

Wh-what astonishing mediocrity...
— Virion, when one or no stats grow in a Level Up.
This is the least of my noble efforts.
— Virion, when two or three stats grow in a Level Up.
Am I not a thing of beauty?
— Virion, when four or five stats grow in a Level Up.
Please! Avert your envious gazes!
— Virion, when six or more stats grow in a Level Up.
What majestic heights have I left to attain?
— Virion, when his stats are mostly capped and one or no stats grow in a Level Up.

Class Change quote

Before, I got looks... But now I AM the look.
— Virion, when changing class.

Shop quotes

Sell me true love, and I would pay any price.
— Virion, when buying items at a shop.
What?! Are we truly so impoverished?
— Virion, when selling items at a shop.
...Improve on perfection? Pah. I dare you to try.
— Virion, when forging weapons at a shop.

Defeat quotes
— Virion's defeat voice clip
I cannot allow the final curtain to fall...and inflict such grief on womankind... Instead...I shall retreat, and live...far from this bloody battlefield...
— Virion's retreat quote in Classic Mode.
It would be tawdry to fight on like this. Instead, I shall make a dignified exit...
— Virion's retreat quote in Casual Mode.

Battle quotes

Victory quotes

I am a legend!
— Virion
Fancy that.
— Virion
Twas a thing of beauty.
— Virion

Endgame: Grima quotes

History is watching, Robin! The bards would sing of your triumph!
— Virion
[He/She] made a noble sacrifice, and I know my nobility! And I know Robin shall someday return!
— Virion, if Robin sacrifices him/herself to kill Grima.
Virion the Grimslayer... Ah, such a noble ring to it!
— Virion, if Chrom lands the final blow on Grima.
You have always endeavored to keep your friends alive. But you must keep yourself alive as well! For your friends...and your true love.
— Virion, if Chrom lands the final blow on Grima, and if he is married to Robin.

Against Elincia in Champions of Yore 1

Virion: What is that bouquet upon the wind? Ah, it is you, milady. A woman of your beauty and caliber must exude grace upon the battlefield.
Elincia: There is no grace to be found in war. Only sorrow. But if that is the currency in which you trade, then let us barter and be done.

Against Elincia in Champions of Yore 3

Elincia: Too long have I relied on the protection of others. It is my turn to keep them safe!
Virion: Regally said, my flower. A rose without thorns would be dull indeed. I shall look forward to plucking you!

Against Jamke in Lost Bloodlines 1

Virion: At last! An adversary who exhibits grace and character. A noble man who-
Jamke: A man with no time for empty words. Draw and fight!

Against Jamke in Lost Bloodlines 3

Jamke: Go home! You know you've no errand here.
Virion: Does an arrow, once loosed, have no purpose in the air?

Against Wolt in Smash Brethren 2

Virion: You dare challenge a legend, commoner?
Wolt: I'll challenge anyone I have to to protect this land!

Against Wolt in Smash Brethren 3

Wolt: This land belongs to us. Go back to your own world!
Virion: I am afraid I cannot do that. This land must be freed. And I, the noblest of emancipators, shall see it done!

Against Eliwood in Rogues & Redeemers 2

Virion: Shall I instruct you in the wellborn ways of war, sir?
Eliwood: No thank you. I'll fight my own way!

Against Eliwood in Rogues & Redeemers 3

Virion: You dare challenge me? I only do battle with the most upper of crusts.
Eliwood: I see. Would the son of the marquess of Pherae fall below your standard?
Virion: The what?! ...Sweet gods, is everyone here more noble than I?

DLC battle quotes

Face it, you pilfering Risen. I have outwitted you. I am too clever to carry gold on my person! Stop glaring! I have money! ... I just don't carry it.
— Virion, in The Golden Gaffe.
I heard somewhere that the Entombed are like the Risen's nobles. Not very noble of you to purloin carrots and cabbages from the weak, though. I fear I must bury you in the name of upper-class beings everywhere!
— Virion, in EXPonential Growth.
I haven't seen a glare that icy since I called Cherche's cooking plebeian. The situation begs a graceful retreat, but the moment I turn my back... *Sigh* How unfair is it to battle to the death with one already dead...
— Virion, in Infinite Regalia.
It pains me so that your grisly fate has already been decided... But it's not too late to spare others the same fate or worse. I only hope you would not begrudge me that one sustaining wish...
— Virion, in Death's Embrace.
Why is it so blasted hot here?! And this rocky path is giving me blisters! Does some cruel god wish for me to fall ever gracefully to a fiery death? ...Oof! Who was that? Did someone just bump me? You did that on purpose!
— Virion, in Five-Anna Firefight.
A secret is naught but a secret discovery by another name. And...perhaps you have made some "sweet discoveries" about our ladies? I am all ears. ...Hmm? Why are you glaring at me? I have only the noblest of intentions!
— Virion, in Roster Rescue.
What a magnificent vista! It's just a shame it overfloweth with brigands and not lovely ladies... Perhaps a masterful stroke from Virion can set this painting right.
— Virion, in Summer Scramble.
Risen, here? How curious. Did you think your presence would somehow improve upon the vista? Oh, such boorish taste. I fear it cannot go unpunished.
— Virion, in Hot-Spring Scramble.