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23 September 2021

 m   22:03  Unit diffhist +2 MJL talk contribs new key for Category:Units: " " using HotCat
 m   21:57  Raven (character) diffhist -2 Thecornerman talk contribs →‎Starting stats and growth rates: Corrected HHM stat ranges
 m   21:11  Gerome diffhist -1 MJL talk contribs →‎Role: typo
N    17:58  Deceit‎‎ 3 changes history +46,110 [Xamad‎; Thecornerman‎; Shiningpikablu252‎]
17:58 (cur | prev) -6,107 Thecornerman talk contribs Filled out etymology; simplified uses of {{FEH skill}}; misc.
13:18 (cur | prev) +3 Xamad talk contribs →‎Enemy data
06:12 (cur | prev) +52,214 Shiningpikablu252 talk contribs Created page with "{{Chapter Infobox |title=Deceit |image=200px |game={{FEH}} |location=Unknown |boss=Ótr }} {{Quote|It was...a monster. A ghastly..."
 m   16:24  Guinivere‎‎ 2 changes history -241 [OwlsTalon‎ (2×)]
16:24 (cur | prev) +34 OwlsTalon talk contribs fixed small text
16:23 (cur | prev) -275 OwlsTalon talk contribs if she's 5 or 6 in blazing blade and blazing blade is 20 years before binding blade she's 25 or 26 in binding blade

22 September 2021

21 September 2021

20 September 2021

 m   20:49  Gatekeeper diffhist +47 MJL talk contribs added Category:NPCs in Fire Emblem: Three Houses using HotCat
 m   06:24  Voice actors of the Fire Emblem series diffhist -38 Thecornerman talk contribs →‎{{FEH}}
 m   06:24  Artists of the Fire Emblem series/Fire Emblem Heroes diffhist -19 Thecornerman talk contribs →‎Credits
     06:17  Julia diffhist +47 Thecornerman talk contribs →‎Love growths and events: Marked the exploit for getting both Aura and Nosferatu as citation needed
     06:16  Seliph diffhist +46 Thecornerman talk contribs →‎Genealogy of the Holy War: Marked the exploit for getting both Aura and Nosferatu as citation needed, I tried to obtain both as listed, but could not.
 m   01:16  Grand Conquests diffhist -888 Kristak talk contribs →‎GC Tier: Template converted

19 September 2021

18 September 2021

     21:19  Anna diffhist 0 Thegameandwatch talk contribs Her artwork from a main game
     20:12  Seteth‎‎ 2 changes history -57 [Thecornerman‎; Blackress‎]
20:12 (cur | prev) -4 Thecornerman talk contribs →‎Playable: De-italicized Classic Mode
20:09 (cur | prev) -53 Blackress talk contribs →‎Playable: Got some reports that letting Flayn fall in battle during Classic Mode before Chapter 12 is enough in AM/VW to lose your chance to get Seteth. So I tested this with a save file I had around and I can confirm that is indeed the case. Byleth's support level with Seteth has no bearing on whether he will join in those routes or not.
 m   20:07  Byleth‎‎ 2 changes history 0 [Thecornerman‎; MJL‎]
20:07 (cur | prev) -2 Thecornerman talk contribs Undo revision 403305 by MJL (talk) Tag: Undo
19:33 (cur | prev) +2 MJL talk contribs new key for Category:Playable characters in Fire Emblem: Three Houses: "-" using HotCat
     04:44  Eitri diffhist +41 ChaosGallade talk contribs
     04:43  Fáfnir (character) diffhist +32 ChaosGallade talk contribs

17 September 2021

 m   23:10  Múspell‎‎ 5 changes history +2 [Thecornerman‎; PikaSamus‎ (4×)]
23:10 (cur | prev) -12 Thecornerman talk contribs →‎Quotes
22:51 (cur | prev) +38 PikaSamus talk contribs
22:51 (cur | prev) +87 PikaSamus talk contribs
22:51 (cur | prev) -12 PikaSamus talk contribs
22:50 (cur | prev) -118 PikaSamus talk contribs
 m   23:05  Template:NavH diffhist -21 Thecornerman talk contribs
 m   22:55  Lucina‎‎ 2 changes history -6 [PikaSamus‎; OwlsTalon‎]
22:55 (cur | prev) -12 PikaSamus talk contribs capitalized proper noun, unitalicized company name Tag: Undo
17:40 (cur | prev) +6 OwlsTalon talk contribs →‎Notable merchandise: Changed 'Figma' to 'figma' (it's stylised as such on all product pages even though it's usually at the start of the names). Changed Wikipedia link to link to the page for the toys rather than the disambiguation page.
 m   22:52  Múspell (country) diffhist -183 PikaSamus talk contribs
     22:50 Deletion log PikaSamus talk contribs deleted page Múspell(Deleted to make way for move from "Múspell (character)")
     22:50 Move log PikaSamus talk contribs moved page Múspell to Múspell (country)
     17:59  Name chart/Fire Emblem Heroes diffhist +1,827 Thecornerman talk contribs Added new Chapters and Assist skill from Abyss & Múspell update; moved Múspell to playable characters
 m   16:23  Balthus‎‎ 2 changes history -165 [Thecornerman‎ (2×)]
16:23 (cur | prev) -175 Thecornerman talk contribs →‎Skill set
16:14 (cur | prev) +10 Thecornerman talk contribs →‎Starting stats: I'm an idiot, the rarity was wrong
 m   16:22  Elthunder diffhist +34 Thecornerman talk contribs →‎Heroes: Added Hapi
 m   16:22  Thunder (tome) diffhist +34 Thecornerman talk contribs →‎Heroes: Added Hapi
 m   16:19  Fire (tome) diffhist +82 Thecornerman talk contribs →‎Heroes: Added Aelfric and Constance
 m   16:15  Yuri diffhist -15 Thecornerman talk contribs →‎Starting stats
     16:08  Aelfric diffhist -99 Thecornerman talk contribs Added stats, skills, flavor text, and Portuguese name from Heroes